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Laws and Rules of the IEP and Monster Citizenship
Any monsters staying with a host family arranged through the Interspecies Exchange Program or the IEP for short are considered Homestays.

Any monster legally living in the country freely without a registered host family is considered a legal citizen, this only being possible by taking the appropriate test beforehand.

Rules of homestay monsters and host families:

According to the CESB (Cultural Exchange between Species Bill), the host family and homestay monsters are not to harm each other by way of violence. As a preventive measure, all registered host families are told of the potential risks

A homestay cannot roam outside the household's property without the company of the host family with proper permits.

A homestay must abide by the rules of host's household, including cultural activities of the host family. In turn, the host family must respect their homestays' own personal culture and any rituals to allow them to feel more comfortable with them being away from their homeland.

By law Homestays cannot receive employment but there are some degree of exceptions in this. The host family who owns a business may employ their homestay as a worker but to do this, the homestay and host must apply for the proper permits to allow the homestay to apply for jobs before he or she can be employed.

A platonic relationship between a host and homestay is highly encourage.

Anything other than a platonic relationship is strictly forbidden. While hugs and some kisses will be allowed. Note: It is possible for a host family member to marry the homestay. However both must be of legal age of the area they live in and both must apply for the proper permits with the IEP.

Monster Citizenship

A monster and or homestay may apply for citizenship. They must complete all necessary paperwork and obtain necessary identification to allow them to live the preferred country.

Monster citizens can purchase and own land as well as housing and vehicles.

Monster citizens are allowed to roam outside their homes without any guardians or supervisors.

Monster citizens are allowed to work. However an employee has the right to reject employment due to monster's traits such as size or anything preventing them from working efficiently. They cannot refuse employee due to race or gender.

Monster citizens are treated like human citizens. They must respect the laws of the land or face the appropriate punishment by the law.

Violation of any of the laws can result in consequences of a fine up to deportation and imprisonment.