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The Journey Begins.

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Thu 23 May 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

"I can't really go faster then this, I would have put us in a ravine twice already if I had. She is simply not meant for all these death drops, loose rocks, and hard dirt. It's like trying to ride a giant blind snake through the back gates on marbles...

 Your welcome to kill us yourself if you'd prefer.
" Irfan had a growing respect for the previous driver and secretly wondered if they should have let him sleep it off onboard. As it was he has to remeber and guess about every blind curve and try not to over steer or under steer. As it was ge was glad they hadn't encountered any other carts or wagons.
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Loki Karnak
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Thu 23 May 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

A single pebble hung in the air between Loki's eyes, spinning like a top as another pebble rose into the air and began rotating around the first. They moved in concert for a moment before flying apart. But moments later, Loki would begin this exercise again. And then again. He held himself motionless while his mind and fingers burned the core movements, the verbal commands, and the subtle pull they had on the arcane energies that surrounded him.

It was good he was able to focus on his exercise, because the young Kingpriest was clearly irritated. He practically vibrated with need to leave, but with no choice but to wait, he spent those hours mastering the skills he might one day soon need.

So once the skimmer arrived, it was understandable how his mood was able to shift, relief taking over. He said nothing, but his eyes were everywhere as he boarded the vessel, seeming content to observe the others in action. He winced at the poor cabbage farmer, and sat quietly, watching the Kitsune's growing irritation, the human's struggles with craft, and the young young tengu's impatience at war with her sweet nature, all with same, dispassionate gaze that had marked his earlier vigil, but with none of the tension.

But when Irfan finally called it quits, the young Kingpriest sighed, stood up, and waked towards the helm. "There is wisdom in knowing one's limits. But..." and here he frowns and turns to the Kitsune, he says, "You know, you never did tell me your name... cousin." he says, offering him a pointed arch of his eyebrow before patting Irfan consolingly as he also moves to take his place, saying, "and you are right, we can perhaps move things along a bit more quickly. Allow me to show you a few... shortcuts you might not have seen before." he says, offering a kind smile and a quick wink to "Imotou".

Ooc: Assuming Irfan lets him, Loki is gonna open her up.
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Thu 23 May 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

ooc: Perhaps Finesse would have been the better skill for this. Oh well, experimental system, we're all adjusting.

With Loki at the helm you did start covering more ground, but (and you have no idea how the delivery man had done it) you weren't ganna cross the mountains in a day.

The kitsune raises his straw hat (yes he has a straw hat ) to look at you and you could tell he perplexed at your inquiry. "I didn't? What about that talk we had last night, remember? It was you, me, the little gremlin giving me money to go with you, the flying coat rack was serving the drinks, the bard guy in the background was playing the guitar with the stick sticking out of his ass and everyone was dancing in unison-" he abruptly stops talking as he hears himself talking outloud. *Blink* *Blink* "...on second thought...that may not have happened. And I'm guessing your name isn't Thorndal, with a silent G."

Noticing he was the recipient of some awkward/bewildered stares, he recomposes himself and "Well then allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Edgelord-" draws his blade

"-Milkweed, with y, Chickasta! capital a, no k." he sheaths his sword and goes back to his normal, slumped, layabout self.

*Blink* *Blink* Hana turns her expressionless stare at Loki. *Blink* *Blink*  She says nothing. Just stares.

ooc: Shadows already knows this but I'll reiterate it. Each day has 24 hours or which:
8 are for traveling,
8 are for resting,
8 are for free time.
(If you don't travel then convert the 8 travel hours into 8 free time,for a total of 16 free time).

Whenever you go adventuring or force march or train or craft or whatever (basically any time that's not travel or rest), that time is taken away from the free time.

When you break camp you need to choose duties. These duties are optional and count as free time which is why breaking camp rarely takes exactly 8 hours (unless you're willing to risk it). So whenever you break camp please just post a short summery like below to tell me who's doing what.

