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Wed 14 Dec 2016
at 12:26
Game Info (Read First)
This will be my first attempt at running a 5ed game, plus my first one using the homebrew world of Arathia! Thanks for having interest in it! Honestly though, while this game uses the 5ed system, there will changes to the style and some homebrew rules to use. What are these changes? Below is an outline of how I intend to run this game.

What kind of game is this?
As said above, this uses the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules. This game is geared towards beginners and might open up to veteran players as we go along. The books are not required, as the OGL can cover most of the basics needed to play. The world is homebrew and will be fleshed out more as we play. All I provide is the basics.

Secondly, and this is important, I will be using a variation the Epic 6 mindset.
"To understand E6, imagine the perspective of the average medieval peasant in a d20 game. This person has the stats of a 1st-level commoner, and while they might not know their stats explicitly, they know their relation to the rest of the world. Our peasant knows that he can be killed quite easily by marauding raiders, enemy soldiers, or even wild animals. He’s not mighty, he’s not organized, and he doesn’t have any special skills to bring to bear when danger strikes. He worries about drought and flood, and the welfare of his livestock. His extended family likely all lives within a mile of his birthplace. To him, a trip to a town ten miles off is an expedition into the unknown.

Imagine you are this peasant, and you meet a trio of 6th-level adventurers. When you address the wizard, you are speaking to someone who could incinerate your home and slay all your livestock with a few words. The fighter has prevailed against a dozen orcish skirmishers and slain them all – and he could do the same again. The cleric is a man so holy that the gods themselves have granted him the power to cure the sick and heal the wounded. These are epic heroes.

Now consider the powers of a CR 5 manticore. To the peasant, the appearance of this manticore near the village isn’t a nuisance: the beast can, and likely will slay you in seconds if you draw its attention. You, your livestock, and your entire family are in immediate danger of violent death. Even if you were well armed and gathered a large peasant militia, your village faces heavy losses and no guarantee of success. Against such a creature, adventurers may be your only hope. E6 recognizes that 6th level characters are mortal, while reframing the game’s perspective to create a context where those same 6th level characters are epic heroes."

The basic concept will be the same, however since E6 was designed to deal with 3.5 shortcomings, I am not going to restrict levels. Just realize that a level 6-10 character has likely already passed into stories and level 11 up has passed into legend. Anyways, just keep that in mind when you are creating a concept for a level 1 character.