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Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Red: Important Information Notice. Read These.

Orange: Information that comes after Important Information Notice. Pay Close Attention To These.

Blue: MY Helpful hints and GUIDELINES. Don't stray too far from them.

This Information is public information you need to read before applying to join my game so that you will understand what parts of the kingdom still need to be filled and what aspects of the kingdom have already been put into place by both other players and myself as the GM. To add upon a pre-existing idea please inform me of your intent once you have been added to the game and I will convene a private thread for everybody to discuss the changes.

Player 1 joins and makes a religion for the kingdom to follow

Player 2 joins and accepts religion, adding something else to the game.

Player 3 joins the game and thinks he has an idea for the religion but waits until he is accepted to bring it up.

GM takes all three of them to a side room to discuss while Player 4 hammers out RTJ.

So on and so forth until either all three or maybe even all four have agreed upon a solution and the Kingdom will be edited.
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Sat 18 Feb 2017
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The Central Kingdom of Nessia, Heart of the Alliance

The Central Kingdom of Nessia, Heart of the Alliance

The central kingdom, Nessia, is where the current King reigns over the lands. The capital  is Andrex, a grand city situated in the middle of the kingdom. This city has often been dubbed the Crimson City because it turns a deep red hue as the sunset overlooks the lush and gorgeous land. Paved roadways and concrete buildings litter the city, a telling sign of civilizations advancement, yet, it holds its old ways in the form of its architecture. Carving homes out of marble at the request of a local noble, or laying gold pathways for the Monarch himself. Saving the landmarks that represent the authority of the kingdom and the power of up and coming conglomerate merchants, there are three true buildings that mark the city. The Sky Tower is the symbol of royal authority, the home of the King who resides at the highest level of the tower which overlooks all of the city. This tower has housed the royal family for generations, and has marked the ongoing strength of the bloodline. The tower is directly located next to the Radiant Palace, full of intricately crafted and embroidered dome buildings. The Palace and the Tower are directly linked so the king is able to come down and greet the kingdom or attend a feast without ever being subjected to the dangers of the land. As such security as nigh impregnable in both of these places, where guards are ever vigilant. One has a better chance at knocking over the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox before passing through a single fully armed corridor to get to the bottom of the Sky Tower from the magically surveyed Radiant Palace's Throne Room.

Despite these hails to the successes of mankind, he has also found a way to blend the city naturally so it can almost seep in to the land it was sprung from. As such there are lakes dotted throughout the city, with Aquos the Great Lake on the eastern edge of the city. This lake is a water reserve, which has naturally purified water for generations. The water is clear, and as such one can see down to the hundred foot depths of this lake. It is drinkable, and is under the direct supervision of the Royal Family. It is a safe haven to all, and is always revered and respected as such. There is an odd stone pathway, which is formed from pillars that jut from the bottom of the lake to make the path to a small island in the middle. This small island has an open air temple that is completely barren, except for a small fountain that fills with fresh water. Many people pray to all their gods in peace in this sacred domain.

The city is split in to five separate districts, each significant in their own way both in terms of culture and industry. The Northern District, is the central trading and industrial district, where the nearby river Undine runs almost through the district. The Eastern District, is the urban district where the Aquos lake centers and the people live. The Western District, often named the Noble Getaway is the ritzy, theater filled, posh part of this massive kingdom. The Southern District, is the learning center of the kingdom where the laboratories and arcane societies have taken residence. The Central District, is the politico-militant district where it takes military rank to even take residence there. Suffice to say that the Sky Tower and Radiant Palace is in the middle of this active military zone.

The Northern Trading District, has the massive river Undine running through it. Well, it doesn't actually run through it as much as the people began building ports and such on both sides of the river. At the end of this is the industrial part of the trading district, where most of the exports are often crafted. Because the Kingdom’s major exports are Jewelry, Wheat, and Spice it can be easily seen as the wealthiest city in the entire kingdom. The two luxury goods paired with the constant agricultural export almost ensures all people live relatively well. Local merchants often take up rental space closer to the city itself so they can sell to Civilians and Soldiers, Craftsmen and Chefs, Nobles and Peasants alike. It is always bustling with life, and never sleeps as there is always something to be sold. In recent days, the idea of investing in a conglomerate of merchants for return profit has become popular.

