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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room.

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King Ferdent
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Thu 23 Feb 2017
at 04:55
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

     King Ferdent was not surprised to be approached by the strangely reclusive Warden of the North, despite all the Dwarves did to claim a deep hatred for the overworld and it's inhabitants they never lacked in manners and gifts. The King was surprised, however, when the Dwarf offered him the symbolic leadership of his people. The King knew that to turn down such a gift would cause unwanted friction between the two rulers so he smiled openly and extended his hand to take the proffered stone. He examined it closely as he twirled it slowly between his fingers. He watched as the light refracted and seemed to dance within the stone and was momentarily awed by such a simple wonder. He never took the time to admire fine craftsmanship, let alone the remarkable wonders that the Earth so easily deposited at their feet.

     King Ferdent placed the stone into the center of his armor and closed his eyes for a moment before he lowered his hand. The gem was set into the armor now and acted as the center piece, the position of honor that demanded absolute and immediate attention. "I thank you, Lord Godsarmour and hope that your mines forever bring prosperity to you and yours for eons to come. You have humbled my family today with your generosity and hope that you find the festivities to your liking. The Council will convene after the celebration has ended so please, do stay and enjoy some of our finest brew. It will not rival the excellence of the Dwarves, but it will be well welcomed after such a long journey. You will tell me of your journey, I wish to hear of your lands again, your tales always bring back memories of my youth." The King's voice had a subtle burr that seemed almost a hum as he spoke, as if every word were uttered in a revert undertone. He spoke only what he knew to be true, one of the few traits that never wavered when it came to the King and he offered a small smile as he stood and extended a hand toward the small warden, as an equal, to be shaken and then embraced as kin.
Gregori Daratrazanoff
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Thu 23 Feb 2017
at 05:04
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

     Gregori had watched the little lord address his King with idle interest at best, though it was clear that his eyes ever wandered the hall. He missed nothing as he stood beside his King, his senses stretched out to encompass the room as a whole. He heard the whispered conversations, the quiet schemes to win favor, and even the ill intent of certain members. Yet he acted on none that did not endanger the Alliance or the Royal Family. He looked toward Devon Volagaurd as he stepped into the upper pavilion alongside his liege lord. It was clear that the nobles of the Lieges were treated with more respect than common knights and lords of the Kingdom of Nessia, yet there was obvious resentment caused by such favoritism. Gregori knew that the Alliance needed to stand unified and if elevating their positions sated wounded egos after the loss, than all were better for it.

     Gregori nodded toward the youngest Volagaurd, the barest acknowledgement that he offered to only those that the house Daratrazanoff recognized as utterly loyal to the cause. He did not speak, as it was not his station to interrupt his King, nor did he find it necessary to engage in needless conversation when his duty demanded his attention be leveled elsewhere. He made no intent to talk and instead refocused his eyes on the Admiral of the South as she made her approach on the Princess. His helmet actively followed her approach, an unnecessary movement yet it was more of a warning and a message. The Princess was the true Treasure of Nessia and by orders of his King she would always have Gregori at her side, even if he was not physically unable to stand beside her.
Princess Callia
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Thu 23 Feb 2017
at 05:28
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

     Princess Callia danced with the Duke of Hurdrid and laughed, the joyous sound seemed to echo across the cluttered hall. Those around her stopped and listened intently to the sound with soppy smiles and sputters of applause. When she noted the approach of the Admiral she stopped mid twirl and curtsied to the Duke, the simple gesture brought an abrupt end to the affair. The Duke, dismissed, turned back to his fellow nobles and discussions resumed on various affairs of state. Princess Callia smiled openly toward the Admiral and beckoned her closer with both hands stretched out in front of her in obvious demand for a hug. Princess Callia loved all of the Liege Lords, their unique differences and styles fascinated her since she was young. She hugged the admiral with earnest affection before she stepped back. "I know who you are Admiral Terand, you are the Dreaded Maiden of the Great Sea, and Admiral of the Alliance. I have always wanted to meet you in person just so we could talk about the sea. I have never sailed but have heard all of the ballads and beautiful poems that speak of its majesty." The Princess practically bounced in place, boundless energy seemed to seep from every inch of her body and she held on to Terand's hands almost painfully in her excitement at the mere mention of a present.

     Callia watched with wide, eager eyes as the beautiful pearl necklace was revealed and she gently reached down to run her fingers against the smooth, transparent pearl. She was in awe at the sheer splendor and by her reaction it would almost seem as if she were nothing more than a common girl looking at gold for the first time. She picked up the necklace and slid it around her neck before she clasped it firmly and reached a hand down to pinch one of the pearls between her fingers as she looked at the necklace that hung elegantly from her neck. She smiled, the most earnest joy written wholly across her face as she leapt forward for another quick embrace. "You truly are the most magnificent of adventurers, Lady Terand. Will you please stay the night and tell me tales of your adventures. I promise to not bother you ever again, please, please, please, please." Her sing-song voice fluctuated heavily as she pleaded with the Admiral. Strangely the pleading did not come off as whiny or bratty but instead as eager and simply anxious that the Admiral would find her lacking as a listener or a person. The nobles around the princess seemed disapproving of the emotional display which only added to the genuine nature of the little princess in question, who clung to Terand's legs like a vise.
Ruccus Gormund
Ratman Captain, 2 posts
Thu 23 Feb 2017
at 07:44
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

   Ruccus hurriedly entered the the throne room dressed as well as a ratman could and  bowed reverently at King Ferdent. Luckily Terand had instructed him to make himself presentable for a function of this importance. After settling the guards on Lady Terand’s Ship, Ruccus had made his way to the party leaving behind his treasured sword. Quickly spotting his Liege Lady, he ignored the obnoxious whispering voice of the gem in his head, and made his way to Lady Terand and Princess Callia. He instantly felt the piercing gaze of the Doombringer. Ruccus could remember that particular day very well, said Doombringer had turned the seawater into fire after all. Who the hell could do that? The little voice in the gem had told him she could’ve done that, but Ruccus continued ignored her bits of useless information as he always have.

