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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!

Posted by DestinyFor group 0
GM, 13 posts
Fri 16 Dec 2016
at 20:46
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!

the citys doing ok currently, theirs a normal level of diabolical activity but nothing that out of the ordinary.

(OOC: Please describe day to day life in your roles, or if you have none, your patrol patterns etc.)
player, 16 posts
Fri 16 Dec 2016
at 21:48
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!

Marie-Claire looked down at the STREET Teen drop in centre, while watching it from across the road, and giving a lesson in 'how to apply for a bus pass' to half a dozen young kids. Her seagull form circled around to make sure there were no awkwardness's like a police arrest unit or a demonic incursion obviously there, and her "blind man's dog" sitting next to the beggar by the doorstep was as much as anything helping that beggar get a few more coins.

Two of the kids were new. Malnourished. One had the haunted look in his eyes of abuse and betrayal, the other just looked to be high. The other four though had come a long way: from the same terrible state of the newcomers, to 'approaching self reliance'. Marie-Claire's current human form was an ex-wino. Five years ago Marie-Claire in another of her roles had subtly helped this bag-lady get a hold of her life again, and now she was a practicing lawyer again. Bag Lady Jill was Ms. J Saunders, the terror of the local DA. Her body was years younger: Marie-Claire had had to spend a lot of celestial effort on fixing up that body broken by alchohol, drugs and street living, but it had been a good deal for both, even if Jill wasn't really aware of it. Jill was well and happy, and Marie Claire had an occasional host.

Marie-Claire had just slipped in to sew a little seed in the new comer's minds. She'd offered a place to go that evening that was safe. In a little while she would hop into another of her unknowing herd, and alter a couple of computer records, making sure they had a warm place to sleep and food to eat

It was just plain awkward leaving hosts. Marie Claire had to excuse Jill for a moment and head for the ladies. If she wasn't careful someone would see her go, and that would cause 'a religious experience', and perhaps not a good one!

A few minutes later, there were half a dozen sea gulls spiraling away heading for her next appointment. Reverend Adam was just a couple of miles away and Marie Claire suspected he was in danger of loosing his faith. She was now going to chat with him a couple of times in the confessional: reminding him of the good he did, and the value he brought to the world. In the mean time her dog form stayed outside the drop in center: she wasn't entirely sure but suspected she'd seen a mummy try and get in the night before. Not all undead were utterly evil she'd found, but better safe than sorry...
player, 17 posts
Fri 16 Dec 2016
at 23:49
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!

The day job is quite routine, except when it's not.

Anton's normal duties involve checking up on fostered children in his case docket so he mostly does visits to foster homes to see how they are doing. If they are misbehaving then he rectifies the situation either by talking with the kids or relocating them. If they've been behaving well he makes sure they are not being abused and are being provided with a safe home. If the foster parents are abusive or does not provide well for the children, however, they quickly find themselves either having their foster parent status revoked or finding themselves behind bars.

Aside from children Anton also handles juvenile offenders of a specific sort; creative vandals. He finds it most gratifying to channel the creative talents of these youngsters into proper artistic routes.

Akhrayut/Anton is aware that Dominic probably has someone watching him so he has taken up playing the bagpipes, though he has absolutely no skill in it. His fellow Eliites keep saying that it sounds like he's strangling a rabbit and approves at how it would be affecting the Inquisition agents. Eliites are nothing if not creative in their methods.
player, 7 posts
Sun 18 Dec 2016
at 14:18
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!

Jason is a paramedic with the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Department.  His station tends to feed Columbia Sunrise Mountain View Hospital, a little way off of the Strip.  His normal duties range from going out on calls, to teaching classes, to chatting with the other members of the squad about the deep mysteries of the world.  He is just a normal guy going about a regular job in an interesting city.

When not pulling shifts on his 'day job,' which is a night job as often as a day one, he tends to wander the wards and emergency rooms of the City's hospitals.  He is a familiar, if not necessarily well-known, face due to his job and his knowledge of the medicinal field helps him to fit in easily.  Because paramedics work odd and long hours, no one is surprised to see him at any given hour and the fact that he does not appear to sleep goes unnoticed.

During his rounds he looks for signs of great Fates or Destinies, Diabolical incidents and incursions, and people who could use a helping or guiding hand.  When appropriate, he brings people back to his apartment.  Or perhaps apartments is a better term as he occupies the entire top floor of a garden-style apartment building.  The place contains several bedrooms and private bathrooms for guests who stay for hours, weeks, or months, depending on their need.  The cabinets, closets, and bureaus are stocked with toiletries, clothing, and other necessities for those in need of temporary lodging.  There are large and small areas to gather as well as a special private section for Celestial visitors.
player, 6 posts
Tue 20 Dec 2016
at 00:06
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!

Shoshanim doesn't really have a day job. Or a night job. Or even a Role in human society. If it -- they?-- can be considered to have a job at all, it's to be sit in one place and look pretty or smell nice or provide shade or mark pathways or any of the other numerous uses that plants are put to in Las Vegas.