The Eastern Urban District, is where most of the civilian population has taken residence. Part of it is because of the legend of the Lake and partly because it is closest to the two primary sources of income for the people to get to work every day. Either way you cut it, it is a pretty nice place to live. The lake and its surrounding forest line also serves as a sort of preservation area for many exotic and endangered animal species. So, local forest, close to work, and low rental costs make this a hot spot to live for the everyday kind of person. Something quite remarkable is that all of the guild halls seem to have taken advantage of the low cost rental space to be.

The Western Noble District, is not really restricted to nobles at all but it is definitely too expensive for the average person to just have fun or flaunt money in. It is lined with fine dining experiences that leave the palate longing for another taste, the latest styles as worn by the models of the land, theaters which house the greatest plays of all time, luxury hotels, and galleries filled with artworks and auctions. It is always bustling with life and horrid amounts of spending. It is a playground for the rich, but its flip side is also rampant. The darker edge of this district is that it is filled with dozens of crime rings and underground black markets. It is rumored assassin’s guilds and thief rings are found here. It can be easy to lose one’s self here, if one isn’t careful. It is sort of interesting to see the local drunk noble taking home a prostitute, who actually a thief trying to steal his diamond necklace.

The Southern Learning District, has academies, libraries, laboratories, and arcane societies to break ground and expand the knowledge of all people. Many children and adults alike fill this district, so it is relatively quiet in comparison to almost every other district surrounding. Schools and Academies have recently expanded in course load, but has become dreadfully expensive to try and learn new things. It may actually be to one’s benefit to attempt to join one of the local laboratories or arcane societies to attempt a breakthrough. Warning: Many people were hurt/killed in the making of concrete, just a friendly heads up. But, if you think you are smart enough to make a breakthrough, or strong enough to survive then by all means.

The Central Militant District, is exactly how it sounds. A district full of military personnel. But it also houses the local politicians, nobles who live in the city not visiting nobles. As a result you will see higher ranking guards who are proficient in many arts to kill anyone who even thinks of getting close to the center of the kingdom. The headquarters of the Imperial Armed Forces are also located in the central district. That being said, people are free to wander the militant district to just enjoy the general safety or to listen to the King’s Rally.

On the outskirts of the kingdom lie most of the farmland, and the agricultural folk who tend to be little more warm goersby. The people here tend to keep to themselves, and may be a tad vulgar or obscene depending on who you talk to. The local Inns tend to spot the outer rim, and have a far cheaper cost than anything within the safety of the kingdom. Don’t be surprised to see bounty hunters and game hunters through here, but be careful of the lingering arrow or the lowbrow bandit. The further you leave, the further you are from safety, because patrols become less and less frequent until you leave the Kingdom of Nessia and head toward one of the border realms and eventually the wall the seperates the realms from the Grand World.
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The Northern Mountains of Isengroth

The Northern Mountains of Isengroth

    The North is a cold and barren wasteland that has the tallest mountain, and the widest of all the land. These mountains can be seen from anywhere in the kingdom, and there vibrant white color and blue lights that fly above them give, a wonderful sight during the night, and leave behind a romantic setting. The mountains themselves stand so tall, they go higher than what the clouds could even achieve. Towards the center of the mountains, lies a very large forest that stretched evenly and doesn't grow at the base of the mountain but instead grows where the clouds lie. The strange trees don't go higher or lower than the cloud but reside in the clouds that connect to the mountain. From this point, there are rivers and streams the make there way down towards the base of the mountains, fresh cold water that you can drink without cleaning. The area is so barren, not a taint of a mineral is inside the water, this is possibly the safest and cleanest water you would ever drink with a wonderful taste that comes from the mountain.