   Keeping a respectful eye on Doombringer, Ruccus bowed deeply to his Lady Terand and Princess Callia. “Milady, your ship is secured and all is well,” he stated, his rough voice devoid of accent. He then addressed the young energetic Princess. “Milady, It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Lady Terand has told me much of your beauty,” Rising to his full height, he takes his place slightly to the left and behind of Terand. “Your smile brings much joy to this tired warrior.” he said amusingly. He then proceeds to watch over Terand, eyeing the the other nobles in the room, eyeing several arrogant nobles with his piercing amber eye. If push comes to shove, he will snap necks if any get too close.
Zera Rey
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Thu 23 Feb 2017
at 07:54
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

Zera Rey came in to the throne room, past the varying dukes and duchesses as well as the lesser principalities. She acknowledged these varying men, women, and in some cases children offering them respects as they offered her. As she was spoke to, it was a well known fact she preferred being called "Your Holiness" rather than the varying levels of Monarchical-Ranks. She was indeed "Holy", in both title and action. She traveled across the room, with smooth and precise movements to give the impression she was floating. By any of the lords watching her, they could see she was putting a good amount of distance between her and her knight. Abbicus was often over-protective, and didn't let her be spoken to very often seeing as he was her protectorate. He was accompanied by two of the Royal Legionnaires who were steely clad in their golden armor. As she further escaped the gaze of her knight, she saw King Ferdent the Wise, First King of the Alliance and Logs Godsarmour. She passed by King Ferdent offering her respects to him, as every Liege Lord did. They didn't exchange many words, but they both shared looks that were mutually understood.

Your Majesty, this is a wonderful expression for the Treasure of Nessia. Tonight shall be most excellent!

Her joyous nature was well felt, but all to short as she would pass by much like the other lords whom the King waves off. Zera didn't at all mind this, as she felt that the King had much more important matters and people to see before speaking to one of his longtime Liege Lords. Seeing as Logs Godsarmor, was offering his deepest forms of respect she decided to hold off engaging any true conversation. But she did offer a passing,

Good Evening, Logs Godsarmour, Warden of the North. May your tunnels and strength run deep for generations.

As Zera ventured forth she felt the icy glare of Gregori in the distance, knowing this feeling anywhere she followed his gaze to find the person she was looking for. The dearest Treasure of Nessia, Princess Callia. Seeing as she was being courted by the Duke of Hurdrid, she let the princess go for a mere moment. She approached the Kingdom Marshall, Gregori Daratrazanoff, knowing full well that Zera was here for a single reason. He knew she didn't venture far from the Great Plains, so seeing here in the heart of Nessia was a rare find indeed. Seeing her mingle was another oddity, but not something important enough to divert either of their attention away from the Princess. She approached him and spoke,

Good Evening, Gregori. It seems the watch is going well, please keep my knight away if it isn't too much trouble...

She smiled and scurried away, floating again towards the princess with a bit of speed. Excited to see her again after having not seen her in several cycles of the moon, the expression apparent on her face. She came closer, but before she was able to say anything and bring Callia her gift she was cut off by the Admiral. A tad bit down trodden, she passed through with few words. But she would be on the ready when Callia was, approaching first the young maiden.

My Dearest Princess, Callia, Princess of Nessia Happy Birthday! I hope that the party is to your liking. Here is your gift, hold on to it till I return. I am sure the Admiral is reguiling you in her tales of true adventurism. Good Evening...

She nodded her head, turning towards the Admiral. Her look towards her was stern, but not at all without all the respect owed to the liege lord. Zera's dissatisfaction with the situation was plain as day, but she rid herself of that look and bore a happy smile yet again.

Good Evening, Terand Dreldini, Admiral of the South. May the seas be still beneath your command and sail. Take care of the Princess...

Retiring further to the back of the room, Zera decided to refresh herself with a glass of the fine drinks supplied by the Eastern Vineyards. One of the young servant girls passed by her, bowing as she did, and poured more crystal glasses with these wines. In tow, Crown Prince Verelor with the eyes of those who stalk prey beaming. Recognizing this Zera spoke up,

Good Evening, your Eminence. This is quite a fine evening, how have you been enjoying the libations? They must be fantastic if you sallied all the way here to retrieve more...

She smiled brightly, holding up the wine bottle to fill the empty glass in his hands. The scullery maid slinking away back in to the party unseen again...
Terand Dreldini
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Thu 23 Feb 2017
at 08:12
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

Visibly unpepared for the princess's second hug Dreldini had to brace herself on the child to continue to stay upright. Chuckling lightly she smiled as she spoke."Madame princess please, I think you are preventing the blood from reaching my legs. While I appreciate your gesture of respect and hospitality It is quickly reminding me of a Virlundi death grip." Dreldini spoke as she gently eased the princess back in-front of her. Noticing the incredibly clear message of Gregori she made sure it was explicitly clear that her movements could not possibly be determined as hostile before returning her attention back to the princess. "Unfortunately matters at home prevent me from staying as much as I would love to accompany you. After your party is finished I will have to return and engage in endless talks about all manner of trivial matters. Various lords attempting to gain favor, reports on my realm, and the endless droning on and on of my decrepit court magician. It may not be the most exciting but it is impor-."

