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Gear, Weapons and Armor
Here you will find lists of gear, weapons and armor. Perhaps at some point relics.
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ItemQuick DescriptionChance AvailableWeightCost Range
Adventure Gear    
Tinder boxflint and steel oiled box tiny candle wood shavings94% 2d6250g2d4sp
TorchOiled cloth , 40cm wooden stick, burns 30 minutes 6m light98% 3d20250gfor 1sp
Candle beesWax, 15cm long, burns for 2 hours, low light 3m light99% 3d100100gfor 1sp
Lanterncast iron, relic glass, oil lasts 4 hours on 200ml oil 9m light67% d41kgd20+15sp
Bottle of oil800ml, for lantern, provides four refills possible weapon88% 2d81kgd10+4sp
Cooking potcast iron, with handles and hooks to hang from chain92% d45kgd12+6sp
Wooden spoonto stir and serve food99% 2d6100g1 sp
Cutlery setspoon, knife and fork, personal set in pouch, iron78% d6250gd4+1sp
Water skinholds 2 liters of liquid99% 2d12100gsp
Barrelholds 40 liters of liquid79% d48kgd10+6sp
Summersleeping bag cotton, with straps92% d63kgd6+8sp
Wintersleeping bag wool, with straps89% d67kgd12+13sp
Wool blanketsingle, double price for twin size99% 3d61kgd4sp
Ink and quill60ml water proof India ink , feather quill84% d6250gd10+5sp
Paper, per sheetsrough, handmade, about 20 x 30cm each66% d1005g1sp
Coin pouchwith straps, holds 350 coins or 1kg94% d6250gd4+2sp
Hip sackholds 5 kg with straps, pockets, holds 1700 2.8g coins89% d4500gd4+4sp
Sackholds 40 kg, or 14,000 coins99% 3d6500gd4sp
Wooden chestholds 200kg, or 80,000 coins, handles, straps, no lock64% d325kg2d20+20sp
Backpackholds 70kg, or 25,000 coins, assorted pockets, frame73% d68kgd10+9sp
Fishing gearrod, line, and hooks, pouch for lures, wood reel, net58% d43kgd20+20sp
2 person tentcomes with lines, pegs, no floor, water proof oil coating87% d412kgd20+30sp
4 person tentcomes with lines, pegs, no floor, water proof oil coating92% d422kg2d20+40sp
6 person tentcomes with lines, pegs, no floor, water proof oil coating74% d232kg2d20+60sp
10 person tentcomes with lines, pegs, no floor, water proof oil coating61% 156kg4d20+90sp
Chain, per metertype C STR based HC to break, DV -30/18 END58% d100m2kg/m2sp/m
Padlock, smalliron loop padlock based on relic designs, 2 keys44% d4500g2d6+10sp
Padlock, largeiron loop padlock based on relic designs, 2 keys32% d21kg2d8+20sp
Crowbarfor opening rusty hatches and doors, handy weapon75% d82kgd4+3sp
Grappling hookfor attaching to rocks or tops of walls, rope not included64% d82kgd6+7sp
Hammercomes with handful of 10+d6 large iron nails96% d61kgd3+1sp
Saweither a carpentry saw or crosscut timber saw83% d42kgd8+3sp
Rope, per metertype A str based HC to break, DV 0/7 end98% 4d100m1kg1sp/2m
Thick rope, 1 metertype B str based HC to break, DV -5/14 end86% 2d100m3kg1sp/m
