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Mon 19 Dec 2016
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Welcome to Big Blue, the Victorian style house with rooms rented out by the week. Tenants are constantly in and out so no two days are ever the same. Though tenants rarely have anything in common there's one challenge they all face together while they stay at Big Blue- the old lady who owns the building. Keep her happy and participate in the group activities she prepares and all will be well, but ruin any of her fun and she'll have you out on the street, freeing up your room for the next tenant!

The house is going to be run as a sort of flop house, being people basically move in and out as they please. This is so a player can play multiple characters for short periods of time while easily transitioning between.

In this world all supernatural creatures have been incorporated into everyday life for more than a generation, making most supernatural species well known but some still scarce. This places us around 2050 with technology only slightly advanced, most advancements being in the way of universal usage by all beings. As far as creature origin and attributes we'll be running on a first come first serve basis, meaning whoever is the first of that creature type sets the basic guidelines for others to come.

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