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Dramatis Personae
The Pentacle

Hierarch Orion

Though having only taken his post three years ago, Orion is a favorite of many Pentacle mages. Orion reduced the power of the Hierarch (which previously held near-absolute control) to that of a mediator, and controversially gave the Libertines a seat on the Council - bringing the number of Councilors to five, and eliminating his position as a tie-breaker.

Councilor Key

As a member of one of LA's most prominent and oldest cabals (The Undying), Key is often viewed as a promoter of the status quo. He and Orion have clashed several times over Orion's reforms.

Councilor Quintus

Quintus promotes the study of the Astral intrusions, and has been known to show leniency to mages who take hefty risks in doing so.

Councilor Fidelity

The newest Councilor, Fidelity was elected by the Libertines. Her ability to read her constituents has made her popular, though a small number of Libertines want to establish a term limit.

Councilor Sandman

Another member of the Undying, Sandman remains more progressive than Key - though not by much. While he supports Orion's initiatives, he remains critical of his decision to give the Libertines a seat on the Council.

Councilor Avalon

Avalon is expected to retire soon - as her studies of Archmastery intensify, she has less time to attend to politics. Many suspect that Avalon's only interest in Consilium matters is to make them as brief as possible.

Sentinel Roland

Perhaps the greatest combatant in LA - and the longest-serving Sentinel - Roland has been the end of many a Banisher. His use of a sword has earned him the moniker "The Highlander."

Sentinel Iron

Iron is typically assigned to matters requiring finesse, such as resolving disputes - or arresting Awakened.

Herald Spark

Most Cabals learn to expect frequent visits from Spark, ofen at inopportune times. Her rush to inform everyone of Consilium matters is charitably described as "overzealous," but is more often described as "annoying."

Herald Torrent

Torrent is primarily responsible for finding the newly Awakened, and the newly arrived.

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