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Marland Chronicler
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Mon 5 Jun 2017
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Marland 1875: The Second Lakeland Expedition
The Governor's Ball was the traditional opening event of the social season for Marland's finest families. Many of the son and daughters of those families had lately returned to Odiham, Marland's capital, from British schools -- Oxford or Cambridge for the young men, the best finishing schools for the young ladies -- and were now seeking their own places in Marland society, which in many cases might include marriage to each other, as well as (for the young men) taking up positions arranged by their parents which could confidently be expected to lead them to the same sort of exalted positions their fathers now held.
On this particular occasion, however, there was a unusual air of excitement in the grand ballroom of the Governor's Residence, as it was known that several of the most promising young men of the rising generation --friends since boyhood in Marland, and then closer friends in their British colleges --had determined on a daring exploit --nothing less than a return to the mysterious and reclusive Indigene state of Lakeland, which had only received one official Marland expedition, some twenty years before, though unofficial and even illegal traders had gone there ever since. It was, more scandalously, rumored that some of the young women of the same class were also intending to join the expedition.

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Anthony (Tony) Foley
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Fri 8 Sep 2017
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Marland 1875: The Second Lakeland Expedition
In reply to Marland Chronicler (msg # 1):

As usual, Tony Foley was the first to arrive, certain no occasion was complete without him, and also escorting his sister Hope. He looked around at the gathering throng with the friendly interest of born politico, and soon spotted a novelty --the presence of the Despards, who rarely appeared north of their father's island empire.

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Desmond Despard
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Wed 11 Oct 2017
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Marland 1875: The Second Lakeland Expedition
The Despards, Desmond and his sister Desiree-- were less well-known and yet perhaps, ironically, more notorious than the Foleys. While the Foleys had grown up in Odiham as the children of their father, the rising politician and now premier, and were familiar faces to all those invited to the ball, the Despards had been raised by their father, the "Admiral of the Pirate Isles," a French political exile who had escaped from the infamous prison colony on Nouvelle Saint Helene and made himself the power behind the throne of the Indigene overlord of the archipelago south of Marland.
David Williams
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Fri 30 Mar 2018
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Marland 1875: The Second Lakeland Expedition
Rarely early and never late, David Williams arrived precisely on time, perfectly arrayed in Odiham's best imitation of a London gentleman's suit --as a matter of principle he patronized home industries. His calm blue eyes coolly surveyed the gathering throng, and he nodded automatically to Tony Foley, but did not immediately greet the Despards, whom he did not consider members of his precisely defined circle.

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Hubert Talbot
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Sat 31 Mar 2018
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Marland 1875: The Second Lakeland Expedition
Just fractionally late to hint his silent contempt for the proceedings, Hubert Talbot strolled in, his beard and mustache meticulously trimmed, perfectly clad in a genuine Saville Row dinner jacket made to his measure while he was up at Oxford.
He bowed coldly to Tony Foley and David Williams, as scions of his father's more successful rivals, and showed a more open interest in the Despards, particularly Desiree, who appealed to his taste for the outre.
Desiree Despard
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Mon 2 Apr 2018
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Marland 1875: The Second Lakeland Expedition
Seeing Hubert approach, Desiree disengaged herself from her brother and moved to meet the aristocratic scholar she knew, as yet, only by repute. She was confidently aware that her ball gown displayed her figure to the best advantage to be expected from a creation of the Parisian House of Worth. He brilliant eyes shown above her fan as she inclined her graceful neck to welcome the newcomer.
Hope Foley
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Thu 5 Apr 2018
at 02:30
Marland 1875: The Second Lakeland Expedition
Seeing Hubert approach Desiree, Hope Foley could not help whispering to her brother, "It seems the Iceberg has at last found a flame hot enough to melt his hard heart --or vessel he hopes to sink..." Hubert had always roundly ignored her beyond the most distant courtesies, and she usually returned the compliment. This time her fair face was slightly flushed and she seemed a little jealous that the dashing foreign beauty could attract the notoriously unsusceptible Hubert.

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James McCarthy
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Fri 6 Apr 2018
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Marland 1875: The Second Lakeland Expedition
Decidedly late, and quite indifferent to the fact, James McCarthy swaggered into the ball, accompanied by a couple of young fellows who were, at best, on the fringes of polite society in Odiham. It was evident from their ruddy faces and raised voices that they had been spending their time drinking together before betaking themselves to the ball.
 James openly ogled a number of the ladies present, before leaving his friends to pursue two of the lesser lights, while he himself boldly matched up to Hope Foley and declared, "Well, here I am at last, and I hope you still have room on your dance card for your ardent admirer."
Philip Michelson
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Sat 7 Apr 2018
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Marland 1875: The Second Lakeland Expedition
Philip Michelson slips in quietly and takes his place by his father, who is still formally greeting guests while wearing his full uniform as governor-general. Philip, as his aide, wears a more modest version and for a while does little more than second his father's courtesies and run occasional errands for him.
Seeing the other young people of the "upper" set have arrived, he obtains his father's permission to join them, and moves nearer to the Foleys who are his father's closest political allies.