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Episode Three: It was all a what?!
"This concludes the test". A man in a white lab coat, holding a clipboard, starts to flip switches on a large machine. The dull hum of a network of fans and electronic equipment is all that can be heard.

Sylas sits up from his bed. "That felt so.. real?" says the 19 year old.
A beautiful woman laying on the next bed over sits up, removing a set of VR headgear, its wires tangled and a mess. "Tell me about it, I never want to be trapped in the body of an elderly man again. I could actually feel his arthritis. The scotch I poured for everyone tasted real too".

The man in the lab coat continues his work, and speaks to the individuals. "Yes, the neural nerve gear is nearly perfect at replicating the five senses. You were given that disclaimer before you went under, but most everyone has the same reaction. It is truly amazing what we've done with the technology behind the system".

The next three beds are occupied by two middle-aged men who look to be somewhere around 40, and a younger devilishly hansom fellow. The younger of the three sits up and removes his headgear as well. "You guys have no idea how much of a mental strain that was trying to keep everything together in there. All I could do was keep thinking about things other than the scenario you were playing. I'm pretty sure I managed to flunk out of college in the process, and I have a nagging feeling that my grass needs cutting".

Labcoat smiles. "Mr. Smith, it's Twenty-two Seventy-five. No one has had to cut their grass in over a millennia. We don't even have grass here on Mars. Are you feeling alright? Sometimes the system has a lag that carries over into the player's brain. It usually doesn't persist long, but the side effects can include mixed details about the real world versus details from the simulated world. You managed to concoct a strange reality in there for the players, so I'd say it's not beyond the realm of possibility for some of those odd details to persist".

Labcoat moves over to the remaining two men. "How are you two feeling?".