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Sun 5 Feb 2017
at 06:08
Welcome potential new player! When writing your RTJ, you'll need at minimum a list of your character's name, gender, species, appearance, and backstory. The more descriptive the appearance, the better I can adapt your character into the roleplay as I'll have a better picture of what your character looks like and the more in-depth your backstory is, the more interesting things I can do with your character during gameplay. If you plan on playing any non-human species, please give a good explanation on why/how you're working for the Empire as they are pretty strict on alien species.

Generally, the best characters are going to be either officers (commander, doctor, technician, scientist, pilot, etc) or soldiers (death trooper, storm officer, etc), however, I will allow droids and inquisitors. Since we already have 4 non-droid/inquisitors, I'll be a lot more accepting of those types of characters.

We can discuss after your RTJ on details of how your character works with my custom ruleset if you want or you can check out the other threads to see how this custom system works. There's a character creation page and a gameplay page that you can check out for more details. Since I'm experimenting with this custom system, we can adapt the system over time to meet the needs of myself and you, the potential player.

I hope this has been informative and has caught your interest.

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