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The Genie
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Wed 14 Dec 2016
at 03:58
This is a mature rated game using The Window system. Character deaths may happen and may be permanent. For more information on The Window, the rules are free on the official website. It is a simple system that allows for easy, story based roleplaying.

General rules apply,
- No godmodding
- No perfect characters
- No deus ex machinas
- No inappropriately explicit posts
- Gm rulings/dice results are final
- Be nice in OOC

Note that this is a fairly quick game, with about a post a day on average. If you will be gone for awhile, I would very much appreciate a notice in OOC. If a player suddenly disappears, they may be removed, or their character may be placed up for adoption by another player.

I encourage creative roleplaying, and hope everyone has fun. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to pm me and I'll do my best to help. ^^

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