Pausing as an idea popped into her head and obtaining a most mischievous grin Dreldini spoke in a slightly more dramatic tone in response. "What ever am I saying, I cannot possibly refuse your request. I may be a liege-lord but you are the daughter of the King himself! It will not do, especially at your own day of birth party. I would be honored to stay if your family would have me." Bowing her head in respect she let out large smile as it felt as if a large weight had been taken off her back. "I cannot remember the last time I was able to legitimately rest on one of these trips. Political responsibility have largely taken center stage. I would very much enjoy regaling you with some of my more exciting adventures."

Turning her head to face her most loyal of friends Dreldini answered happily. "Ah Ruccus! It is good to see you. Princess Callia, this is Ruccus Gormund one of my closest companions. He is one of my greatest champions and has saved my life an innumerable number of times. I trust the journey to the palace proved to be not much trouble." Dreldini asked with a concerned tone knowing that the appearance of his race were not always readily accepted and even sometimes met with violence.

Facing Zera Rey with a look of equal respect Dreldini nodded before responding. "Always a pleasure your Holiness, we absolutely must talk more in the future. I do not think I've had the pleasure of learning more about you. I think I would enjoy having that conversation, you just have that particular look of interesting company." She spoke and bowed again as she returned her attention back to the princess.
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Logs Godsarmour
Dwarven Lord, 2 posts
Sat 25 Feb 2017
at 20:17
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

  As Logs listened to the words that were spoken from his ruler. His eyes lit up when he complimented the Dwarven Ale, one of the most treasured items that a Dwarf could own, let alone respect. As he continued to listen to the wonderful speech that came from his lips, Logs was very grateful for the kind words that were spoken. The tone rang inside his head as angelic and the complements were too much for the tiny man. But let alone, he embraced them and accepted the compliments with open arms and returned the favor. "thank you my king!" He said with an assertive tone. "The Dwarven people are forever in your debt for what you have done for us. We would still be fighting one another over control of the mines. But you and the Royal legion led by Gregori Daratrazanoff." He gulped in fear when he mentioned his name and did not dare look at his face. "Have spared us much death and suffering in the mines. And for that we thank you. Long Live the King!"

  As Zera Rey had spoken her words of truth about the Dwarven mines. Logs Responded for a brief moment. "Thank you for your kind words Zera Rey, Sunlight of the East. And may your fields blossom with the light that shines brightly from your heart. Leaving a beautiful sight for all to enjoy." Logs didn't know much about the other lords, but this one seemed different from the others. Her speech, the way she carried herself. She seemed like a true hearted leader, one that cares deeply for her people. A mistake that Logs had made when he challenged the Royal Legion. He brought suffering to his people, and loss of life. But she seemed to bring good fortune and fruitful blessings to those who would listen to her.

  As King Ferdent finished his speech, Logs had bowed once more and awaited to be dismissed from his royalness. Once dismissed, he turned around and spotted the wretched Elves. The bastard creatures of the ocean that lurked in the same building as a Dwarf. He raised his eyebrow at the ugly beast but he knew he couldn't just outright start an argument; not in a room like this, but it's not like it mattered, he had to except for what they were; Allies. Let alone those thoughts were hard to swallow. A Dwarf working alongside an Elf, two different breeds of creatures. One that lives on the water, while the other lives high in the mountains tops. What they have done to my people will never be forgotten, it has already been written down in our history. A Dwarf never forgets!
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Devon Volagaurd
Human Knight, 3 posts
Sat 25 Feb 2017
at 23:32
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

Devon Nodded back in respect to Daratrazanoff, silently watching as the king and logs talked. Devon thinking quietly on what to do in the party. After all this kind will only happen once. And such events he enjoyed attending. He stood intently waiting. Finally when his lord was done with the usual song and dance of royals and walked off. Devon gave a finally bow in respect turned and followed. keeping eyes out for any intriguing characters as he followed logs.

Devon Stayed silent as logs and Zara drawled on. Devon took the time to nod in respect of Zera and company.And bowing to the prince in respect. Staying silent until introduced or otherwise spoken to. Adjusting his color with his bracers as he listened to the next set of lordly Drool on about everything under the sun. But keeping his thoughts to his head, He eyes around the room for any new arrivals.
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Princess Callia
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Sun 26 Feb 2017
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

     Princess Callia was intimidated by the looming ratman for a moment but as soon as Ruccus began to speak Callia's eyes widened perceptibly and she clasped her hands together in front of her. "Lady Dreldini I am no longer surprised you do not come to court often when you have such wondrous company. Are they many like you, Sir Ruccus, brave warriors of the sea that serve the Dreaded Maiden?" The Princess was almost fixated on the strange creature before her as, due to her sheltered life, she had never seen much else but the main races of the Alliance.

     Callia saw Zera's approach and she smiled genuinely toward her one true friend. She was about to respond in thanks for the present before she noted the Zera turned her attention toward the Admiral. She really wished to speak with Zera yet she knew that the woman often disliked the company of others and she offered an apologetic look before she tucked her present against her chest with a warm smile and turned back toward the Admiral. She was surprised for a moment when she realized that the Admiral could not stay due to work and she looked down sheepishly when her status was used as the real reason for staying. "You... don't need to stay Lady Admiral, I understand that your business ensures the prosperity of the Alliance and I would be remiss in distracting you from it. Perhaps another time if tonight won't do." Callia guarded her emotions for a moment before her smile returned in full force and she looked toward the present she was offered.

