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Mon 2 Jan 2017
at 11:02
Tell me about your character in a paragraph or two. What's your character's name and shadow name? Their Order and Path?

What sort of Aspirations and Mysteries would your character pursue? Do they want to expand their Arcana? Join a Legacy? End a threat? Create something new?

What's your experience with Mage 2e? Are you a 1e veteran? Completely new to the game? Your experience won't disqualify you, new and seasoned players will be accepted. But it's good to know how much handholding will be needed.

And finally, give me a sample post, in a paragraph or two. Show me your character confronted with the supernatural on an otherwise mundane day. How do they react?

I'm looking for posts every 72 hours at minimum. Submissions will be accepted until January 9th,  at which time I will select players.

Once players are accepted, I'll need character sheets within one week. Please note the special considerations below:

- Characters are considered freshly Awakened. No player may begin with a Legacy, or Status (Order/Consilium) higher than 1 - but pursuing such things in-game is perfectly fine.
- Players start with one Experience, and a Beat for each PC they build a connection with.
- Everyone gets the Cabal Theme Merit for free.

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 GM, 3 posts
Wed 4 Jan 2017
at 05:37
To clarify: yes, this is LA as depicted in Mage 2e's settings.

EDIT: No need to modify your RTJ, I expect some things to change anyway once the group is assembled.

Remember, the deadline is January 9th!

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Sat 7 Jan 2017
at 04:17
Just a reminder to anyone still mulling over their application: I will be adding players Monday, likely in the evening.
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Mon 9 Jan 2017
at 20:08
Players have been added, thanks to all who applied.