String, 10 metersfor measuring, lashing small items, etc.90% 6d100m250g1sp/10m
Sewing kitneedles, thread, thimble, 2d4 buttons, small pouch68% d4250gd4+4 sp
Whetstonefor sharpening blades59% d8250gd8+8sp
Shovelfor digging, but can be used as a weapon93% d63kgd6+3sp
Pickaxefor digging, but can be used as a weapon88% d44kgd8+4sp
Screw driverset 6 replicas of all standard tips, with belt case43% d2 sets800gd20+30sp
Soap and towelcommon odorless soap, face towel92% d121kgd4+1sp
Tooth brushComes with 100g salt for brushing with67% d6100gd4+1sp
PencilHB lead, wood, no eraser61% 2d615g1sp
Bone dice twosix sided dice in a skin pouch29% d6100g2d10+10sp
Playing cardsstandard deck, non-relic, shoddy printing and art36% d3250gd20+20sp
Flutewooden25% d2500g2d6+6sp
Drumd6: 1,2 bongo/ 3,4 Celtic/ 5 snare/ 6 kettle18% d32+d2kg2d8+9sp
Clothing and Footware    
Sandalsroman style, very common99% 2d20 pair500gd2+2sp
Soft bootsankle or knee high, very common98% 2d6 pair600gd4+4sp
Work bootsshin or knee high, standard military or digger93% 2d4 pair1kgd6+6sp
Work glovesleather94% d6 pair500gd4+2sp
Wool mittssheep’s wool91% d4 pair500gd4+3sp
Wool coat with hoodstyled after old world parka, with a few pockets63% d46kgd20+34sp
Fur coat with hoodparka style, long coat, numerous pockets58% d45kg2d20+48sp
PonchoMexican styled71% d61kgd4+4sp
TurbanArabian style, sun protection, identity concealment93% d8250gd3+1sp
Cowboy style hatleather or canvas, sun protection74% d3500gd4+3sp
Baseball style capcotton with leather visor, shades eyes from sun64% d3250gd3+1sp
Caped6: 1-3 green/ 4,5 black/ 6 red74% d41kgd6+5sp
Cloak with hood,d6: 1,2 green/ 3,4 black/ 5 brown/ 6 blue78% d61.5kgd8+7sp
Cotton pants & shirtd6: 1,2 bleached/ 3,4 tan colored/ 5,6 olive drab93% 2d61.5kgd6+2sp
Wool pants & shirtcold winter wear, cotton lined for comfort86% d62kgd10+7sp
Leather jacketsee armor listing, page 101: DV –5/ MV -0.25m72% d42kg12+d8sp
Leather holsteradjustable, with leg strap and belt loop38% d3500gd12+10sp
Leather rifle sheathadjustable, fits any long barrel weapon27% d22kg2d10+17sp
Leather ammo beltfits 50 rifle or pistol, or 30 shotgun or 50 cal rounds.31% d2500g2d6+4sp
Snowshoesstraps to footwear, available for odd feet at x2 price69% d44kgd12+8sp
Cross country skiswith poles and straps to secure normal footwear43% d35kgd20+17sp
Wheel barrowwood and iron, holds 200kg or 8000 coins73% d622kg2d12+18sp
Cart wooden,holds 600kg, hitch for pony47% d2170kg50+d100sp
Wagon wooden,holds 1200kg, 2 pony hitch32% d2320kg120+2d100sp
Sled wooden,holds 400kg, hitch for pony24% d2120kg40+d100sp
Toboggan wooden,holds 200kg, tow rope 1m long51% d2170kg50+d100sp
Dog, Farmyoung adult, trained72% 2d613kgd8+11sp
Dog Huntingyoung adult, trained 63% d1022kgd12+16sp 
Dog Waryoung adult, trained36% d656kgd20+55sp
