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The Arcane Congress is the premiere magical institution in Khorvaire, commissioned by King Galifar long ago to research the many aspects of magic for the good of the kingdom.  Times have changed since High Galifar, but the Arcane Congress remains.
After the Last War, the Arcane Congress has devoted itself to investigating and researching magic that could help heal the land and the many scars left by the war, at least that is the stated mission given to the people of the Five Kingdoms.  In truth, many of the masters of the four towers pursue their own interests, and the Congress is not void of political conflict.  Only time will tell if the Congress becomes a force of healing, or a force of chaos and division.

The Magisters of the towers, those given authority to instruct in the higher arts of magic, have begun a new initiative.  Their task is to collect the finest and most talented young magic users of the land and teach them the higher arts, in an effort to create unified new congress that can use magic to bring prosperity.

Can these new arrivals learn the skills to heal the shattered continent?  or will the conflicts of Khorvaire simply divide this new congress as well, and bring about an even more destructive war?
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Mon 24 Jun 2019
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This game will focus on a group of newly arrived advanced students at the towers of the Arcane Congress in Aundair.  Students were selected from candidates recommended to the towers from across the continent.  The goal of this newly arrived group is to work and learn alongside the towers resident masters, and to use their abilities to further peace and prosperity in Khorvaire.  Players aren't exceptional to the setting, yet, and have done nothing of real note in their lives.  That is about to change.

The game will work as follows:

Players will be broken up initially into three groups, essentially spontaneous casters, prepared casters, and artificers.  They will be given general instruction for a time, then be given to advanced masters who specialize in specific schools or focuses of magic.

Players will be able to choose which master they study under, and at times will be allowed to change that choice.  This will allow players to focus on their own interests in the school.

Progressing in the school will be a combination of classes and learning roleplayed out with the NPCs and players, and periods of summarized learning.  (for instance, a class may be played out, then the DM will summarize a week of the players practicing specific techniques or lessons.)  EXP will be gained in these situations from roleplaying and any unusual circumstances that may crop up.

This will be alternated with practical lessons.  Practical lessons may consist of the tower setting up a test of sorts, a field research trip to something more akin to a dungeon, or other, more extreme circumstances that may occur in game.  Here EXP will be gained for more traditional combat and puzzle solving.

This game will focus on roleplaying out what it means to be a magic user in Eberron, and the growing powers and responsibilities of magic.  'Success' in the Congress will not be achieved by a to hit roll, or simply having the highest spellcraft skill bonus.  It will come from playing your character in the setting, and getting immersed in the game.

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