Hunting: 4 hours (provides food/water. Survival check)
Campsite Location and Security: Find a suitable place to break camp. Nature check.
Cooking: Cooking check, cooking kit (not necessary with trail rations)
Special Roles:
Loki (training, 8 hours, Prepare spells 1 hour)
Hana (prepare spells 1 hour)
    Watch Order: Perception check. If 2 people in a single shift, they can roll separately or 1 can use Aid Another.
  • 1st shift:
  • 2nd Shift:

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Loki Karnak
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Fri 24 May 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

In reply to Hana's stare, Loki sighs and slumps his shoulders before looking up and giving her a reassuring wink.

As the day wore on, Loki finally spoke about plans after several annoyed looks as the sun approached the horizon.

"I will take first watch, and while I have some dry food, it is best we supplement it with some hunting. I can set some snares, but it would beneficial if one of you is able to track and choose a good place for us to camp." he says, his eyes sweeping over everyone before settling on Edgelord with an expectant look followed by a painfully awkward silence until someone volunteers that isn't Hana.

Once someone did volunteer, his gaze swiveled over to Hana, "Those that aren't hunting should stay with the ship and setup the camp." he said as he seemed to speak to all of them adding,  "After that I would like to get in some time to train before I take my watch. Please feel free to spend that time as you wish, although I am considering seeking your help in conditioning myself for combat Edgelord. And Hana, I expect you intend to continue your studies as well, ne?" his voice taking on a dangerous tone as he turned to her...

"You wouldn't want Onēsan to think you have been avoiding your studies, would you?" he asked in a tone that left no doubt about the answer.
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Fri 24 May 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

Irfan is  unsure if the kitsune is serious, miraculously still half drunk, or something worse.

Irfan had tried to stay near waypoints marked by other's old camp fires, on his way here. It had been relatively easy on foot, he could make pace with locals and had plenty of time to spot trails on foot.

 Glad the day passes uneventful, no mounted riders chasing after wayward royals. Irfan is glad to strech out when Loki finally is content with their progress, or just plain hungry.

He volunters to go hunting, putting down his heavy bags and pulls out some essentials, glad he had someone to watch his stuff for a change. He puts his canteen on his belt, scrounges up a few sling stones, and pulls out a empty wineskin and sac.

Irfan rolled 16 using 1d20+6,  Survival Hunting (rabbits, a few eggs, tubers, maybe a fruit if i roll high)  rabbit stew.

One of the benefits of camping at odd points was usually the area wasn't as picked over as common camp sites.

Shadowes thinks camping evolved since last game. Npcs just naturally had to fill roles or starve though, some of them whete quiet vocal.

If Edgelord volunteers for second watch, Irfan doubles down or counter offers, probably the latter.

As dawn breaks Irfan pulls out paper and sketches the sun cresting over the mountains.
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Fri 24 May 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

ooc: Well it worked for kingmaker the game so I figured why not try it, what with all the emphasis on training this game will have.

The Edgelord kitsune shakes his head as he watches the 3 "indoors" people patter around. "I expected better from you" he mumbles as he looks at Loki then springs into action "You! Go hunting-" he stabs a finger at Irfan "-and when you get back go to sleep. You-" he shifts the finger to Loki "-set up camp, start a fire before we freeze, cook the food, then rest. You-" Hana *startled jerk* "Off to bed, I'll be waking you early for 2nd watch" he finished, then picks a spot, lays down, hat over his face, and went completely motionless.

Irfan was having some difficulty. His breaths came in harder, he got tired really fast, a serious impediment to hunting...if he did it with a bow and arrow. Thankfully, Irfan was the kind of person who preferred to work smart rather than hard. He set up some snares and bait and waited. Mountains were a little sparser in fauna and edible flora, though still head and shoulders above the desert so catching a skinny rabbit wasn't out of the question. While waiting Irfan had time to think. He wasn't surprised for Loki and the little tengu princess to be fine, they were probably used to the high altitude, but the kitsune? 'If he's a foreigner like me then why isn't he having the same problems as me' Then cast his eyes to the sky at the mounting heavy clouds. A chill breeze was picking up. Exalted of storms and winds or not, mountains were still mountains. Irfan is fatigued due to altitude sickness.

