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House Rules.

Posted by DawnflowerFor group 0
GM, 83 posts
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Fri 2 Jun 2017
at 18:39
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House Rules

This thread is to show any house rules being utilized.

This is a friendly game, so feedback is welcome concerning any such house rules, and subject to change after discussion.
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GM, 84 posts
Goddess of Redemption
Fri 2 Jun 2017
at 18:43
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House Rules - Shoddy Items

Shoddy items are treated as damaged or inherently damaged, and won't normally sell for full used prices.  I also reserve the right to require a check to find a buyer.

Generally they are usable without penalty as they are not considered broken yet, however, they will have fewer HP than typical.  In some cases they might be able to be fixed up, other cases, just poorly made and inherently inferior.  Shoddy items may also have the fragile property, although not all will necessarily.

You can sometimes sell shoddy or even broken items for the materials, but they normally sell for much less.

If using crafting rules, you can however often use such items as credit for paying for materials for similar items.  Generally, however, shoddy materials however cannot be used as the materials credited to craft masterwork items.

This is to provide some potential extra flavor to treasure that is found.
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