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Sun 15 Jan 2017
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Episode One - OOC
Use this thread for OOC discussions regarding Episode 1.

Also, There's a map now. Maps will generally come fully mapped out or built up, but can change to reveal hidden things, etc. Please use this is a reference tool only. It is not 100% to scale, and not for meta-gaming purposes. I feel that as players, you're all responsible enough to have the tools you need at your disposal, for adding flavor to your posts about your immediate surroundings. This also cuts down on the need for things like "how may doors do I see", or how long is the hallway.

Future maps will hopefully not be so crudely drawn \(>_<)/

Also, special notes will generally be on maps as well, indicating dark or low light areas, items of note such as furniture, etc.

This first one was done up in a pinch because I felt a need for it to help out. It's not every day in D&D of course that your lofty airborne ride decides to be cantankerous...

Let me know any and all further questions, suggestions, ideas, complaints, concerns, or summoning incantations :)

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