Dog Ridingyoung adult, trained, with saddle and harness53% d3130kg3d20+100sp
Horse, ponytrained colt or filly, with saddle and harness48% d3170kg2d12+50sp
Horse, saddletrained colt or filly, with saddle and harness64% d6500kg2d20+60sp
Horse, draftwith saddle and harness, trained colt or filly51% d6680kg3d20+90sp
Horse, greattrained colt or filly, with side baskets, saddle, harness18% d31120kg2d100+400sp
Weapon Accessories    
Arrow standardbroad head, hunting or military2d100100gfor 1sp
Crossbow quarrelstandard broad head, hunting or military2d10075gfor 1sp
Musket shot and powder1 shot, needs a pouch or other container2d100100g1sp per round
Quiver(holds 20 arrows) leather with shoulder strap86% d10 1.5kd6+2sp 
Quarrel case(holds 24 quarrels) leather with shoulder strap82% d101.25kgd6+2sp
Food and Drink    
Mug of clean water500ml98% 3d100500gd6sp
Liter of clean water1000ml87% d1001kg4+2d10sp
Glass of wine250ml red / white (full bottle 1Lx 4 price+4sp for bottle)73% d12250g2d6sp
Mug of beer500ml98% 3d100500gd6sp
Shot of hard liquorvodka, scotch, etc. 100ml98% 3d100100gd6+1sp
Meal of leftoversfrom other patrons, refried as a stew88% 2d10500g1sp
Plain mealno spices, bland, mostly starch97% 2d10500g2sp
Standard mealspices, well rounded nourishment92% 2d6750g3sp
Fine mealrare spices, choice cuts of meat, perfectly cooked72% d61kgd6+3sp
Feastas fine meal, but more, with desert and cup of water43% d62kg2d6+6sp
Dried rations, for 1 day dried meat, fruit, nuts, seeds99% 3d20500g1sp
Loaf of breadwhole wheat87% 2d12500g1sp
Block of cheesecheddar or mozzarella72% 2d6750gd3+3sp
Dried fruithandful, seasonal fruit83% 2d6250g1sp
Smoked meat or fishhandful, catch of the day92% 2d6250g1sp
Animal grainincludes sack (see above d4sp value)91% 2d85kg1sp
Raw meatfor pet carnivores, floor sweepings, gristle, marrow93% 2d202kg1sp
Relic Items For Purchase    
Shard of mirror5 x 5 cm, trimmed with wood and wire hook38% d3250gd10+10sp
Ball pointpen writes for d4 hours, 87% blue ink otherwise black17% d6100gd20+18sp
Scrap plastic necklacemulti colored, many shapes, each bit 1-3cm long15% d3250g2d20+50sp
Scrap plastic braceletmulti colored, many shapes, each bit 1-3cm long19% d6100gd20+30sp
Crayonuse random mutant eye color42% 2d850gd12+10sp
Colored penciluse random mutant eye color39% 2d650gd20+14sp
Plastic water bottleliter, clear, with cap, empty87% d350g2d6+2sp
Plastic milk jug4 liters, semi-clear, with handle and cap, empty43% d2150g2d10+20sp
Plastic water jug20 liters, blue, with handle and cap, empty16% d21kg2d20+90sp
Pill power cell fully charged14% d630g2d20+40sp 
Mini power cellfully charged8% d3100gd100+120sp
Power cellfully charged12% d3500g2d100+300sp
Power packfully charged4% 115kg2d1000+900sp
.22 caliber roundstandard .22 LR rimfire cartridge31% 2d123gd10+20sp
