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Tue 6 Dec 2016
at 12:14
Request To Join and Rules

To join the game, I will need the following from you:

1. The name you want to use in game.
2. A few ideas about character types that you would like to play.
3. A few ideas about the types of adventures you would like to see.

This game (or these games, depending on perspective) will be set in a fantasy type setting.

Look at the Game System thread for the link to download the rules.
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Tue 6 Dec 2016
at 12:21
The rules are simple:

* Don't be a jerk.  This applies especially out of character.  In character, there is wiggle room, but use your head.

* When a game is going, I will try to process turns every few days.  If everyone is moving quick, we may get in more.  Real life happens though,   no torturing people for being slow because they don't post every two hours.

* I will TRY to warn you before work drags me away, but it won't always be obvious.  If I don't post for about three or four weeks at some point, don't assume I'm dead.

In case you are wondering, or just new to online role playing:

Basic role playing interactions don't necessarily require GM intervention.  If the characters are in the middle of a conversation, or interacting with each other, you don't have to wait for the GM to interject thing.

If you are making a post, and make a reasonable assumption about what might be in a given space, feel free to go with it.  If that item very obviously wasn't in the room, we will adjust course as needed.  If I hadn't thought of it, but it makes sense for it to be there, then I will likely just go with it.

Common sense applies though.  That's generally not going to work to magically acquire magic items, and if I describe a room as completely barren, then the usual expectations may shift.