Loki bit back the retort and just heeded the advice. He reparked the Skimmer so that it provided some cover to the camp against the wind. Using his telekinesis he quickly unloaded the bedrolls and other needed stuff off the Skimmer, using his hands for the more dexterous tasks. As for fire, he realized he hadn't bought any dry kindling along. Shrugging he approached a tree and tore off a few branches with his powers. "You need Hana could you come over here for a moment dry wood for- *VOOF*" the kitsune droned but was interrupted by the sudden roar of fire. Loki smirked at the silent, unmoving edgelord with a covered face. 'Anything can burn if you put enough fire into it'

The rest of the night was...meh. Hana, used to fancy palace food up until yesterday, looked sourly at the stew "...Nii-chan, I'm not saying you are not a good cook, don't misunderstand, I'm quite grateful, but, um, I don't think this is a balanced diet, yeah, that's it, it doesn't have all 4 basic food groups"
-"4 basic groups? I'll give you 4 basic food groups: Beans, Bacon, Whiskey and Lard! Now eat what you're given!" Edgelord chastised her and took a bowl for himself. Everyone takes a spoonful and make faces. The rice and beans were overcooked, the rabbit meat was undercooked and poorly skinned. And the spice. Too much spice. WAY too much spice.
-"Bleah" Hana pulls the spoon out, the food still on it.
Loki *cough* *cough* cough*
-"I'm blind in 1 eye" Irfan leans and tells Milkweed.
-"I see dead people" he responds.

However, hunger is the best seasoning so by tomorrow morning the pot was empty.

Milk and Hana had not roused you throughout the night so that must mean no problems were detected, although you did find her huddled around the fire when you woke up. This was probably the very first time she had spent the night without a roof over her head and even with warm clothes the cold was getting to her. You could only hope the winds would blow over the heavy black clouds before something bad happens.

Weather: day 1, Night
Cloudcover: Heavy
Wind MPH: 2
Degrees F: 10
Wind Chill: 10

I'm ganna say you guys all "trained" while waiting for the skimmer to arrive this day.

Hunting: Irfan (4 hours, +1 food and water)
Campsite: Loki (Nature check, negate Chill Wind; Survival check, +20 F), Cook (sucks. -4 food and water)
Special Roles:
Prepare Spells (1 hour, Loki, Hana)
Hone Blade (15 min, Milk)
1st shift:
-1. Milk (4 hours)
2nd Shift:
-1. Hana (4 hours)

22:00 to 02:00
Irfan: Hunting
Loki : Set up camp, Cook
Milk : Rest
Hana : Rest

02:00 to 06:00
Irfan: Rest
Loki : Rest
Milk : Watch
Hana : Rest

06:00 to 10:00
Irfan: Rest
Loki : Rest
Milk : Rest
Hana : Watch

10:00 to 11:00
Irfan: Breaks camp, make breakfast, stuff
Loki : Prepare spells
Milk : Sharpen weapon, Eat, stuff
Hana : Prepare spells

Loki and Hana eat and stuff

14:33, Today: GM rolled 9,11 using 1d20+4,1d20+6.  Hana and Milk perception.
14:18, Today: Secret Roll: GM, on behalf of Loki Karnak, rolled 10 using 1d20+4.  Loki Nature check, protection from elements and security.
13:46, Today: GM, on behalf of Loki Karnak, rolled 16 using 1d20.  Loki survival check, find materials for a fire.

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Loki Karnak
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Sat 25 May 2019
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The Journey Begins

Taking a seat next to Hana as he ate, he asked, "Regretting coming along Imotsu?" he asked, spooning some stew into his mouth and swallowing it down as he watched her expectantly.