Pistol round(standard or SP) for pistols and sub-machine guns26% 2d68gd20+50sp
Rifle round(standard or SR) for assault rifle, chain gun, etc.22% 2d611gd20+50sp
High caliber pistol roundHCP for special pistols and SMGs, officer guns, etc.8% d615g2d20+70sp
High caliber rifle roundHCR ammo for heavy machine gun and sniper rifle7% d826g2d20+70sp
Armor piercing roundrifle only, ammo fits weapons which fire rifle rounds4% d618gd100+140sp
Shotgun shellstandard shot shell .12 gauge37% 2d8 shells40gd20+55sp
Shotgun slugused in .12 gauge shotguns6% d6 slugs60g2d20+110sp
Fuel alcohol/ ethanolfor chainsaw, flame unit, combustion engines, etc32% 2d6 liters1kg /Literd20+20sp/ L

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WeaponSVRateDamageEffective RangeHandsSTRAmmoWeightValue
Human punch or kick-1d6*melee1----
Dagger/ Bayonet-1d103m1--500gd6+1sp
Short Sword/Machete-1d12+1melee1--1kgd8+10sp
Long Sword/ Saber-1d20+2melee120-2kgd12+16sp
Great Sword+51d20+5melee234-5kgd20+30sp
Four Handed Sword+712d20+10melee434-11kgd100+60sp
Hatchet/ Axe-1d124m1--800gd6+2sp
Battle Axe-/+41d20+2/ d20+43m1 or 225-5kgd12+14sp
Halberd/ Poleaxe+41d20+3melee219-4kgd10+12sp
Spear- / +41d20+1/ d20+415m1 or 2--2kgd8+4sp
Pike+3/-1051d20+4reach 3m216-5kgd12+5sp
Long Bow+5˝d2070m222arrows61.5kgd20+30sp
Heavy Crossbow+121/3d20+5100m233quarrels65kg2d20+60sp
Sling Shot, wooden-1/2d615m2-stones6100gd2+1sp
Throwing Star-1d86m1--100gd2+1sp
Club/ Torch/ Gun Butt- / +21d10/ d10+3*3m1 or 2--700gd3sp
Spiked Club / Flint Axe- / +31d12/ d12+33m1 or 2--1kgd6+1sp
Mace - / +4 1 d12+1/ d12+4 3m 1 or 2 - - 3kg d10+5sp         
Flint Spear- / +31d20/ d20+312m1 or 2--2kgd6+1sp
Pitch fork-1d12+210m2--2kgd6+1sp
Rock- / +21d6/ d6+3*10m1 or 2--1kg - 
Large Rock- / +31d12/ d12+34m1 or 226-2kg-
Huge Rock- / +41/2d20+32m234-5kg-
Crowbar/ Pipe- / +31d10+1 / d10+43m1 or 2--2kgd4+3sp
Chain- / +21d10/ d10+3*out 2m1 or 2--4kgd2+2sp
Whip-1d8+wrapout 3m1--800gd3+2sp
Musket+141/3d20+3140m2-powder & 1 shot73.5kg2d20+120sp
Musket Pistol+71/3d2025m1-powder & 1 shot7900g2d20+90sp
Light Ballista+151/42d20160m2 crew25spear150kg300+d100sp
Heavy Ballista+201/43d20200m2 crew30spear230kg400+2d100sp
Catapult, Flame Pot+131/6d20/d6 round100m3 crew25Pot of oil450kg400+2d100sp
Catapult, Stone+71/6d100120m3 crew2510kg rock450kg500+2d100sp
Heavy Catapult+91/72d100150m4 crew2520kg rock900kg1k+d1000sp
Trebuchet+111/103d100170m5 crew2530kg rock1500kg2k+2d1000sp

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Relic Weapons
Relic Weapons
WeaponSVRateDamageEffective RangeHandsSTRAmmo/DurationWeightValue
Sling shot, wrist-lock+2˝d648m2-stones250g90+d100sp
Switchblade Knife+21d8+13m1--200g110+d100sp
Bladed Boomerang+31d12+1226m1--500g130+d100sp
Bayonet, relic-1d12melee1 or 2-fits on rifle, carbine, etc.300g40+d100sp