     Callia was excited to open her present as to be true not many were allowed to deliver their presents so openly. All of her other presents were left in her room to be opened later, away from the festivities. She didn't like the emotionless way it was handled, she enjoyed receiving the gifts personally but she understood the precaution. Gregori and Father wanted what was best for her after all. Only Liege Lords were given such leniency and even then she could feel Gregori's gaze on her. She wouldn't be holding the present if it posed her any threat, Gregori always knew.
Crown Prince Verelor
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Sun 26 Feb 2017
at 00:47
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

     The Crown Prince stalked his intended target with ill concealed intent as his usual confident smirk was worn easily. When he was addressed by Zera Rey, Sunshine of the East, his smirk quickly became warm and friendly as he turned his whole body toward the Liege Lady. His demeanor changed almost immediately and he bowed slightly in return, "I am barely worthy of your gracious attention, Your Holiness, and only came to see that you were comfortable in such a strange place. It is rare to see the Gem of the East travel so far from her sanctuary and it makes one wonder if perhaps there is something or someone that strikes your fancy." Verelor spoke with honeyed words and gestured easily with his hands as he spoke. He was an expert when it came to politics that flowed throughout the court yet it did not sway the steady eyes of the Liege Lady.

     The Crown Prince noted the obvious distance between the Lady and her Knight and offered a smug smile, "Do you perhaps require assistance with your Knight? Perhaps I could leverage some time for a favor in return, if you are interested. I know many ways to avoid an unwanted tail, especially for one as radiant as yourself that needs no shackles but only open air to flourish." The Crown Prince gestured with his hand toward the Knight that trudged through the crowd with another smug smile. He was content in his position of power and did not much care to throw his weight around. What purpose was power if it was not used?
King Ferdent
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Sun 26 Feb 2017
at 00:57
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

     King Ferdent smiled as Logs made his flattery known and rested a hand upon his shoulder in thanks before he gestured out toward the party, "You have no need to thank me, Warden, go and feast. Enjoy the festivities and be merry. Business will be conducted at a later time. Go and give your gifts to my children, I will have the guards allow the weapon in. I am sure Verelor will marvel at the fine craftsmanship." King Ferdent raised a hand and looked toward the entrance, a good enough signal for the Royal Legion to understand his intent and he knew that the gift for the prince would be carried alongside Logs until a time that he deemed to give it to the Crown Prince. He sat back down into his throne as a dismissal and nodded to each and every person in turn that came to greet him.

     King Ferdent was used to the passing well wishes and oaths. He was comforted to see the interactions between his family and the Lieges of the various realms that were subjugated. He had hated the methods he had been forced to use to secure their tiny section of the world but he knew that drastic times called for drastic measures. He was concerned, if only a little, by the presence of the Ratman. He had seen how they fought when he had confronted the Admiral for the first time and knew that those barbaric creatures were capable of great feats of strength. It was good that they were kept on such short leashes by their Elven counterparts, because such actions would never be accepted in the new Alliance, openly.

     King Ferdent noticed the whispered request to Gregori and smiled conspiratorially before he lifted his hand to call Gregori over. When Gregori knelt beside his King, Ferdent leaned forward and spoke into his ear. "Bring me Sir Akhet." He made the request simple and placed a hand on Gregori's pauldron as he leaned back into the comfort of his throne. Her Holiness had been a kind friend to Princess Callia and he knew that given any opportunity he would pay that kindness forward. Loyalty and kindness would always be treasured and well rewarded as long as he sat upon the throne.
Gregori Daratrazanoff
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Sun 26 Feb 2017
at 01:06
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

     Gregori had made no movements as he was approached, barely acknowledging those that came before him as he focused his attention across the room. He knew that none expected responses and so he did not bother himself with the simple thoughts of what was rude and what wasn't. He couldn't care for his image. He was nothing but an ideal made reality and his every action was focused on his duty. However, when Her Holiness approached Gregori lifted his glare from the Admiral for a few moments to turn his helmet down to look down upon her. There was no malice in the gesture and he reclined himself down onto one knee to hear her request, though his only response was to stand and resume his position as soon as it became clear she was done.

     Gregori listened to the King as he paid the Dwarf his just dues in compliments and was surprised when he noted the King wished a word. Gregori stepped forward and slammed his halberd into the polished stone with a resounding thud before he knelt before his King. He listened as the King leaned forward and immediately stood when the order was given. He turned about in on quick motion before he moved toward the Knight in question, his halberd held menacingly in front of him as the crowd parted in his wake. There was a silence that descended on the upper pavilion as Gregori approached Abbicus Akhet. He stopped just in front of the Knight before he reached Her Holiness and held one hand out toward Abbicus while the other pointed his halberd toward the dais. "King Ferdent the Wise, First King of the Alliance, requires your presence. I would advise you come with me, willingly. I do not care much for scenes." The words seemed to rumble from beneath the full plate helmet and echoed in the near deafening silence. He was not one for pretty words or abstract thought, and it became apparent as he stood there resolutely between the Knight and Her Holiness.
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Zera Rey
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Mon 27 Feb 2017
at 10:08
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

The Prince's words dripped from him smoothly, as if one were to gingerly open and close a tap of ale. Many must have been drunk off of his words, but none seemed to notice the tinge in what he says. Leverage, and Favor were words that often fell to the detriment of those who associated with them. But, if said kindly enough it could make anyone change their initial pace. She took a shallow breath, and spoke out:

Prince Verelor, I woul...

She paused mid sentence, seeing her knight being escorted to the King's audience. A wicked grin was on his face from ear to ear, and as she witnessed the Marshall walking back down the steps she realized that the small request she didn't think much of had been carried. A token of her loyalty to the alliance, and a token she believed to be well spent. At the same time, the Princess had seemed to free herself from the company of the Admiral which meant she and Zera could speak yet again. She bowed her head to the prince, as she began yet again.

My Prince, it would seem as if my knight has already been....taken care of. And is under the care of the Marshall as we speak at this very moment. Under normal circumstances, I would have been more than happy to continue these...deliberations. However, it seems as if the Princess is without anyone at the moment. It would be quite rude of I as a guest to leave her unattended in such a state. I must beg your pardon, but I do look forward to talking with you soon. Until we meet again, Crowned Prince Verelor, Heir of the Throne of the Alliance.

