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Book Of Magic
(Below are some pages from the mysterious book in the library. The ink is smudged and faded, with most of the book illegible from wear and time. Still, it seems as though the book is slowly coming into focus. Could that be possible? You should check back often to see.)


There was a time when humans controlled the elements. Like a dream or an idea, the mind gave shape to the surroundings. This was severed from the mere somatic because it was too hard to control. One singular part of the body remains connected to this RITUAL, the voice. Why is it so? Perhaps it is not specifically the voice, but some part of the mind; language, communication, some crossed nerve between that and whatever used to shape the world.

Nevertheless, the key to invoking this power is to speak our desires.


The Elements

All we are and all we want given form is made of the elements. They are as follows:

Fire: Not just the flame, the heat and energy that can be released in all of the material. The power, the destruction, the strength.

Wind: Each breathe we take. Change, flow, the weather above, constantly in motion

Water: The source of life, the rain above, the seas below. Fluidity, every beat of the heart.

Earth: The concrete, the building blocks, the known nature, unchangeable in nature, but reform-able.

Light: What can be seen, guidance, illumination. Surrounds and calls attention.

Darkness: Obscures, hides, the absence. Trick and beguile, calm and soothe.

Aether: Something beyond. Its true extent and nature is not known.


Once the powers of the mystic are witnessed, the body quickly adjusts. After being attuned to the forces of magic, one may see the individual elements that work together to create a wish. Furthermore, one may eventually be able to perceive the existence of other presences traditionally believed to be "supernatural".

Some individuals are thought to be born with the potential for this type of attunement, but it seems that it may be triggered to the same extent in any individual immediately present to a sudden surge in magic.

This puts into play a conundrum. How does one invoke a ritual, when the presence of a ritual is needed to be attuned enough to invoke a wish?


In order to reliably display enough magic to cause attunement, a core large enough to automatically create rituals is needed.

A core of magic can be described as a mixture of elements created from the results of a spell. Physically a core can be nearly anything; a place, an object, even a person. Indeed, living beings can in their own way be considered cores made up of all seven elements, though the elements of physical cores cannot be readily added or subtracted without the use of a specifically ordered ritual. Instead, the pure elements typically unite to create a new core.

Once pure elements are united, they continue to sustain themselves in the core until the spell is broken or physical form wears out, releasing the energies.

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