He made sure to take a few minutes with each of them in conversation, complimenting Milk on his fine advice, telling him about he reminded him of a brilliant guardsman that used to protect Hana, mentioning his great advice and wit. And then off-handedly, he briefly alluded to his departure as he walked away, saying he missed the man as he walked away from the Kitsune, muttering to himself something about him being sent to the frozen hinterlands when it was discovered he spoke too harshly to Hana.

To Irfan, as they were all packing up, he asked, "How are you holding up?"
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Tue 28 May 2019
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The Journey Begins

Hana gave Loki a weak reassuring smile. Clearly this was more than she had expected, her worldview was shattering and reshaping in realtime -reality was cruel in it's indifference to the plights of mortals- but she remained steadfast determined too see her sister safe.

Edgelord Milkweyde was silent and reduced his form of communication to nodding or shaking his head or other non-verbal means of communications. He was pretty much in the same condition as the previous morning (clearly he had spent his shift doing more than just watching for dangers). Milkweyde is Fatigued

But the morning(?) would not go by uneventful. As the party was getting ready to leave, they notice a wagon coming up to them from down the road. It was pulled by some sort of giant, muzzled scorpion that seems to have had it's tail and pincers cut off, clearly reduced to a domesticated pack animal or something.

The driver was a tengu and he had 2 humans by his side, 1 more human walking besides the wagon on 1 side and another much larger human on the other. Upon closer look as they neared it became clear that the large human had at least some orc or ogre blood somewhere in his lineage.
Loki Karnak
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Tue 28 May 2019
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The Journey Begins

"We should probably not call attention to ourselves. Irfan, Milk, what would be the most boring explanation for who we are and what we are doing healing I'm the same direction?" he said quietly, while offering a polite smile from afar.
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Tue 28 May 2019
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The Journey Begins

ooc: They're coming from the opposite direction, from the road you are heading TO, not coming FROM.

The kitsune shrugs, "Textile traders? Female clothes, specifically. That's something they wouldn't want to take even if we offered it for free, let alone fight them over it. I know I wouldn't" he lazily mutters, sheaths his sword and unties it from his hip before getting up (teeters a little till he finds his balance) then old-man walks nearer to Loki, using the sheath as a walking stick (or steadying stick in this case).
Loki Karnak
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Tue 28 May 2019
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The Journey Begins

"Hail and we'll meet. I trust the road has been kind to you?" Loki asks with a smile as he moves forward to introduce himself, and lend a steadying hand should it be needed.
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Tue 28 May 2019
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The Journey Begins

ooc: How exactly do you introduce yourself as?

The tengu raises his hand and they slow down. Someone else might not detect it as easily, but growing up among the feathered folk, you could tell he was returning the smile. Yellow, shaggy feathers could be seen clinging over a skinny, lively frame and face. Sparkling blue eyes reveal something extraordinary about him, perhaps a painful past or perhaps it's simply his warmth. He's wearing a thawb (desert clothes) rather than traditional tengu clothing, just like the humans with him.

The 3 humans exchanged brief, reassuring glances and nods and smile at you. The half-orc(?) however remained grim-faced and took a step forward threateningly/protectively screening the others on the wagon. His glare took a turn glowering over each in your party, but settled on the kitsune, the closest one, who teetered forward a step or two ahead of Loki and leaned on the hovering ship to nurse his hungover temples. The stench of booze hadn't quite aired off him yet.

The tengu however had decided to ignore both the kitsune and his less-than-polite companion and instead continued conversing with Loki as they weren't there "Well met to you as well, my friend of the road. I wish I could say I bring good news but I fear The Lonely One will not look kindly upon me if I lie to a friend. The worst of my trip is behind me, but it seams my past will soon be your future," he nods back the way he came that leads down the mountain and onto Arcania beyond. "The weather and land is more treacherous and wild than usual for this time of the season. Seems like the winter is a guest that doesn't know when when to leace, and the everburning gaze of the Arcanian sun has lost his hospitality, so the 2 are feuding right now. And when the forces of nature are at odds, the denizens of nature are stricken by frenzy the most," he nods sagely as he explains. "We had to make an unplanned detour in Zarazeh. The journey was longer than planned so we run out of regular supplies, but then we also had to stock up on some uncommon supplies to face, avoid and repel the new dangers. Those greedy, bloodthirsty ticks-of-a-merchants- *spit*" he said that in away that in an alternative universe it would sound something like 'those damn greedy jews', but then it was like he only just realized what he was saying and turned to give his 3 human friends apologetic looks, but they just smiled and shrugged as if '*sigh* sad but true' "-they took us for everything we had because they knew we was out of options. I will sing the praises of The Lonely One if I break even on this trip," he makes a quick gesture of prayer towards the sky then slumps and deeply sighs "the life of a merchant is not an easy one, eh my friend?" he looks at you sympathetically while the humans patted him on the shoulder and back, reassuring him that everything was going to be ok.
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Tue 28 May 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