Zera said with a wink, bowing her head as she backed away. She purposefully misspoke his title, calling him the Crowned Prince versus Crown Prince. To tickle him in the same fashion, making his title more of an event of eventuality than a title of respect. She smiled brightly towards both the king and his marshall, knowing full well they could see her. She floated to the princess and embraced her deeply, one of her dearest friends. She lowered her stature to be face to face with the princess,

My Dear...I missed you since our last visit. I brought you a special gift, unlike any you have ever received.

The small box floated up from the Princess's grip, and it fell back in Zera's own hands. It was a small, and veritably austere in all fashions. But when it opened up, it contained a gem. As red as the sunset, and as clear as the skies without a single cloud to tarnish it. It floated up to Zera's hands, and she waved her hand over the Princess's own favored head piece. Recognizing there were no magical wards on this piece she asked the princess;

May I see your head piece?

Knowing full well the princess would surrender it to Zera, she would pop out the pearl and insert the Gem. She helped her put it back on, a smile radiating from Zera throughout the entire process.

If you ever need to talk, all you need to do is want to talk and say something to me. I will hear you, and you will be able to hear me. Anytime of everyday, and everywhere. We could talk of the beautiful sunrises, of the wondrous breeze from the winds. It'll be so fun!

She leaned in to her ear and whispered whimsically,

This is a very special gem. All you need to do is think of me, and I will come to you. Across stormy plains, rough tides, and even in the dead of night. And if you need someone to talk to, or to sit with you throughout the night I will be there. Always.
Terand Dreldini
Elven Lord, 3 posts
Tue 28 Feb 2017
at 05:52
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

Dreldini seemed visibly taken aback at the princesses response as her eyes blinked noticably before refocusing. With a confused look she paused momentarily before speaking. "I do not understand. First you ask for me to stay and when I agree you now are wanting me to go? I..." Her eyes widened in recognition and a warm smile fell upon her face as she continued. "Ah I see now. I fear there may have been a bit of a cultural mishap, oh the joys of meeting other races. You see, Virlundi elves have the tendency to, well I guess the right term would be speak our minds. We don't often mean anything by it and you could think of it as a custom ingrained from our pirating days. When you're out on the waves worrying about how you say something takes a back seat to the captain needing to know exactly what you are doing and why. Even after being recognized as Admiral of the South I still have a hard time remembering all the customs and right ways to speak so as to not offend. The pirate life was certainly easier in that aspect though not necessarily better."

Wondering if she had explained her actions thoroughly enough Dreldini continued speaking to make sure she drove the point home. "Trust me princess, do you really think I could not take a few days off if I wanted to? I have competent advisers and as much as they annoy me they do their jobs well. I can travel to nearly anywhere I want but good company is surprisingly hard to come by. Ruccus is the one of the few that can consistently be a joy to talk to but his appearance tends to make people uneasy. So while I may be very, very comfortable sleeping in the royal palace away from my duties what good would it do if I couldn't talk with someone like you. A fancier bed I suppose but I think I'd grow bored very quick since I've yet to find a place where its luster and awe kept me captivated for more than a few hours." Smiling brightly Dreldini looked over to see Zera Rey making her way to them before returning her attention back to Princess Callia.

"However I think I have kept you for too long as I'm noticing others haven't had the chance to hold a conversation with you. It has been a pleasure and I shall be around the room if you wish to talk more." Respectfully bowing Dreldini exited the conversation and promptly found a way to obtain a glass of wine.

Taking a sip from the glass she lazily gazed around the room before her eyes landed on the Prince. Looking around a few more times Dreldini sighed before making her way over and bowing. "Prince Verelor, always a pleasure. I trust you've been enjoying yourself thus far? You certainly must be excited for the weapons that Godsarmour has gifted to you, no? He makes quite the claims but with the dwarves it is entirely possible to be true, most of the time anyway. Every race has their boasters and story makers but with the dwarven people it is most definitely harder to tell."
Logs Godsarmour
Dwarven Lord, 6 posts
Tue 28 Feb 2017
at 21:17
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

  As Logs felt his Royalness place his hand on his shoulder, great joy filled his tiny man heart. He was overcome with gratitude from the king and bowed again in respect for the titles he held highly. As the king finished his simple but powerful speech, he felt wondrous when the king allowed him to eat the food of his people. Dwarven food did not have the reputation like the other races, but it was rumored the best foods were from the kingdom itself. Pork, Beef, Lamb chops, chicken and duck. The whole nine yards was to be devoured by the tiny man. Whatever he could fit in his belly until it wanted to explode.

  As he set his eyes on the table filled with wondrous foods, foods he could of never thought were possible. Logs had remembered he still had gifts to give, and noticed that the prince and princess were still occupied. Making his way over to Gregori he spoke to him. "Hello Gregori Daratrazanoff." Logs looked up in an attempt to see his face. "You're a true warrior yes you are." Logs pointed his little hand at him before dropping it to his side again. "You serve your house well and to your fullest extent, you bring power and peace and bind them as one. Where one has trouble, you're there. And you have the men to prove it, soldiers who have ventured to the outside, men you are very proud of. I wish I could say the same for us Dwarves but I'd be lying if I did. I have much respect for the mission you had done, my Dwarves from the sounds like, wouldn't last a day outside. But you managed to achieve the impossible, how did you do it? Was it comradery, was it your leadership, or you men's will to fight the good fight"

Logs wanted to know, especially seeing that he was he was so close to the wall, no he was the wall. His mines digging the wrong way would cause a problem for his people, if there were other beings that lived in the mountains that the Dwarven kingdom still didn't know about would certainly raise an alarm. he wanted to get his bases covered, but this wouldn't of been the write time to mention it. But still his curiosity wondered how they managed to survive, what he could use to protect his people, the knowledge he could gain just from a few words spoken from this true leader.
Rexar Bjorn
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Rexar & Sasha
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

A Deep breath in... Rexar's eyes close, and for a moment takes in all of the senses around him. He hears the laughter and noises radiating of the party before him. The smell of Fresh bread, slow cooked meat, and wine fill the air. He can taste the salt and fear of some of the guards who flank him, that have never seen a half giant before. He can feel that heat from Sasha's coat, which at this point, is the only thing that comforts him.

