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Character Creation
In an effort to preserve the nature of the game, fairness, and story flow, all aspects of character creation will be subject to DM's discretion. I will try to work with you and accommodate your ideas of course. Some source materials for enemy and story purposes will come from rule books like "The Book of Vile Darkness", among other nefarious tomes. I wont entertain characters though that want to play classes like Cancer Mages and Harlots and the lot that comes from rule books like the aforementioned. Please take this into consideration when pitching a character idea.

That being said, please include some sort of back story in your RTJ. The end of your back story should leave off with you boarding a gnomish-made-blimp-like-airship designed for hauling 20-30 passengers and a fair amount of cargo. This airship is inbound to Fildegarne, so no starting characters will be considered residents or natives to Fildegarne.

1. Races - PhB Races preferred. Consideration will be given to non-PhB races by request.

2. Class(s) - PhB preferred. Consideration will be given to non-PhB classes by request. We will be using Gestalt builds. Please see the following link to see the exact set of rules that will be referenced for Gestalt builds.

3. Alignment - Non-evil, unless you have compelling back story and reasoning that wont derail the party and destroy it from within. This D&D campaign will focus heavily on team work.

4. Starting equipment/gold - (Please see the House Rules thread on this)

5. Deity - Any Forgotten Realms Deity (not Faerun variants). None/other/Ao etc is fine as well. Do not feel obligated to choose in this capacity if you don't want to. Please see link to Ao if you are unsure:

  • Essentially though, Fildegarne will use a somewhat stylized model of Christianity to represent a "One True God". (Some folks call him Ao, some call him God, others will have various names)

6. Ability Points - A total of 80 points may be divided among the 6 ability scores, none lower than 3 or higher than 18.

7. Skill Points - As PHB, but with the following modifications and additions.

Move Silent and Hide are combined into one Stealth check.
Spot and Search are combined into one Perception check. Use INT modifier for this skill

Initial points are distributed, but leveling does not grant you new skill points to distribute.  Instead, skill XP is earned based on successful, useful skill checks.  XP is gained until it reaches the current total score in a skill.  Then 1 XP Rank is added, raising the total by 1 and current skill XP is reset to 0. Essentially you are leveling up your skills as you use them.

Each character begins with the starting skill points per race and class like the PHB.  There is no maximum to the number of ranks you can have in a class skill so long as you have the skill points to pay for them.

Cross class skills still function exactly like the PHB.

For example:  Telar has a +3 DEX Mod for Stealth and 10 Ranks for a total of 13.  He has used Stealth 12 times before in a meaningful way.  Now he uses it again to sneak past some guards.  That puts him at 13 Skill Points, enough to gain an additional Rank.  He now has 11 Ranks + 3 DEX Mod for a total of 14.  It will take him 14 more uses to gain another Rank.

8. HP - Max HP (highest possible hit die + CON modifier) based on higher of the two hit dies for gestalt characters. Maxes out each level.

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