Loki Karnak:
To Irfan, as they were all packing up, he asked, "How are you holding up?"

"I'm managing, the mountain air disagrees with me when i'm out in it. calmly placing his gear into a impossibly tight bundle, you keep thinking each time he puts something in, it won't fit, but it slides right in. "I'm more worried about your companion. She doesn't seem to be taking to the cold. "

"We should probably not call attention to ourselves. Irfan, Milk, what would be the most boring explanation for who we are and what we are doing healing I'm the same direction?" he said quietly, while offering a polite smile from afar.

Irfan offers up, "Something that covers her ladyship's fine clothes, trade or travel would be the most reasonable. It is fairly obvious we have no trade goods however. "

~~~Obviously you are are on your way back to Yuzna Ironia, bypassing the easy formal bordercrossing after unloading loading goods in Pinterest. How you getting the skimmer through customs, would be a legal nightmare at best. -~~~~

"the life of a merchant is not an easy one, eh my friend?"

Irfan reads the room quitely and decides he is both unwelcome in the conversation and something about their visitors makes him uncomfortable. It was not the dismissive attitude so much as they way his companions or perhaps guards didn't reacted to his slurs.
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Fri 7 Jun 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

ooc: How exactly do you introduce yourself as?

 "We had to make an unplanned detour in Zarazeh. The journey was longer than planned so we run out of regular supplies, but then we also had to stock up on some uncommon supplies to face, avoid and repel the new dangers.

 "the life of a merchant is not an easy one, eh my friend?" he looks at you sympathetically

OOC: Intersting, The Lonely One appears to be Irfan's local exalted, I'll have to consider this in character, and which exalted he is drawn to personally. I imagine it's quite a bit like American Football team, Majority roots for the local team even if just to keep appearances.


Loki leans into the assumption provided by the merchant, and his companion's advice. Concurring about the life of merchants, and hoping he wouldn't have to come up with a set of circumstances to go with it. Attempting to preempt any hard questions, he offers up a explanation that he was coming back from Pinterest with the only deals he could scrounge up after making a special delivery, A could chests of fine clothing from a noble's seasonal cleaning. What feel out of fashion here, was simply waiting to come into fashion elsewhere.
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Fri 7 Jun 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

The tengu merchant nods along understandably. "Well it seems we've both run afoul of some bad fortune *sigh* such is the life of a merchant. Still, I would curse myself for an eternity if I were to see you face the dangers ahead if I knew there was something I could do to ease your journey. We have some surplus uncommon supplies. We will not be needing it now that we've left the desert behind, but to you it could mean your life. Would you be interested in buying some?"

Loki's eyes widened. He seemed very interested. Hana was still off in the back, packing absentmindedly while watching intently but not saying anything. You got the feeling that that had been her role for a very long time, conditioned to stay out of sight and not heard while the grown ups handled matters. The kitsune was still teetering, edging along the sandskimmer, past the skulking brute looking like he might want some private spot out puke his guts out. The orc eyes him suspiciously for a few moments as he scraped past, but then decided it might be better to direct his glowering stare at the rest of you. An intensive to take the generous deal and not think of harming his benefactor.
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Sat 8 Jun 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

Loki is indeed interested in staying alive, but he is also a magic user. He isn't convinced that a threat to an ordinary merchant us something that may threaten him. Most importantly he wants information on what kind of threats to expect. Loki asks what could possibly have troubled a well off merchant with such sturdy bodyguards enough to buy above cost.

Irfan resumes packing up the camp as he listens, he knew a sales pitch when he heard one. Still on usually doesn'tbet on meeting a clueless mark, so there was probably some truth to what the man was peddling.

Irfan rolled 24 using 1d20+7.  Premptive appriase check, would said goods be worth half, that much, double, tripple what is offered.
