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The year is 2274, humans have made extraordinary progress in technology and robotics. Space travel is commonplace, and several planets in the galaxy have been terraformed and colonized. The U.N. has become the United Earth Coalition, countries from all over agreeing to put aside their past differences to bring mankind to new frontiers. Because of the world-wide collaboration, funding towards the space program, advances in medicine, and military have increased exponentially. Brief insurrections on the other UEC colonies have been dealt with swiftly by the UEC military, utilizing their advanced weaponry to remove insurgents with deadly force.

The Blackout
On the outskirts of the Milky Way lie small research colonies, mostly isolated from the rest of the UEC. While communications with the outposts was limited, the staff there were tasked with sending scheduled pings to command.

Often technical glitches would cause delays in the pings, but an alarming number of the colonies stopped reporting in. All attempted communication with the research stations bore no fruit, so UEC command sent teams to the planets to investigate. Once the teams reached the stations, they were surprised to find them empty. None of the staff could be found.

What they did find however were large, strange devices at each colony. They were wide black spires with odd tubing and vents, but seemed to be off. Pictures of the machines were sent back to command for review, but the investigation teams never made it back. Whatever fate befell the colonists seemed to have taken the investigators as well.

First Contact
Weeks passed since The Blackout. Bigger colonies began disappearing, some even making reports of an attack before fizzing out into nothing. On October 24th, 2274, the first documented sighting of them was made.

Giant starships appeared over the skies of Cayuga-4, blocking out it's twin suns. They looked as if they had been pieced together from the parts of smaller ships. The only similarity between them were that they were as black as the void. Video footage showed the starships appearing through a tear in the sky, like a portal had been opened in the atmosphere.

The ships came, then smaller aircraft were deployed. The gunships tore through the settlement, ripping apart the UEC quick-response fighters. The last thing the video captured were the strange spire-like devices landing all over the city. After UEC command had seen this, it was time to act.

Battle at Cayuga-4
The UEC military was deployed in force, bringing heavy firepower to the unknown enemy. Once the UEC dreadnoughts had made contact with the black ships near Cayuga-4, humanity realized what they were up against.

The first battle was fought in space, the UEC's high caliber cannons chugging shells while the black ships fired beams of unknown energy. With all of the technology and precision the dreadnoughts carried, they were nothing compared to these alien ships. The energy beams melted the hulls of the UEC ships, reducing them to scraps of hot metal. The remaining UEC ships landed on Cayuga-4, hoping to find survivors of the attack.

The Legion of Paleboys
When the UEC marines piled out of their dropships, they were met with the enemy face-to-face. Humanoid and varying in shapes and sizes, the aliens had leathery white skin. Two slits ran up their face in the place of a nose, and their eyes were a sickly yellow, seemingly with two irises in each.

Strangely enough, they spoke English. Calling themselves "Paleboys", they would often taunt the UEC marines in the midst of battle. There seemed to be an endless supply of them, always vastly outnumbering the human soldiers. While they had numbers, their armor and weapons were mismatched and worn, as if they had scavenged them from previous battles.

The Paleboys carried themselves like suicide troops, placing themselves in danger so that their comrades behind them might gain ground. Many of them upon realizing their fate would charge the marines with explosives, seeking glory in death.

End Times
Even with humanity's historic advances in modern technology, the Paleboys cut through everything the UEC threw at them. Colony after colony, fleet after fleet, battalion after battalion, the Paleboy Legion seemed to overpower them at every turn.

After almost a year of fighting, the Paleboys have finally reached the human's solar system. With the UEC being reduced to a shadow of it's former self, it seems like this will be their last stand. All of the real soldiers died out months ago, the last hope for humanity is an army of civilians.

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