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Wed 19 Dec 2018
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House Rules for Gun Combat
Called Shots

Called shots are a full round action in which the player declares a specific part of the target they wish to hit (i.e. head, left leg, right hand). Called shots are applied to a single, well aimed shot from a weapon. Fully automatic fire does not fall under the rules for called shots without feats. Please see Feats Section in the next post down.

The rules for called shots are as follows:

Small or light weapons: (i.e. pistols) will take a -2 to all called shots. If the player is dual wielding pistols, they may take their called shot using both weapons.

Note - Special consideration may be given to specialty equipment, which will come with its own note (for example a scoped revolver negates the -2)

Medium weapons: (i.e. rifles) will take a -2 penalty to the attack roll IF the character is standing/unsupported. Otherwise, kneeling, bracing the weapon on a flat surface, or going prone will negate the -2 penalty.

Note - Making the movement to brace, kneel, or go prone will be accounted for as part of the full round action, and does not need to be set up for prior to making a called shot.


Heavy weaponry is not covered under called shot rules (i.e. mortars, charge propelled grenades, etc)
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Wed 19 Dec 2018
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House Rules for Gun Combat: Feats

Improved Called Shot - allows for an additional called shot as part of the full round action. This feat can be taken multiple times. Number of called shots gained cannot exceed the full round number of attacks a character could normally otherwise take.

Precision Fire - allows for called shot rules to be applied to a number of shots taken as a full round action. This number cannot exceed the normal amount of shots a character can take as a standard action, based on the weapon used. Given the rapid succession of shots fired by automatic weaponry, all shots will be aimed at whatever location the character indicated.

Example - Shiaran, using Precision fire, aims her SMP-12 [sub-machine gun/light weapon] and invokes called shot rules appropriate for her weapon type, indicating she wishes to fire at the right leg of a PCA Ground Troop. The standard rate of fire per attack action for an SMP-12 is 5 shots per action, so Shiaran will get 5 called shots, but is restricted to all called shots being at the targeted appendage)

Prerequisites: Dex 14, Improved Called Shot (taken at least once. Additional iterations of Improved Called Shot do not increase the amount of called shots affected by Precision Fire)

Tactical Mag Dump - If a character will deplete the remaining ammunition in his/her weapon's magazine via any means during a standard or full round action, this player may choose to rapidly reload their weapon as a free action. The expended magazine will not be stored back into the players inventory and will need to be retrieved otherwise, as it will be dropped. This feat only applies to magazine fed weapons. Internal magazine and belt fed weapons are excluded.

Prerequisites: Dex 13

...more to come soon
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Sat 16 Feb 2019
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House Rules for Gun Combat: Ammo
Given recent discussion.. AMMO TYPES :D

Standard - ol' reliable. Nothing fancy here. If using standard ammo, you simply go with the weapon's native stats.

Training - blunt tip wad cutter ammo. Changes the damage type to blunt, and only deals half damage.

AP - armor piercing! Punches through thick hides, metal plates, and more. Damage stays piercing. Add +2 to AC Reduction. Cuts the effective range in half due to the increased weight of the round's core.

Tracer - hollow round packed with white phosphorous, used to visually aid precision fire. Gives a +2 bonus to attack rolls for one round of combat if used in automatic fire. Deals half of normal weapon damage, and is treated as fire damage rather than physical. (i.e if your weapon normally deals 1d4+2 piercing, a tracer round would only deal 1d2+1 flaming)

Hollow Point - increased damage to soft targets. +3 damage per shot (stacks with other damage mods). Changes AC reduction to zero. Halves effective range.

Ammo packing

While tedious, the player may opt to decide magazine fed weaponry is packed with a variety of round types. It is up to the player to decide the order rounds are packed, and works on the honor system for sticking to the order you may decide.

This can be advantageous though. For example, a player uses standard rounds in a 30 round magazine, on a weapon that fire 5 shots per attack. If the player dictates every 5th bullet is a tracer round, then every attack made using up all 5 shots will gain a +2 to the attack roll.

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