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Sun 24 Nov 2019
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Cruilla 2.0

Taking your advice, I'm ganna post these here rather than the ooc thread.

And now, another episode of..."How did we get here?" *groan* *facepalm*

GM: Ok, ok, so they got stranded in the desert, lost the sword, met Horus under much different circumstances and earlier than I thought, and he's an ally/party member, and are making their way to Salvage Central, a.k.a. Shambala 2.0. That's fine. I can work with this. Plenty of interesting characters, plot hooks, ect...

Alright, the Tavern scene! I've got upper management in here (Jax and La Fleux), middle management (bartender), the fat merchant, the band, other minor npcs, this will be great. Any interaction could lead in so many way, so many side or direction of the main quest! He, he, he could join the operation, get the fatso to talk, maybe hire him he's certainly desperate enough, find out where the valley is and go directly there bypassing everyone altogether, steal the piece off a shipment, get that musical instrument from the traveling band of bards I specifically put there for him (
[*] Unresolved Plot point
Have no ranks in performance (Yet) and i choose a bard's kit for my equipment pack which
comes with a instrument, presumably a light one. By 3rd level i'd like to have gotten
basic instructions in how to use Perform Winds skill aka performance from people I've
meet or journeyed with.
) while getting a hint this place is off, any number of interactions could clue him in on so many things! Oh and Rashomon is on the way. He's probably ganna leave town only to come back later to find it damaged or ruined. Hear about the big bad 2nd hand, kinda build this guy up after a while, or maybe come in during the assault and have a moment like when Woren witnessed Oreimo destroy the Ryuku village. This is ganna be great!

Ok, what do you do? Who are you ganna talk to first?

You: *sluuuuurp* Haaaaaa. Now that's a nice cup'a'joe...Ok, I'm off to bed. *leaves tavern*

GM:  *stare*



*blink* *blink* . . . *double Picard facepalm*




*reach at you, doing the strangling motion with hands, catch myself halfway and back down* . . . *deep breath*

Ok. This is fine.
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