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Chraracter Creaton.

Posted by DawnflowerFor group 0
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Fri 20 Jan 2017
at 01:28
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Chraracter Creaton

Characters will be limited to being underneath the scope of the rulers of Gremaine.  Even if restricting artificially, I won't advance these characters to a level held by a primary character in the other game.

Level 1
   20 point buy
 Core Paizo races, and Featured Races 15RP or less
   (races from People of the Stars should be presumed excluded for now)
 Paizo Classes (Technology related archetypes would be excluded for now)
   (Alchemists and Gunslingers fine)
 Using the optional Background Skills
 Max for 1st level.
 Choose Average (round up) or Roll (and take the result-allow 1 reroll of a 1)
Starting Gold:
 Choose Average for class or Roll (and take the result)

 Kobolds will be allowed to pick a single free Kobold Racial Feat
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