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Fri 20 Oct 2017
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Loot Thread
This will be a running list of items found, who has possession of them, and if they are identified or not.
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Fri 20 Oct 2017
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Loot Thread
Note - NEEDS ID does not inherently mean an object is magical. Some weapons aren't self explanatory and needs a weapons expert or trial and error.

2 X Delay blast fireball stasis crystals (4d6)| Beloc & Shiaran (1 each)
4 X +4 to stealth when stationary steel helmets | Badger
3 X +1 K33 rifles | Badger
1 X Portable smithy | Badger
1 X Diminutive ice golem & frosty metal rod | Rebort (NEEDS ID) conjuration (rod)
3 X Incendiary grenade (2d6 fire damage 10ft radius) | Shiaran
2 X MW locks & 1 key | Shiaran
1 X Hexenflammen suit & weapon | Badger (NEEDS ID) abjuration (suit) evocation (weapon)
1 X Rations/combat gear for Apache | Beloc
1 X SMP-12 Compact Machine Fed Gun | Shiaran (NEEDS ID)
1 X Throwing Axe | Sypher (NEEDS ID) transmutation
1 X Gunsmith kit | Badger
2 X Incomplete SMP-12s | Badger
1 X Ammo packing press | Badger
50 X Materials for packing handgun rounds: fiery (+1d6 fire damage) | Badger
20 X Materials for packing rifle rounds: icey (+1d6 ice damage) | Badger
1 X Chart for load sizes for ammo packing (+4 to Proff: Gunmithing when in sight)
1 X Damaged rifle (2 bullet holes over chamber covering barrel) | Badger (NEEDS ID)
1 X Trench gun
1 X MW RG-1422 handgun with the initials T.G. on it | Badger
1 X Locket | Badger (NEEDS ID) abjuration
1 X PCA officer's signet ring (command undead) | Badger (NEEDS ID for level and save DC) necromancy
1 X Comb | Badger (NEEDS ID) illusion

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