Spring-spike+60/+51d20+10/d20+2melee1-spring loaded spike500g300+2d100sp
Razor Sword+81d20+11melee124alloy sword1kg800+d1000sp
Discsaw+512d12+2melee118power cell: 400 rounds2.3kg700+d1000sp
Chainsaw+1013d10+3melee226Fuel tank 2L/ 400 rounds8kg1100+d1000sp
Pistol Crossbow, relic+61/3d12+480m2-quarrels900g300+2d100sp
Compound Bow+7˝d20+5100m225arrows3kg700+d1000sp
Compound Crossbow+101/3d20+7120m227quarrels3.5kg800+d1000sp
Dart Gun+41d6+poison50m1-air propelled, 6 shots1.7kg900+d1000sp
Harpoon Gun+81d20+930m119spring loaded, 1 or 2 shots2kg940+d1000sp
Shotgun Pistol+151 or 23d1020m1162 shotgun shells2.6kg900+d1000sp
Pump Shotgun+2013d1030m2208 shotgun shells4kg1300+d1000sp
Assault Shotgun+2023d1030m22840 shotgun shell drum7kg2200+d1000sp
.22 Caliber Pistol+52d10100m1-.22 LR/ 18 shot magazine700g700+d1000sp
.22 Cal. Sporting Rifle+101d10180m2-.22 LR/ 10 shot magazine1.2kg1000+d1000sp
.22 Cal. Semi-Auto Rifle+52d10150m2-.22 LR/ 10, 30 or 50 shot mags2.3kg1200+d1000sp
Wrist Gun+51d2075m1-pistol ammo/ single shot400g700+d1000sp
Pocket Pistol+52d20120m1-pistol ammo/ 6 round clip600g900+d1000sp
Auto Pistol+122d20250m1-pistol ammo/ 20 round clip1.1kg1400+d1000sp
Sub-Machine Gun+105d20250m1-pistol ammo/ 50 rnd clip*3kg1700+d1000sp
Survival rifle+141d20800m2-10 round clip51.3kg1200+d1000sp
Assault rifle+123d20900m218rifle ammo/ 30 round clips5kg2000+d1000sp
Chain Gun+1010d20220m248rifle /drum 200/ belt fed13kg4000+2d1000sp
Heavy Machine Gun+155d20+10950m245HCR: drum 100/30 mag/belt fed10kg4000+2d1000sp
Sniper rifle+18/+601 or ˝d20+102km22320 round HC rifle ammo clip7kg2000+d1000sp
.50 Caliber Sniper Rifle+20/+701 or ˝3d20+203km236.50 cal/ 10 rnd magazines12kg6k+4d1000sp
.50 Caliber Machine Gun+1843d20+202.5km244.50 cal/ belt or 40 rnd mags18.5kg9k+5d1000sp
Rocket Launcher+10˝d100+20/2d204km2281 battle rocket6kg4000+3d1000sp
Grenade Launcher+10˝by Grenade100m22210 grenades in tube9kg3000+d1000sp
M364 Howitzer+30˝3d100/2d2047km3 crew1810 standard artillery shells1800kg11k+4d1000 sp
Flame Unit+20**12d20/ d1010m224canister/ 20 rounds**8kg2300+d1000sp
Stun stick+712d20 stunmelee1-mini cell / 40 rounds800g1300+d1000sp
Stun pistol+1512d20 stun200m1-power cell/ 40 shots1.9kg1500+d1000sp
Laser torch+812d10melee127power cell / 90 rounds8kg1300+d1000sp
Laser scalpel+51d8+2melee1-mini cell / 100 rounds250g850+d1000sp
Laser sword+1512d20+10melee1-power cell / 100 rounds1kg5000+3d1000sp
Mini Laser+131d8+10120m1-mini cell / 20 shots250g900+d1000sp
Wrist laser+101d10+10210m1-mini cell / 16 shots310g950+d1000sp
Laser pistol+161d20+10500m1-power cell / 30 shots1kg3000+d1000sp
Laser carbine+2512d20+102km2-power cell / 20 shots3.5kg5000+2d1000sp
Heavy laser carbine+3513d20+204km228power cell / 18 shots5kg10k+4d1000sp
