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Rules for the Game
Play-by-forum is very easy to play. There are no secrets and the ones we find we can easily figure it out.

Some basic rules:

- Use first or third person to express with you character.

- Please, don't assume your character action is a success, unless is talking, walking, etc.

- A small code for communications:

Talk in blue.
Think in green.
Keeper information.
Texts in brown.
Test of actions in red.

In PBF it's easier to express action, so don't be limited to Paul aimed and shot the villain. Tell more about your action, like this: Paul was firmly decided to end that situation right now. He pulls his pistol and aims at the villain. You don't have anywhere to go. We'll finish our business here, right now. And he fires his gun.

Keep conversation as much as you want. There is no restrictions to subjects (but pay attention to RPoL rules, they are sovereign), but please don't go away of the game's context.

As GM I may ask you to test some ability. Do it through the dice roller. Usually I'll do the tests and give the results to you. Hope you trust me.
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Thu 12 Jan 2017
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Rules for the Game
Character Creation

The Character Sheet will be available at Character Details - Character Sheet.

Use the Dice Roller

-Roll 3d6 to STR, CON, POW, DEX e APP.

-Roll 2d6+6 to INT e SIZ.

-Roll 3d6+3 to EDU.

-SAN = POW x 5.

Improving: if you don't like your results, add all numbers and divide them among the attributes. Remember EDU can't be higher than 21 and STR, CON, POW, DEX, SIZ, APP can't be higher than 18. No attribute can be lower than 3.

Or, if the Dice Roller is not "friendly", I'm giving the option to take 102 points and divided them among the attributes.

-Idea = INT x 5.
-Luck = POW x 5.
-Know = EDU x 5.

-Hit Points = (SIZ + CON)/2. Fractions round up.

-Magic Points = POW.

-Sanity Points = SAN.

-Damage Bonus: STR + SIZ, compare the results with the table bellow:

STR + SIZDamage Bonus

Skills points: After choosing your character occupation selects the skills.

But some considerations:

9 is the average number for attributes, so below 9 consider your character below average people.

For example: STR 7 - your character is weaker than a normal person and will have difficulties to do some actions (as carrying a lot of weight, breaking things as trying to open a locked door, etc).

Same for CON, DEX, APP.

SIZ - I know Size in not only height but let's assume this relation:

SIZHeight (meters)
91,60 male; 1,50 female
101,65 male; 1,55 female
111,70 male; 1,60 female
121,75 male; 1,65 female
131,80 male; 1,70 female
141,85 male; 1,75 female
151,90 male; 1,80 female

POW: please don't put more than 17 (Sanity = 85%). No one is so sane in Lovecraft's world. 14 and 15 are very good numbers for Power.

INT: if your character is very, very, very, very smart, you can use 18. 14 to 16 are good numbers for Intelligence.

EDU: higher Education imply your character spent a long time to achieve this level. 16 to 18 are good numbers for EDU. So, please consider this relation:

1218 or more - high school level
1625 or more - graduated level
1730 or more
1835 or more
1945 or more
2050 or more
2160 or more

I'm not using the aging rule to reduce attributes, but I'll use common sense. If a character is 50 years old I'll consider him as a person at that age with some limitations (for running, lifting weight, etc).

Skill points: EDU x 20 to the skills of your chosen occupation.
INT x 10 to the skills of your choice.

To help you to know how many point to give to one skill, use the info bellow:

20-25%: Rookie, basic for skills that have to be learned. Basic level allows the character to operate machinery in a safety way, under normal circumstances, to speak a language enough to ask food, directions, or to be an apprentice.

50%: The minimum requirement to a professional to do and keep his/her work. Your character should have at least 50% in his/her main skill to be a doctor, a lawyer, a pilot, or to have a normal conversation in other language.

75%: This level means a great ability at the skill. As a professional, your character can be a supervisor or director, and will be able to translate books.

Cthulhu Mythos never gets points at the construction of a character. He/she will earn this along the story.

Please tell which your character gun is. And use common sense.

Money: I'll generate money for each one depending on the background.
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Thu 12 Jan 2017
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Rules for the Game
Here is a model of character sheet. I'll help if you have any doubts to get it ready, just send me a private message.

Investigator Name:
Colleges, Degrees:



99-Cthulhu Mythos:

Damage Bonus:

Sanity Points:
Magic Points:
Hit Points:

Accounting (10%):
Anthropology (01%):
Archaeology (01%):
Art (05%): (specify what kind of Art)
Astronomy (01%):
Bargain (05%):
Biology (01%):
Chemistry (01%):
Climb (40%):
Conceal (15%):
Craft (05%): (specify what kind of Craft)
Credit Rating (15%):
Cthulhu Mythos (00%):
Disguise (01%):
Dodge (DEX x2%):
Drive Auto (20%):
Electr. Repair (10%):
Fast Talk (05%):
First Aid (30%):
Geology (01%):
Hide (10%):
History (20%):
Jump (25%):
Law (05%):
Library Use (25%):
Listen (25%):
Locksmith (01%):
Martial Arts (01%):
Mech. Repair (20%):
Medicine (05%):
Natural History (10%):
Navigate (10%):
Occult (05%):
Opr. Hvy. Mch. (01%):
Other Language (01%): (specify which languages)
Own Language (EDUx5%): (specify)
Persuade (15%):
Pharmacy (01%):
Photography (10%):
Physics (01%):
Pilot (01%): (specify what kind of thing you pilot, boat, plane, etc)
Psychoanalysis (01%):
Psychology (05%):
Ride (05%):
Sneak (10%):
Spot Hidden (25%):
Swim (25%):
Throw (25%):
Track (10%):

Handgun (20%)
Machine Gun (15%)
Rifle (25%)
Shotgun (30%)
SMG (15%)

Weapons: (write here which kind of weapon your character owns)

Fist (50%):
Grapple (25%):
Head (10%):
Kick (25%):
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Thu 12 Jan 2017
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Rules for the Game

When an investigator sees a strong scene, as a violent death, or worse, there will be a Sanity test. I'll do it for you and let you know the result.

Sanity test is a roll of 1d100. If the result is lower than your sanity, you pass the test. Even in this situation you may lose some points. It will depend of how strong is the scene or how "bad" is the monster you saw.

But when the result is higher than your sanity, you fail the test and you will lose sanity points. I will roll this lost according the scene. In this case there are two serious situations:

- When you lose 5 or more sanity points in one roll: you get a "temporary insanity". You will act in such specific way for a while. I will tell you how and how long you will be in this way. For example: you can faint. I will tell you how long you will be "out". Or you can run desperately, I will tell you how long you will be running. But after that time, you will be back to your own self, as you were before.

- When you lose 20% or more of your sanity points in one hour of the game: you get a "permanent insanity". You will get a permanent specific behavior. You can heal yourself by committing in a psychiatric institution. The time for your recovery will depend on how good is the doctor; how good is the institution (don't want to go to Arkham Asylum); the kind of insanity you got. It will take a lot of time... I will tell you what behavior you acquired.

OBS: if your character loses 5 or more points of Sanity in one roll, I'll roll Idea. This means if you pass (get the same number or less) that your character understood what's happened (the violent death, the inhumane creature, etc), but if you don't pass, means your character didn't have the full comprehension of what's happened and he or she won't get an insanity.

Sanity Points

When you lose sanity points I'll change in your character sheet and at each new roll, the new value will be used. So, if you lose many sanity points it will be harder and harder to pass the Sanity test and you will lose even more sanity points. It's "down the hill" to insanity. It's Call of Cthulhu.

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