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Wed 17 Jan 2018
at 23:43
Time Enough (Eri's Intro)
You find yourself growing somewhat bored at your current post. With so many different vendors, merchants, and buskers, there was no lack of demand for skilled fighters. You had proven yourself on more than one occasion and came with good recommendations. The current job you find yourself assigned to is escorting a merchant carting wares between different vendors. Though mostly trinkets, the merchant, Trevor, had insisted Eri guard against pickpockets and thieves. So far, no one had even given the good a second glance.
Eri Sato
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Thu 18 Jan 2018
at 13:37
Time Enough (Eri's Intro)
Pay attention! Do you want to get fired!? Eri snaps mentally to herself, adjusting her black and plum sleeve. The other shoulder lay bare, but then Draaken fashions were very different from the rest of the world. Curses! Now she was thinking about clothes of all things! It was so easy to let one's mind drift and, the excitement of the festival having long worn off, she was having a hard time staying alert.

Doubling her efforts to stay focused, she makes sure that no one comes too close to the merchant's goods. Even just a bump against the cart could mean trouble, pick pockets were infuriating that way. Her biggest comfort was that even if they did grab something before she could stop them, more than likely she could outrun them with ease. A satisfied smirk touches her full lips at the thought. There was nothing quite like their faces when she sped toward them in a full fury. No matter how their feet frantically moved, she was always faster.