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Mon 22 Jan 2018
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Episode Four: OOC
To keep track of story notes, this-and-thats, and what have you's
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Tue 23 Jan 2018
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Episode Four: OOC
List of contents within the Badger (excluding personal gear that may be located on players, in their packs, etc)

Note - one of the perks of having Darius around is that he gets bored, and identifies magical items left within the Badger

All monetary values expressed are for entire group of said item, not per item

Standard Military Fare
400 rounds for both turrets [$200]
2 trench digging spades [$15]
1 shovel [$12]
3 fifty foot lengths of rope [$15]
2 ten foot lengths of iron chain [$30]
25 handgun rounds [$12.50]
50 rifle rounds (SMP, LMFG) [$30]
15 sniper rifle rounds (bolt action, breach loading) [$15]
1 Map of Fildegarne with military outposts marked (6 locations) [$2]

Found at Midway
1 Ammo Packing Press [$350]
1 Ammo crafting kit [$175]
50 Materials for elemental ammo (handgun - fiery) [$100]
25 Materials for elemental ammo (rifle - icey) [$100]

1 Gunsmithing Kit [$150]
2 Incomplete SMP-12 [$150 ea in current shape]
1 Ammo packing chart [$5]
1 throwing axe (transmutation - returning) [$8308]
2 Incendiary grenades (missing primer - still volatile!) [$50]
1 Hexxenflammen Operator Suit (Abjuration - Resistance fire DR 20) [$43155]
1 Hexxenflammen Flame Thrower (Evocation - Burning Hands 5d4 - 50 charges - consumes wands of burning hands or fire ball stasis crystals) [$1455]

4 gun Part Moulds (each mould has multiple slots for various pieces fitting most standard military issue weapons [$100]
1 Anvil [$55]
1 Set of Smithing Tools [$33]
1 Trench gun [$220]
1 Damaged LMFG rifle (cooling sleeves needs replaced/patched) [$442]
1 PCA Officer's Signet Ring (Necromancy - Command Undead - 1/day - 2 day duration - Intelligent Undead: Will save DC 20 - Unintelligent Undead: No Will Save) [$8678]
1 Ring from Severed Hand (Necromancy - Gentle Repose - Halts decay, prevents turning undead when worn, severely disrupts undead if place on their finger) [$3300]

Gifts of the Elves / Loot from Hilltop battle / Dead Orchard
4 Veiled Helmets (Dull brown in color, grants +4 to stealth checks if stationary) [$400]
3 +1 K33 rifles [$6000]
8 Days worth of dried rations
2 Cloaks of Concealment (Think ghillie suit in cloak form, +4 to stealth check if stationary in foliage [$200]
1 Small Kiln [$100]
15 One pound blocks of clay [$7.50]
3 One pound blobs of ectoplasm [$???]

Supplies from the Fyreworm Clan [Uncommon and up items are gifts from The Old Crone unless noted otherwise]
6 Ponies (w/ saddles and side packs) [$150]
12 Torches [$12]
4 Glowstones (half lighting distance of a torch, but never goes out - amber light) [$???]
1 Chunk of Marble (roughly 6"x6") [$3]
3 Day's worth of smoked meat for 11 people [$25]
1 Polishing Salve (15 applications to a 1x1' area, effortless mirror finish on any surface when applied with a clean cloth) [$???]
2 Scroll of Comprehend Language [$50]
1 Crudely Carved D6 that always lands on an even number [$15]
6 Smoke Sticks [$150]
1 Bag of "The Bones" (a gift from the Crone to Shiaran) [$??]
2 +1 Longbow [$4150] [Not from The Old Crone]
2 Quivers full of 20 "+1 arrows" [$150] [Not from The Old Crone]
1 Small Jar of Pickled Snake Tongues (34 in total) [$??]
1 Ring of Good Omen (wearer automatically saves on any failure roll. Ring breaks after 1 use) [$1200]
3 Mighty Acorn (when thrown on the ground, immediately grows into a 20' oak) [$450]
1 Coin Pouch full of reptile scales [$$?]
1 Coin Pouch full of native bird feathers [$$?]
1 Burlap Sack of Coal [$3]
1 Four lbs Log of Bitumen rolled up in parchment (boiled pine tar with coal dust mixed in - highly flammable, burns for hours) [$12]

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Mon 7 May 2018
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Episode Four: OOC
Rough weekend.  Didn't feel like posting much.  So I missed a couple of opportunities.

1.  Shiaran wants any spare guns she can get, even off the dead bodies on the wall.  She will grab up to four pistols, as many clips as she can manage, and a shotgun if one is available.  Happy to wear a bandolier of shells if that's available.

2.  The SMP that was floating, she would have examined that and acted on what she found out.  Need to know these things before I post at the wall.
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Mon 7 May 2018
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Episode Four: OOC
1. Guns and ammo are available on the wall. The Fildegarians don't seem to have any qualms with taking weapons from those who can no longer use them.

2. The submachine gun toppled harmlessly to the floor once Glut left. You can tell it's expertly crafted (masterwork) and has no other features that distinguish it from any other SMP-12, save for the metal is darker (likely a stain or dye given it has several scratches revealing a normal steel shine underneath), and the handguard has small skulls etched into it for decoration.
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Mon 7 May 2018
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Episode Four: OOC
Shiaran will load up with comparable weaponry to what she had before she left the dwarves.  As soon as she can, she will switch over to her own gear, though.

The SMP will be kept, but not used until she has time to identify and all that.  She doesn't even have time for a quick detect magic so the risk is not worth it.
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Mon 7 May 2018
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Episode Four: OOC
The only melee weapons that can be found are the bayonets attached to three K-33 bolt action rifles (iron sights, no scopes). The bayonets wont do much good as hand held weapons, but function as a 1d4+2 piercing weapon (the +2 comes from the added weight of the rifle when used to stab a target - all additional STR bonuses apply)