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RTJ/Character Creation
As a reminder, these are the mechanical workings of The Window system:

Ability Level Die Used Percent Chance of Success
Below Averaged2030%
Above Averaged1060%
Very Highd6100%

In this game, all characters basically start out as incompetent peasants.  The sort of purposeless filler NPCs you're used to interacting with in a run-down village.  This is a fantasy setting, so magic does exist in this world, but simple folk don't have access to such things (for now - you never know where this adventure might take you).  Please limit yourselves to human characters for now.

To request access to this game, please fill out the following information:

Traits (select 1 to start as "Average," 1 to start as "Below Average," and 3 to start as "Low")

Makeshift Weapon (select a tool that your character has "Average" proficiency with and could use as a weapon if needed.  Some suggestions are below.)
Farmer's Pitchfork
Shepherd's Staff
Blacksmith's Hammer
Butcher's Knife
Woodsman's Axe

Hobby (select a hobby that your character has "Average" proficiency with.  This should not be directly relevant to adventuring.  Some suggestions are below.)

Unless there's a compelling narrative reason for it, your character will have "Low" proficiency with basically every other skill that can be imagined (remember, you are an incompetent peasant).  There will be ample opportunity to improve everything as we progress through the game.

Please also include a brief physical description of your character (gender, hair/eye color, approximate height/weight - the kind of things you would notice if you met them in real life) and a brief bio that explains how he or she came to be in the village.

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Example Character
Steve the Fisherman

Steve is a frail, wiry man with wisps of red hair lingering on his balding head.  He has only seen 40 summers, but his premature balding and small frame make him look from a distance like he's in his seventies.  He grew up in this village and has lived here all his life, selling the fish he catches to support his aging parents.  While waiting for fish to bite or customers to browse his wares, he's also taken up whittling, and has sold a few of his woodcarvings to passing travelers.

Strength - Low
Agility - Average
Health - Low
Knowledge - Low
Perception - Below Average

Makeshift Weapon
Fishing Knife


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