A Deep breath out... his eyes open. Rexar peers down to Sasha, and the two lock eyes for a moment. Sasha nods, fully understanding the emotions that Rexar is feeling, and reassures him that he is OK. The wilds have taken it's toll.

The doors swing open.

The lower levels of the party go quiet. Rexar and Sasha, flanked by 8 guards walk through the wake of endless people on the lower floors. Its as if the tides pressed against an unmovable stone, as people part down the middle leaving a open pathway for the moving company. Sasha can sense the uneasiness in the room as whispers fill the void of silence. Sasha then feels Rexars uncertainty and presses tightly against his thigh, allow for his left hand to touch her snow white coat, as if to comfort him once more. Both are adorned with their armor, of which is riddled with battle scars and various markings. You can tell however, that both have made an effort to clean up the best they could before arriving that day. For they both new the important's of first impressions.

As they approach the end of the hall, a guard motions towards the door. One final deep breath, Rexar opens the door, and steps through.

Rexar and Sasha tower over all of the guests in the room. Rexar himself standing at 8'0", and Sasha halfing his size, stands out clearly among the crowd.... An outcast once again. Frozen he stands in place, not knowing what to do, for this is a beast that he has never encountered before... and that beast is nobility. His grip tightens, and the Fresh battle wound on his face begins to burn. The pain in shallow at first but begins to drive deeper as if the "Razor Back" slashed him once more. Sasha, uneasy herself, presses ever closer to Rexar's leg.

Rexar slowly drops his hand into the snout of Sasha, and in a low, deep, grovled voice, Rexar says.

"Easy Sasha... Easy girl"

Sasha relaxes a little, and the two stand there unsure of thier next move.
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Laundsallyn Diablo Artorian
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

Laundsallyn walks into the Palace Throne Room, taking the time to talk, even to the lesser lords. Though from snippets of conversation that the other main lords may hear, Laundsallyn was usually refereed to as "The Philosopher" than lord or by his name.

After a moment, Laundsallyn makes his way up the stairs to the upper area. When Laundsallyn spots Zera Rey and the Princess he made his way over to them. The reason why he went to them first, was simply because it was the Princess's Birthday, and that it would be more kind that you'd see the person of honor first. After Zera had given her gift, and after the Princess had given her response to Zera, Laundsallyn would approach and speak up to the Princess with a bow

"Princess Callia, I wish you the happiest of birthdays, and I hope that you are enjoying your party as well."

Laundsallyn, as everyone else had, gave Princess Callia a gift. Though unlike the others, it was no gem or crown. Though it was a leather bound book, with a beautiful shine to it, and accompanying pen(quill?). Laundsallyn continues in a humble tone

"I also have a gift for you, while it pales in comparison to the other grand gifts, since it's neither a gem nor accessory, but I pray that you'll enjoy my gift. It's a small journal to keep on your person, so that you can write down whatever you wish, be it personal thoughts or otherwise. It may even help in the hardest of times as well. Though it's ultimately up to you what you wish to do with it. Though I shan't keep your attention for too long. Please enjoy the rest of your evening Princess Callia."

Laundsallyn gives another bow towards Princess Callia before turning to Zera Rey, and giving her a curled smile and giving her a bow as well before speaking to her as well

"Good Evening Your Holiness, Sunlight of the East. I hope you find the party well?"

Laundsallyn give her a bow of goodbye since Laundsallyn saw that they were already in the middle of something and to impose anymore than he already had would be rude. Laundsallyn made his rounds, first going to the King, Gregori, and Logs Godsarmour. Giving each respective authority figure a boy, Laundsallyn speaks

"Your Majesty, I thank you for inviting me to such an event. It is quite a beautiful and wondrous event. I look forward to how the rest of the festivities unfold."

"Kingdom Marshall, it is wondrous to see you. Things have been well, I can assume?"

"Logs Godsarmour, correct? It is wonderful to finally see and speak with the Warden of the North. I drink to your good health, and I hope we can become friends in the future."

Laundsallyn would give all of them a bow of respect and would leave them to speak with what they wish to speak about. The only people left, were the Admiral of the South and the Crown Prince. After approaching them, Laundsallyn waited for a break in their talks with eachother before speaking with them both, first speaking with the Admiral, with a deep head bow.

"Terand Dreldini, Admiral of the South, yes? It is wondrous that I have the chance to meet such an amazing seafarer such as you."

Laundsallyn than turned to Crown Prince Verelor, and gave a small smile and a deep bow of his head, as he spoke to him as well.

"Crown Prince Verelor, good evening your eminence, it is great to see you once more. I hope you are enjoying the festivities tonight, for many opportunities can arise in events such as these. Though I'll remove myself from here so that you may continue your conversation. May you have a great rest of the evening your eminence."