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Sat 8 Jun 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

The merchant starts listing off one horror after another. The infamous camel spiders, the deceptive walking sticks, the dreaded scarabs, the voracious giant locusts, the creepy stalking beetles, the sinister death worm, the infamous solifugid, the nefarious grounding wasps, snakes, ants, scorpions, dogs, foxes and so on and so forth.
Camel SpiderIt's a real thing

The solutions for these things were a menagerie of clearly non-magical items. Now you recognize that some of them were legit things that would work, like the vermin repellent or animal repellent sack, but other stuff were just junk or plain normal stuff like a chicken that was fed on a special substance (it wasn't) since birth to exude a certain pheromone (it didn't) that made it especially attractive to some of the larger predators of the desert, so if facing one you just drop the chicken and run away. A scented tincture (cheap alcohol) to repel some of the smaller but deadly in numbers vermin, special black beans harvested at great risk from a mystical plant (coffee) that repelled this, leaves of a rare and exotic plant found only on a certain island on the ocean south of the now occupied territories (mint) that repelled that, extract from the queen of the species that makes others of its kind think you're one of them (milk), ect...

In ether case though, whether legit or junk, he was overcharging. In the case of the junk (because he was trying to pass it off as real stuff) he was WAY overcharging. Clearly he was trying to scam you. And it seemed to be working because Loki was nodding along, interested. (failed a perception check vs influence)

Vermin Repellent 7gp (normal price 5gp)
Animal-repellent sack 2gp (normal price 1 gp)
The rest is junk that normally costs cp or sp, but he's selling it off at around the 1~5gp range

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Sun 9 Jun 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

Irfan politely refrains from rolling his eyes as he listens, there was any unusual risks at all. As far as the bugs go, he understood were a bit bigger in his homeland then elsewhere, but bug were everywhere. Maybe in one of the soggy ground areas (wetlands, marsh) He hear they were thicker then smoke there.

A chicken could be useful, but he didn't know how tengu felt able eggs. That and having a chicken was one of the few times you had to worry about foxes, they would leave a dying man alone but a man with food they would rob blind.

He looks over to see what Fancy name McDrunk was taking away from this.

Sighing, he decide it would be better to step in befpre his benifactor was robbed blind on the highway. It was also liable to be their last chance to pick up supplies for a few day.


Stepping up to Loki, he speaks to him softly, but not secretly "Perhaps replacing an extra bedroll and blanket for the mistress in case of bad weather." hoping to steer the conversation towards useful items. It seemed that both of the nobles were rather rather light on traveling supplies and he didn't think they would want to stop by side towns for supplies.
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Sun 9 Jun 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

ooc: The chicken was overpriced as well.

You almost missed the kitsune, being so off to the side an' all, your vision obstructed by the others and the wagon an' whatnot, HOWEVER you did catch sight of him meandering near the rear of the trader's wagon then creeping forward ether towards the menacing half-orc or the traders seated in front of the wagon. Probably the former because as you tried to change the subject towards more commonly known items everyone knows the prices of, the smiles started sliding off their faces and the half-orc seemed to grow more livid, their glares shifting to you.

Loki seemed conflicted, mulling it over. "Well...we can light a fire to warm ourselves, and we'll reach the desert soon enough so it won't be cold anymore..." he reasoned on one hand, but then turned back to look at Hana and his conviction started ebbing away. "We do not have any blankets to spare that is not the trade we're in this is all off the cuff do you want the life-saving supplies for the dangers that are definitely ahead or waste time on things that may or may not happen and you can already solve time is money and we're wasting daylight some come on going once going twice-" the tengu merchant started yammering very fast and put Loki on the spot, pressuring him to take the deal.

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Wed 12 Jun 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

