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Sat 21 Jan 2017
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Copenhagen might not be the biggest city in Europe, and not the greatest either, but that's where you are and that's where you'll have to try to get back on your feet. You have been contacted by this elf who called himself Cutter and who told you that he has a job offer for you. You are supposed to meet him and some other people in a private room at this place called the Panther Bodega in Amager tonight at 10 pm. This will be the start of something new for you, who knows what comes next?
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Mon 30 Jan 2017
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Ghost strolled to the appointed place, a typical seedy bar where ID was optional, but she was early. She was at least an hour early, which was important because she wanted the opportunity to observe her new contact and find out if he were enlightened. She nodded as she past the bouncer, who waved her in, likely because she seemed cute and non-threatening. She found a U shaped booth and took the seat at the edge closest to the exit, and began claiming it by taking things out of their pockets. She took out a white noise generator, turning it on but not hiding it. She wondered if any would even notice the little white cylinder, and she chuckled as she knew it was unnecessary but a fun joke to play on others. Next she took out an ash tray and a cigar. She light the cigar, took two puffs, and put it in the ashtray allowing it to burn out. This burned out cigar would be the signal to her contact, her calling card if you will.

A staff person came over and asked her what she wanted. She cocked her head and said, "A sense of wonder in everyday life." The waitress almost laughed and refined her question to what Ghost wanted here. "Ahhh, a better question. I would like a glass of whiskey, neat, a cup of coffee with extra cream and sugar on the side, and a double bacon double cheeseburger, side of fries, and for dessert an ice cream sundae." She smiled and nodded. The waitress laughed out loud then, indicating she could get everything but the real food, here there was only soy meat and artificial cream. Ghost sighed, "Ah well, as it is so it will be. Bring me the fake food and I will eat it."

When the so called food arrived she cut the burger in half, slathered it with mayo, or what substituted for mayo here, and began devouring it. She does not eat delicately, as many women do, but with gusto. She downed her whiskey but did not order another, instead making her coffee into a swirling light liquid. She sipped the coffee while eating her burger, which was passable, and throughout all this she observed. She observed her surroundings, watching everything and listening to the varied conversations of those around her. The booth behind was a Ork and a human talking over how to split up the loot of a recent heist. On the balcony above her a man spoke to himself about a woman he was watching down and across the room at the bar. Her own eyes found this woman, dressed in red, and obviously cosmetically enhanced. While she scanned other conversations she watched the woman, who was out of place. Her dress was too expensive. Her cosmetics were very expensive, far too for a common prostitute. She was something else, something very powerful and very out of place...