Laundsallyn gives a deep bow once more to Prince Verelor and one to Dreldini. With that, Laundsallyn ventured back into the crowed, taking note and enjoying the party himself. If anyone wished to talk with him, he would be somewhere in the middle of the party, speaking with one person or another.
Princess Callia
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

     Princess Callia stepped suddenly away at the sudden exuberance displayed by the Admiral but offered a reassuring smile as a regal mask slid into place as she nodded at the statement and bowed, "I look forward to your extended stay, Lady Admiral, I am quite excited to hear of your adventures." The Princess curtsied deeply as the admiral departed and turned back toward her dearest friend with a heartwarming smile, the facade dropped once more as she greeted her long time companion and confidant. She had handed over her tiara quickly, the curiosity and excitement apparent in her posture as she tried to lean closer to see what was being done. She had not expected the box to float away from her and to reveal such a beautiful gem but she watched with ill concealed excitement.

     Callia allowed the tiara to be settled perfectly in place as she listened and her wonder and curiosity slowly turned into a beaming joy that caused her to throw her arms around Zera as she practically bounced in place. "You are truly the best, Zera, I do not deserve your friendship! I-Is it truly possible to talk to you whenever I want? I get so lonely often in the palace and I-I don't want to disturb you. I promise I won't use it unless its an emergency." The words were spoken in a rush, the tone was happy and quick paced but faltered near the middle as she realized that she sounded too enthusiastic and didn't want to look bad in front of the other lords that seemed to hover over her like vultures. Her smile beamed and her happiness showed in her eyes, yet she seemed to school her features as she pulled back from the hug and curtsied, "You honor me with your consideration and generosity, Sunshine of the East, I am humbled by such a gift. Please enjoy the party." It was clear that Callia did not want to end the conversation but the nearby Lords seemed intent on stealing her for their own gains as a visible line could be seen politely forming a short distance away.
Crown Prince Verelor
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

     Prince Verelor talked with a few lesser nobles that seemed to flock around him like bees to honey. He seemed to thrive in their attention and clearly had them eating out of the palm of his hand yet when he noticed the esteemed admiral approach he dismissed them all easily with a simple nod before he walked straight toward the admiral and threw his arm over her shoulder, "A great honor you bestow upon us by joining us to celebrate my sister's coming of age party. But tell me more of this weapon I am to be given, I hear that dwarven craftsmanship is renowned across the land and highly sought after. Something I hear your people may have... intimate knowledge of? Is it not true that you stole their ship right from their greedy little paws?" The Prince spoke with conviction and with a dangerous gleam in his eyes as he steered the Admiral away from prying eyes and ears and stopped near the shadow of a large pillar, before he nodded at his current tutor. The Lord of the West had proved a valuable asset and ally, the Prince would make sure he was well entertained as soon as the Admiral bored him.

     It was obvious that the Prince was well informed and leaned forward with a slight smirk, "I would be most interested in a tour of such a vessel, perhaps we can come to some sort of... understanding? Call it a favor to be repaid in something of equal value, perhaps? I would even think my dear sister would enjoy the tour, she is so easily fascinated by the outside world. It would undoubtedly make you her new favorite over the 'Sunshine' of the East." He spoke in a hushed whisper as he made the offer, though it was clear that if he was denied he would continue on as if nothing had occured. It would appear that he truly sought all things interesting, a search for knowledge and understanding that seemed to center his life.
Gregori Daratrazanoff
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

     Once Gregori escorted the knight to his King and they exchanged brief words, he gestured for the Royal Legion that accompanied him to escort him to the armory where the King required his immediate expertise in distinguishing good quality steel. He allowed himself a quick smirk under his helmet before he resumed his position near the King just as Godsarmour approached and made his questions known. He ignored the dwarf for a few moments as he allowed the questions to float around his mind for a moment. He simply grunted and knelt down in front of the dwarf to make them eye level as he stared straight into the tiny man's eyes. "I fought for what I deemed worthy, as is the purpose of every warrior of the House Daratrazanoff. King Ferdent is the only one worthy of my sacrifice and the sacrifices of my men. We gave our all to show that the world outside can be tamed, but at a cost. Nothing is insurmountable, it is a message that needed to be made in blood and steel. Through our conviction and dedication we rose above the death that surrounded us. Those who were weak or suffered mistake, met their end and it is in their honor that we survived." Gregori's voice was kept low and seemed to hum in the air surrounding the dwarf as if it carried no further than his ear.

     He stood, a clear dismissal before his head began to scan the room. He noted the arrival of the well known monster hunter that kept the company of a large bear and the outer wall. He gave a brief nod in greeting before he turned to his King, who he knew would take great interest in the large man and prepared himself for the encounter. Gregori then focused his attention on the Princess as she enveloped the Lady of the East and Gregori huffed in exasperation. Clear favoritism would only alienate her friend further, he was glad that it was showed to the Lady of the East, who cared less for the thoughts of lesser beings.
King Ferdent
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

     King Ferdent sat atop his throne with the same regal air that he seemed to carry with him. He nodded to all that gave him greeting and noted in particularly the fur clad warrior that entered his hall with a.... bear? The King's eyebrows rose momentarily at the sudden entrance but he simply smiled with an ironic twist. He raised a hand as he made eye contact with the monster hunter and gestured for him to approach. He knew that a command from the King would not be ignored and simply lowered his hand and waited for the man, if you could call such a hulking being something so tame, to approach. The guards would allow his entrance to the upper pavilion and the bear would make the crowd part rather quickly compared to even Gregori. King Ferdent turned toward Gregori and offered up a slight jest, "Gregori, you did not tell me that your family can trace their lineage to the great bears of the north. My, it even has your demeanor. Look at how it glowers, my eyes betray my age, I almost mistook it for you."