Irfan rolled 19 using 1d20+6.  Influence to convince to sell 2 blankets,  and take his vermin repellant, for 8 gold.

Knowing Loki had already given up a lot of ground in the negotiations, Irfan knew he had to accept some measure of quid pro to get what they needed. The desert was going to be just as miserable or worse at night then the mountains were. Both he and the merchant were well aware Pinterus was only a day or two journey away and that the desert was decidedly unkind as to tempatures. He had no choice but to show his vunerability in his negotiations.

He also had a suspicion even if the offer was refused it would be better then letting McMilkweed get noticed. He was probably up to no good but better to let it play out then call attention to it.

" I'll give you 7 gold for the vermin repellant, If, you throw 2 blankets. you'll be able to restock by tomorrow and that is including a convenience fee for delivering out here." Irfan counter offers, leaving a ready an excuse to inflate the price. Cover story be damned if he was going to let highway robbery like this happen, and not get anything useful out of it.
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Wed 12 Jun 2019
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Re: The Journey Begins

Now that you had effectively taken over the negotiations, and the previous master didn't seem to object to having someone else speak for him, the tengu turned his full attention to you. The way he shifted his gaze from one eye to the other, taking the full measure of you, you believe you saw the look of someone who realized he may be dealing with a rival con artist rather than a lowly hireling as he had originally thought.

There was a certain level of resignation as he broke contact and resumed his fake magnonimity towards Loki, pretending he was still negotiating with him and not you. You were a native, too late now to change negotiating tactics so better wrap this up. "As I said we're not in that business, we only have the blankets we use for ourselves and my traders honor and integrity would never allow me to sell to a customer a used, sub-quality product. I can however give it to you for free. As you said, our journey is coming to an end where as yours is just beginning. You need it more than we do. But, my friend, I would never forgive myself if I were to give you only 1 protection and leave you at the mercy of all the other terrors. I must insist you take a little bit of everything I offered for the low low price of just 1 measly cold coin
. *theatric sigh* I will hardly break even on this trade but at least I'll sleep easy tonight knowing I may have saved some nice folks lives, even if I had to convince them to take a deal that was in their best interest" he finished by holding out his hand to Loki, which he accepted and the deal was done. The half-orc relaxed his posture, lowering the tension in the area, a pleased smirk spreading across his ugly face. With this de-escalation of agression, the Kitsune stopped trying to creep up on the brute and instead went back around the tail end of the Skimmer, continuing to pretend he was suck and barfing. The 2 Arcanians sitting in front of the wagon with the tengu started unloading the goods while he collected the coin from Loki.
"Ah, excuse me my friend-" he politely objected with perfect timing just as the 8th coin fell into his claw and Loki was turning away "-you forgot the Value Added Tax, VAT tax as they say. I can waver the convenience fee, *nods at you* I am but a humble, honest, law-abiding merchant. How much is it? It is the law and I must obey 5% the law. You don't want to break how muc- 4 silver any laws do you? Why bother with the headache of dealing with the authorities, I'm sure you understand. I don't have any change. Just 1 gol-<i></i> Don't worry I'll make change If it makes you feel any better, it will go to their pocket not mineTHANK YOU" the tengu takes the gold, immediately hands 6 sp back and his departure was, let's just say a lot less fanfare-y than his sales pitch.

You have gained:
1 vermin repellant
2 blankets
Technically enough food for 1 meal (if you're not too picky with the diverse ingredients). So...1 Trail ration(?)
Loki lost 8,4gp.

Loki and Hana get 250xp
Kitsune gets 300xp
Irfan gets 400xp
You have all gain tier 1 staggard Advancement (Staggard Advancement is when, instead of gaining all your abilities at once when you level up, you get them incrementally when your xp is 25, 50, 75 and 100%
Irfan choose 1 of the following:
1)+1/2 bab (which should put you at 1 BaB)
2)+1 rexlex and will save throws
3)Roll HP as per level up. Gain half now and half when you level up fully (100% xp)
4)Gain Flashbangs
