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Quest Registrar.

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Thu 26 Jan 2017
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Quest Registrar

Primary and Formal Quests:

Deliver holy relic to the shrine of Erastil
 Hired by Jhod Kavken or another priest of Erastil to transport an item to the shrine nearby the newly built StagFall Castle.  They are to pick up an item, from Oleg whom has recieved it.   It is apparently a holy relec of Erastil, and they will be given directions to the temple of the Elk, where Jhod is attempting to rebuild as a shrine.  There will be some acolytes there to begin preparing the relic for something important that is supposidly to happen soon.

Deliver crate of a Dire Bee honeycomb to Bokken - COMPLETED
 Contacted by Doosen Mees, a gnomish alchemist, he needs someone willing to transport a good sized crate of Honeycomb from Dire Bees to the alchemist in the greenbelt near a trading post owned by a man named Oleg.

Informal Quests:
Earn Oleg's Respect
 [ ]
Make a Fey ally
 [ ]
Deliver live healthy wolf(s) to Cauhldren for the Marshall
 Notified there was apparently a call for healthy wolf specimines capable of being trained.  Specific reward not known at present.
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