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Sun 9 May 2021
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IC: Cornelia

Standing before you is Corelia. Its a small town with a castle within its center. Farmlands are scattered around. Several people are doing odds and ends. Some are fixing their small homes, others are tending to their fields. Most of them keep to themselves but seem polite if confronted. Three guards ride their chocobo as the area gets more dense. Within the outer areas there are some shops. Within its center is a larger building with a sign above: Zozo Tavern. The most notable shops are a blacksmith, with a dwarf working on somethings outside on a outer forge area. Talaz Trinkets. A grocery area. And small carts with big tarps above, fruits and vegetables. Che Met Collectables. A young boy and a girl are running around and then enter a small home. The sky above begins to darken and some begin to close up their side carts. People seem to slowly go back into their homes or to the shops. Another odd shop is visible: Papola Pets. Odd name. Two guards on foot move across the area and head towards the castle that is walled off with a gate. For a town that seemed so full of life it seemed to be less then expected. Its the main hub of town but there are very few children and few people approach. They seem to just want to sell and leave which is odd as Cornelia seems so lively. Most within the city seem to be mainly humans with a smattering of moogles and Viera. But perhaps there's more to it. Something just seems odd but perhaps its the strange weather brewing.....