Sites of Power: The Statues of Isengroth is a sacred burial site, which was created in the memory of all the Dwarven soldiers that have died in the line of duty, or of old age. The statues are exact replicas of what that soldier was wearing that day and what armor he was equipped with, and his weapon of choice. The statues stand tall and are located around the palace of the Dwarven kingdom acting as guardians of the night. The rest are buried in a catacomb underneath the Dwarven throne, with just a turn on his seat, a staircase opens and the door to the fallen heroes are there. It is believed that one day, when a great evil arises and threatens the very survival of the world or the survival of the Dwarves, the statues would come back and fight the demons until the ends of the world.

Essence of the Land: It is believed, when the Dwarves venture out of the mountain, and are under great stress or turmoil amongst themselves, the rock guardians appear in their true forms and through their wisdom, and they guide the Dwarves on the path of enlightenment. Most Dwarves that have magical powers have spoken to these sentient beings, and the most enlightened have eaten with them. Our great philosophers and our best engineers learned through visions from these creatures of the mountain.

Natives: Dwarves

Local Plant life: Most common trees are, Ashwood trees, which have a black base and white leaves, Bill Trees, which have trunks that curve in many angles, and mountain trees, which have a very strong texture, they grow no leaves, and are almost impossible to cut down, their trunks look that of permafrost and stones.

Local Animal life: The only animals that are very common are, the White Tiger, The Blue Striped Wolf, the Giant Black Bear, The Wild Boar, White Elk, and other smaller animals, such as rabbits, birds, and smaller creatures.

Local Magic: Earth bender: These are Dwarves that can shape the earth at will, and are mainly used for creating new areas at will in the mountain, such as living space, digging tunnels, or any other major project that can be done in a few hours by these Dwarves.
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The Maritime State of Virlund

The Maritime State of Virlund

The Maritime State of Virlund lies on the Great Regine Sea that encompasses what is left of their empire. Small islands and cliffs occasionally break up the vast emptiness of the ocean but large natural landmasses are rare, almost completely absent. It is this fact that forced the elves to build huge floating ships that more resemble cites to even stand a chance to survive in the early days of their civilization up to the current times. The salt water is so clear and clean that it is more akin to glass. It is said in Virlundi culture that those who peer into the sea are able to witness the true reflections of themselves, of what makes them who they are. Clouds tend to hang lower over the Regine Sea proving nearly as hazardous as the storms they prelude, choking and confusing inexperienced crews and captains. The storms are an ever frequent threat to be wary of on the waves and while most are easily avoided or sailed through it is not uncommon to hear of horror stories of ships being torn in half due to sailing too close to particularly violent ones.

Sites of Power: The graveyard of the old pirate fleet that sailed against the king remains as a stark and grim reminder of the price to pay for future rebellion. The wreckages of ships that took part in the battle can be seen melted together from the intense heat, though still refusing to sink into the depths. Every citizen has at least once in their lifetimes seen or will see the memorial as it presents a huge historical significance to Virlundi history and how their culture was completely turned around in a short period of time.

Essence of the Land: For the Elves of Virlund the ocean calls to each of them in the form of visual representations of waves and currents. Those more attuned with magic see this phenomenon as colorful lights reminiscent of the stars above but to most it simply allows an easier understanding of where the tides flow and winds blow.

Natives: Elves

Local Plant life: Seaweed, kelp, algea are the most notable and the easiest to harvest.

Local Animal life: Various species of fish, sharks, whales, and other regular sea creatures are the main sources of food and the hunting of these beasts are usually solemn affairs with many respects paid to the Great Sea God for his gifts.

Local Magic: Known as storm magic most users are only able to conjure small clouds of rain or control the flow of limited amounts of water. Truly experienced mages are able to bend the forces of nature to their wills, shooting great arcs of lightning from their fingers, creating speedy gusts of wind able to tear flesh from bone, and form large enough waves to capsize other ships.

Core of the World: The tomb of the the Great Sea God lies on the largest island found in the Maritime State. A large man surrounded by a circle of different sea animals and a crown made of pearls is seen as the very embodiment of Virlundi religion and the avatar of their god. A permanent settlement which is the only of its kind has been charged with safeguarding the structure due to and many Virlundi elves will travel a great many miles in a kind of pilgrimage to even see the eons old structure.
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