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Thu 15 Dec 2016
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DM/Campaign Style
Salutations, adventurers, prisoners, and overall doomed persons! Welcome to the The Most Dangerous Game. And by dangerous, I mean relaxed, chill, story-focused entertainment, devoid of human-eating canines and eccentric persons named Zaroff. Maybe.

We're using D&D 5E for this game, with some minor house rules made by me. For example, much to the chagrin of my IRL (see, I can be hip too STUDENTS) group, I'm a very story-based DM, rather than a concrete, rules-based DM. I love how the rules allow for us to have a dynamic interaction with one another's characters, but I also strongly appreciate quality plot-engagement. Thus, I enjoy giving bonuses to those that really play their characters well. In an online format, this means I'm looking for quality posts. Do I expect you to be Tolkien, Gaiman, Beagle, or McCaffrey? No. Do I strongly and sometimes overbearingly hope that you'll put time and thought into the description of your character's engagement in the world I've created? Yes. Egads yes. A thousand times yes.

I'm looking for you to post at least once a week. If you're going to be gone, have a particularly rough bit of work ahead of you, etc, just let me know. I'll "take over" your character in a gentle sense, responding (if necessary) similarly to how you would until you can come back. This is just in effort to keep the game going, because once the momentum stops, it's almost always for good. Like, "He's dead, Jim," for good.

I'm not outlawing any races/classes. Go with what you're intrigued by. I'm pro-experimentation. Don't be weird. You know what I mean.

For ability/skill rolls, I like going with a roll of 4D6 7 times, dropping the lowest D6 from each set, and from the collection of 7 sums, dropping the lowest sum. Once you've figured out your character sheet, send me a PM, and I'll go over it, and set it up on your profile for the game. After that, figure out your character's backstory/personality/desc, and answer the questions I have on Character Details thread.

May the odds be ever in my favor. Not yours. That makes for a boring game.
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Thu 29 Dec 2016
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DM/Campaign Style
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Woot excited to start!