     King Ferdent enjoyed his position more so than he could care to admit. He carefully schooled his features once more before he turned his attention to the gathered nobles as he awaited the arrival of the hunter. He noted his son's and daughter's choice of company and couldn't help the subtle similarities the two pairs shared and allowed himself a moment of ironic consideration before he mentally shrugged off the affair and returned his attention to the lesser baron that bowed before him.
Rexar Bjorn
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Rexar & Sasha
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

Rexar sans the room looking for the one true friend he knows here, Logs. However, as he scans the room he locks eyes with Gregori Daratrazanoff. Rexar knows the dangers beyond, so the respect for Gregori grew as his time lengthen in those unforgiving lands. Many hunts lead Rexar into unforgiving places, some of which had the remains of Gregories fallen men. Rexar nods in respect, and his eyes move to that of the kings. Kings sees the king calling for him, and curious he obliges.

Rexar kneels to Sasha, who is pressing against him. He says in a low, soft voice stroking the top of her head, “Easy Sasha, let’s go see what the King wants, and talk with Gregori”. Sasha looks into Rexar’s eyes and with one reassuring look, Sasha relaxes. Rexar stands and continues to talks solfly, “Sasha, this is a new type of environment, the trees are made of gold and stone, and the floors are made of smooth marble rock lined with fine cloth. This is new to us, so stay on your toes, and stay by my side”. Sasha nods and lets out a louds sigh. Rexar cracks a smile, which sends a dull pain through the fresh wound on his face, and lets out a low, then high whistle. Hearing the whistle, Sasha closes her eyes and reopen them with a force. Her eyes start to glow blue, and starts to identify each creature in the room. (Sasha is a Northern Great Bear, and of which makes her an extremely precise tracker and fierce fighter. Great bears have strong noses that can track different scents for miles)

Guiding Sasha, the two approach the king. It took them some time because of their size, but they made it none the less. When they approached Rexar put his fist on his chest and noded towards the king. Rexar and Sasha stand before the two, and await the king’s response.
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Logs Godsarmour
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

 As Gregoris words fell upon the Dwarfs ears, it was almost as if old Logs had frozen up and with the unexpected dismissal, he felt as if he was wasting his time. But Logs new what his responsibilities were and had no intention to interfere in his works. Giving a slight bow towards Gregori he took a step back and addressed the great Philosopher of the West. Nodding in agreement to his kind words, Logs responding according. "And may your tree bear fruit Philosopher of the West." Giving a bow to the Philosopher, he stepped and looked over to his nephew Rexar Bjorn. A smile was brought forth upon the Dwarf and a chilling warmth that rose in his chest. He was proud of his nephew and stunned when the king summoned him. As Logs pondered on what skills his nephew had, he knew he had to reward the boy for speaking with the king, and a reward he would surely get. As Rexar had walked by, Logs placed his right fist behind his back and gave him a thumbs up before marching over to the prince.

 As Logs approached the prince, he bowed politely and waited to be spoken too. He had no coils with the prince and Logs wouldn't interfere in a conversation as important as the one in front of him, whatever they were speaking of. But as his eyes fell upon the elven woman, he imagined his eyebrows raising revealing his eyes that cried for vengeance. Logs had a hard time believing that he could forgive such a vile creature but there wasn't much he could do. He now loyal to the king and the king wouldn't approve of Logs actions if he were take any against the Elves and out respect he will not do anything unless provoked.
Terand Dreldini
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room

Dreldini followed the prince and carefully began to wiggle away from his arm before facing him to speak."It is true what you have heard about on both subjects. Their weapons are well made but any person with a brain could easily see that. However, it seems that most of the weapons they have from what I can tell are... brash and ugly instruments. Hammers and picks and the like. Even their swords have a certain air of, "bash the enemy over the head with it" in them." Dreldini paused to shrug before continuing. "It's much more of a personal taste though, Virlundi marines have the same outlook on warfare and arm themselves similarly enough. I tend to view sword-fighting as more of an art-form and one that I think is lost on most warriors." Dreldini smiles and speaks her next sentences with great gusto and legitimate interest in an almost religious way. "It should be a display, like a play with three acts. In the first act the challengers must be equally matched and begin by judging and figuring out each others abilities." Dreldini begins to walk around the prince in a circle, squinting her eyes at him. "After that the true fight begin with each warrior reacting and pressing their advantages on the other." She starts to step backwards quickly before closing in to the original distance. "And finally, one eventually overwhelms the other in a brilliant flurry of attacks before killing them with the respect that they deserve." The Admiral finishes with a nod and regains her original stance.

"And for this kind of display you must have equally elegant weapons. Not those that break bone or maim wildly but instead gracefully cut and surgically attack. I've seen enough of regular fighting on ships when I was younger and it disgusts me. It is a crude event that brings no honor. There is no valiant display of skill or strength. There is rarely a true one on one fight and by then both combatants are tired or wounded and cannot perform to the best of their abilities. You simply kill an enemy and move on, without any respect or thought as to who's life you ended. Fighters deserve better. I have yet to see a dwarven weapon created for the task I have described but that does not surprise me. I doubt many people in general share my views, the dwarves even more so with the way their society is."

"As for the ship." Dreldini looked around quickly before continuing to speak, "I see no reason as to why you and your sister can not tour it. Their attempt at ship-making, as short as the endeavor became, was actually something to behold. There are very few things I fully compliment the dwarven people for but their ship builders, they are intelligent. I might even say that with a bit more effort they might almost have  been able to match my ships in the water. Almost." Dreldini finished speaking with a quiet chuckle before noticing Logs Godsarmour walking up to the pair.

"Ah Godsarmour, so good it is to see you. How have things been of late, I trust your lands have been prospering nicely?"
Dreldini began with a smile, softly bowing in the Dwarven lord's direction. "I cannot remember the last time we held a conversation that lasted beyond greetings."
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Prologue: Nessia - Palace Throne Room



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