Pulse Rifle+204d12800m2-power cell / 25 bursts3.2kg6000+2d1000sp
Heavy Pulse Rifle+254d201km226power cell / 20 bursts4.8kg10k+3d1000sp
Light Laser Cannon+301d10020km165power pack/ 50 shots***100kg12k+3d1000 sp
Medium Laser Cannon+4013d10053km1 crew-power pack/ 30 shots700kg20k+4d1000 sp
Laser Cannon, heavy+501d1000100km2 crew-power pack/ 10 shots1500kg40k+6d1000 s

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Armor,Helmets and Shields
Armor typeDVMovementWeightCostComments
None CellNilNilNaked or in regular clothing
Furs, Skins or Hides-3-0.25m1kgd8+4spFlammable, add +1 dmg per round of burning
Leather Jacket*-5-0.25m2kgd12+8sp 
Heavy leather-14-0.5m7kgd20+30sp 
Studded Leather-12-0.5m5kgd20+20sp 
Spiked leather-16-1m9kgd20+42spAnything to bite wearer takes d10 dmg
Lizard Scale-11-1m5kgd20+18sp 
Bark Armor-9-0.5m6kgd10=9sp 
Thorn Armor-11-0.5m3kgd12+12spAnything to bite wearer, takes d6 dmg
Bone Armor-14-0,75m10kgd20+18sp 
Bug Shell Armor-16-0.5m6kgd20+35sp 
Chainmail Vest *-7-0.25m8kgd20+30sp 
Part Plate-25-1.5m24kgd100+140sp 
Full Plate-35-2m26kg3d100+600sp 
Junk Armor-12-0.5m4kgd20+14sp 
Heavy Junk Armor-17-1.5m18kgd20+70sp 
Scrap Relic-20-0.75m3kg2d100+400sp 
Sports Padding-18-0.75m3kg200+2d100sp 
Reflective Suitspecialnil1kg600+d1000spDeflects 50% of all beams and rays
Ballistic Vest *-4 / -20 vs. bullets-0.25m1kg300+d1000sp 
Riot Armor-25-0.5m5kg400+d1000sp 
Bomb Squad-19 / -50 vs. explosions-3m32kg900+d1000sp1/2 DMG from explosions. fire, acid, sprays
Tactical Armor-30-0.75m7kg1500+d1000sp 
Combat Armor-35-1m13kg2k+d1000sp 
Heavy Combat-40-1.5m22kg4k+d1000sp 
Intruder Shell-30+2m225kg10k+2d1000spWhile operational has a 7pt force field per round
Interceptor Shell-40+3m240kg15k+2d1000spWhile operational has a 15pt force field per round
Attack Shell-55+1m340kg20k+3d1000spWhile operational has a 10pt force field per round
Wicker Shield-3nil1kgd4+2sp 
Leather Shield-4-0.25m1.5kgd6+4sp 
Standard Shield-5-0.25m3kgd10+4sp 
Spiked Shield-5-0.5m4kgd12+9spSpike can be used in melee as a dagger
Bladed Shield-7-0.5m5kgd20+21spCan be used as a shortsword
Tower Shield-10-0.75m6kgd20+18sp 
Junk Shield-6-0.5m6kgd12+7sp 
Riot Shield-8-0.5m2kg230+2d100sp 
Ballistic Shield-5 / -22 vs bullets-0.5m3kg300+d1000sp 
Leather Helmet-2nil500gd4+2sp 
Bone Helmet-4-0.25m2kgd8+4sp 
Junk Helmet-3-0.25m1.5kgd10+9sp 
Iron Cap-2nil700g12sp 
Iron Helmet-4-0.25m1.5kg18sp 
Full Helm-6-0.5m2kgd20+30spReduces visibility, -5 to missile strike values
Sports Helmet-3-0.25m400g100+d20sp 
Riot Helmet-4-0.25m1kg200+d100spFace shield and gas mask included
Army Helmet-5-0.25m2kg200+d100sp 
Tactical helmet-6-0.25m2.5kg300+2d100spCommunicator, flashlight, face shield
Combat Helmet-7-0.25m3kg500+2d100spCommunicator, flashlight, gasmask, face shield

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