5)Gain knack

Loki the same. Bab, saves, HP or magic talent?

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Re: The Journey Begins

Flash bangs i think, gives me some fangs, enough to rationally be able to defend myself from wild dogs and such.  The lightning rod knack would be nice, but jarring storywise at this point.

Feeling at ease once the other group leaves, Irfan realizes why he was so tense, traveling in a group meant you had more to loose and that you were considerably more threatening. That and they were all dressed completely different, which gave reasonable pause.

He knew one thing, that his kitsune companion may not be as drunk as he acts, which was both a relief and infuriating.

Irfan intends to use prestidigination to throughly clean the blankets today during the ride. He reasonably assumes Milkweed has his own travel kit.
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Re: The Journey Begins

"Wheeew-" the kitsune wipes the imaginary sweat off his brows when the trades were out of sight, "-for a second there I thought those smugglers were ganna get violent. Well maybe not the talkative one, but the brute sure was itching for some "toll" money. Guess they figured we don't have much so they took what they could get," he explained as he walked over to where Hana was and threw the remaining luggage in quick succession aboard the Skimmer, "Come on, we've been out here too long already."
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Re: The Journey Begins

Loki nods in agreement and shoots a protective look over at Hana before doing his part to get them on the road before anyone else comes along. "Better a little gold and their silence than... unwelcome complications."

Although... he does shoot some dark looks at the backs of the "merchants" as they get things tied down. But once he is back at the helm, he seems more relaxed, and focuses on applying as much speed as possible.

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Re: The Journey Begins

The rest of the journey through the Wingheld kingdom was thankfully a lot less drama filled. As the last vestiges of Summer fully surrendered their flimsy hold to Fall, the first flakes of snow already whispered in the morning's chill, covering the still vibrant green foliage on each side of the road with a shy blanket of smiling white, only to be hidden away by the falling leaves of Autumn's full bloom, and then by a sheet of snow again the next day and the circle repeats tself. If one were to carefully cut the surface of untrodden land, he could see layers of snow, ice, leaves and other matter in various states of decay before being preserved by the cold, forming a mosaic, a chronicle of the land itself.

With the sandskimmer one didn't have to though for it was so fast it cut the wind sharply, making a continuous sound like a sword being pulled out of a sheath while pushing the air down and outwards caused an updraft to blow up the sediments, causing a sort of rainbow (with a meth addiction) to gush on each side of the skimmer wherever it went, and leave a similar multicolored trail in its wake. Like a knife cutting through a wedding cake.

With P'ung gone for the season, you were blessed with much clear and calm weather, albeit increasingly cold (colder than it already was anyway). Still, that didn't mean once could not appreciate the cool breeze on their face, tingling the cheeks, caressing hair, fur and feathers alike, bringing fresh scents each time of nature's final blowout before the serene rest of winter's proper.

The gracefulness however ended whenever you had to stop and break camp. The ground that wasn't road had become a perpetual state of slushy, spongy mud. not enough to since in more than an inch, but enough to hear and feel yourself trudging through it.

But all that changed almost instantly, almost jarringly abruptly I might add, upon crossing the last mountain peak separating Wingheld from Arcania. Even though you had yet to scale down the mountain and enter the desert proper, this wave of hot, dry desert air (even in Autumn) just blasts you out of your senses. The change in temperature was staggering, the air itself breathtaking...literally (sand was being blown up and caused coughing). But so was the view in all honesty. It couldn't be more different from the lush mountains yet the sparking golden sands, dancing on the breeze faking a fog, was mesmerizing.

Suddenly you were all glad winter was not far to take the edge from the heat away for the great expanse was as foreboding as it was welcoming. Who knows what challenges lay ahead, you could only hope you'd be ready enough to face them.




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