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Sat 19 Nov 2016
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An Introduction and Welcome Message
Welcome to Fildegarne, a homebrew setting I, your humble dungeon master, pondered over and built many, many moons ago. It combines multiple aspects of the Forgotten Realms, and Faerūn particularly, but with the maps and layout being unique. Fildegarne in itself is a highly magical setting, with a myriad of familiar races and classes. Think of it as essentially "borrowing" from some of the best and brightest ideas to ever be cooked up during the golden age of D&D: the 3.0/3.5 era (keep scoffing.. I can see you). It also borrows a bit from a few anime settings, such as Fairy Tale (high magic, predominantly bright and cheerful, but can get rather dark)

Unfortunately, I no longer posses the invaluable maps, portraits, pictures and spreadsheets that I once had in reference to it all, so it will be slowly yet surely put back together as I recall the details.

It should be noted that I haven't DM'd a game in well over a decade or so now, so my rules lawyering will be quite rusty. Little reminders here and there should I slip are in fact appreciated, and wont be held against you when the loots tables are brought up...

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