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Wed 14 Dec 2016
at 12:00
World Info (Read Second)
Hi and welcome to my game! I appreciate the interest that you have shown in this and here is some basic info about the world of Arathia and the people in it.

First- What sort of world is this?
The easiest answer to that is whatever the players want it to be! I know that sounds cheesy, but hear me out. Lots of times there are games that either railroad the party or give such open options as to stall the game. I seek to find a balance in between. Arathia is a world that i have outlined but yet to fill out. It is not based on a dungeon crawl or even an adventure path. I have come up with plot hooks that people can follow or choose not to. I am here to arbitrate the world, not tug the strings of the players. I expect them to fill out the inhabitants just as much as me, because I know That a world is created by more than just one mind.

Second- Where can I find all the details about this world?
Right here, of course! I will have a thread that is tiered based on Knowledge + Mod for certain areas. Some stuff will be common knowledge, while other will take a little research to find out. In any case, if you don't see something that you are looking for, just ask! Maybe I haven't posted it yet or even thought about it. In any case, feel free to fill in little details as you go and maybe it will be come part of the lore!

Third- How does the party fit in?
That is always the classic question to start an adventure. While I like having the party interact before the campaign starts, there is usually a much more natural way for it to happen. Personally, I find that the party will find a way to fit into the world much easier than me trying to force it. Don't worry about the party and how it works in game, worry more about having fun!