Mostly, Shoshanim observes. Occasionally it soothes when tempers are running high, or makes gentle suggestions: that maybe it's time to pack up the cards and go home, or that someone really doesn't look like a good target for mugging after all, or that it'd be awfully nice if someone made sure that drunk got into a taxi and back to their hotel room. When necessary-- such as when it encounters evidence of Infernal presence, it goes for backup.
GM, 18 posts
Tue 20 Dec 2016
at 03:55
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!

Mary Claire

A bit latter in the night... nothing happens strangely.

Still you sense an echo that something probaly did though you cannot tell what.
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GM, 21 posts
Tue 20 Dec 2016
at 23:10
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!


Today he visits yet another Family...

The Foster parents say "Oh their doing just fine, arent you doing ok with us dearie?"

the boy somewhat slowly nods...

(OOC: roll for your resonance or trust them at their word)
player, 20 posts
Tue 20 Dec 2016
at 23:25
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!

"Hmm... I don't see much enthusiasm in that nod. You being treated okay little man?"

OOC: Whew! Almost failed this roll.
07:22, Today: Akhrayut rolled 13 using 3d6 with rolls of 4,6,3.  Detect Lies TN 11 (third die is check digit).

GM, 23 posts
Wed 21 Dec 2016
at 01:41
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!

He pauses nervously...

The parents give a glance at him, you will NOT trust. not in the slightest.

"Uhm... yeah I have no complaints" he says... and you can tell he's lieing.
player, 20 posts
Wed 21 Dec 2016
at 17:40
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!

Marie Claire had another day that was remarkably similar to the first one
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GM, 24 posts
Thu 22 Dec 2016
at 03:45
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!


He finds a boy only 7 recovering  from an illness

with a Fate of "Design WMD's"

and a destiny of "Help heal the sick and injured asking nothing in return, Simply for the sake of helping"

no significant sign of Infernals currently
GM, 26 posts
Thu 22 Dec 2016
at 04:10
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!

Marie Claire

This time you feel a shift in the symphony nearbye

Some celestial a bit away killed a Mortal, you dont know if it was an angel or demon , or if the mortal was innocent or not... you do know... a mortal is dead because of celestial meddling.
player, 8 posts
Cherubim of Destiny
Thu 22 Dec 2016
at 15:53
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Jason in the Hospital

In reply to Destiny (msg # 11):

Jason had been on a call earlier in the evening, a hit-and-run on Sahara.  Probably a drunk.  The victim had a broken arm and lacerations but would probably make a full recovery.  As he often did when he was at a hospital at the end of his shift, he stayed around and checked on the patients to see if anything interesting was afoot.

As he usually did, he spent extra time in the pediatric area as kids often needed a bit of extra comfort when stuck in the hospital.  He chatted with the Marje, the duty nurse, to see who was new on the floor and gather any gossip on anything unusual going on.

They chatted about the Golden Knights joining the NHL next year and thoughts on the bout at the MGM next month.  However, there did not seem to be anything unusual going on.  After half an hour, Jason grabbed a cup of coffee and checked in on the kids with one of the nurses doing her rounds.  He did not usually go alone to see children as it seemed to make parents and administrators twitchy.

It had been a light day, much of it spent chatting with co-workers about Descarte's influence on Thomas Paine.  So he was full of essence and he checked on a couple of kids as they made their rounds.  Some interesting things but nothing out of the ordinary.  One gave a bit of a glimpse into the girl's home life.  Something perhaps Jason would follow up on if he got the chance.

Near the end of Betty's rounds, they popped in to see Jimmy.  Jason was immediately struck by the kid.  He was only seven but something about him caught Jason's eye.  The kid seemed unusually bright.  When Jason did one of his simple magic tricks for the boy, Jimmy immediately figured out the trick and borrowed the coin to practice it himself.

While Jimmy worked on making the coin disappear, Jason spent an essence checking the lad's Destiny and Fate and did a mental double-take.  There was huge potential in this young kid.  More than he had seen in a couple of years.  And not since Sal back in 2006 had he seen such huge potential in both directions.

Jason's immediate impulse was to attune himself to Jimmy but another part of him urged caution.  How many eons of watching the Infernals had it taken to be a bit cautious about anything that looked so immediately promising?

Anyway, unlike many of the Arch Angels, Yves was all about subtlety and patience.  You did not have to read too many Greek myths to know the dangers of trying to force Fate/Destiny.  So Jason spent some time chatting with Jimmy, finding out a bit about the kid, his parents, home, school, financial situation.  When Betty was ready to move on, Jason got Pam, one of the interns, to hang out with them for a while.
player, 26 posts
Wed 28 Dec 2016
at 20:55
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We struggle ever towards a Bright new Dawn!!!

In reply to Destiny (msg # 9):

Anton smiles at the kid then takes out an A3 sheet of paper from his portfolio as well as a box of crayons. "All right then, why don't you go into the kitchen and draw me a house, a tree and a person while I go discuss adult things with your foster parents." he says.

"Oh! and can you hold on to my hammer here?" he passes the kid the giant squeaky hammer he brought in "It's kinda distracting when talking to adults, if you know what I mean." he continues giving the kid a theatrical conspiratorial wink.
GM, 30 posts
Mon 16 Jan 2017
at 05:14
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Jason in the Hospital

In reply to Jason (msg # 13):

He finds the boys doing ok hes bright eager, quick with a smile.
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