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1. The Game Introduction
"Give me death, or give me Glory" - Major General James Wolfe

Cork, Ireland, March 14th 1775. The 17th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons came under orders to ship to America. The regiment was lacking some rank-and-file and had a couple of open slots for officers as well, which led to a recruiting spree at the county fairs with a Rendesvouz Point in Monkstown south-east of Cork.

Serving either as a rank-and-file or a junior officer in the 17th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons, you are headed for the Colonies during a time of unrest. Your life depends on your horse and your brothers-in-arms, your honour on the rules of war. Even a rank-and-file member in cavalry has to keep up a gentlemanly behaviour, but it does not mean, you could not drink and dally like the soldiers in the regiments of foot.

The game Uses Duty and Honour (DAH) for rules, but the players are not required to obtain the book (unless they so desire).
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1.1 Acknowledgements
One of the most important contributors, both wittingly and unwittingly was my friend Grimmond, who runs an excellent naval game some years in the future from the era of this campaign. The character sheet, with alterations, is his work for which I offer him the most sincere thank you.

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