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Duchess Morwen
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Mon 30 Jan 2017
at 07:28
Mysterious Visitors
Duchess Morwen of Daggerford is having guests for dinner - and you are invited.  No strangers to Daggford, you have come to the town's defence on more than one occasion, and you count Duchess Morwen as a friend and benefactor.

A cool autumn breeze blows through the streets as you make your way to the keep.  As you dine on hot, spicy soup and tenderly pheasant, you can tell that the Duchess seems more out of sort than usual.  A hush comes over the conversation as the Duchess voices her concern about a band of wayward travellers camped outside the cities walls.  They seamed harmless at first but she has received reports that they have begun harassing towns folk and other travellers as they come and go, demanding coin and wine, and threading to put hexes on anyone who does not pay up.

"These brigands need to be dealt with."  Said to the group with venom in her voice.
Bran Fitzroy
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Mon 30 Jan 2017
at 07:54
Mysterious Visitors
Bran clears his throat I'm the lull that follows the Duchess' words, he makes sure he's gotten her attention and that of many others here.

"A thousand pardons your grace." He says in a deeper timbre than one would expect from a gnome. "Can the city's guard not move them along. I realise that the miscreants in question are outside the wall but surely the guards would be willing to aid someone as glorious and regal as your grace!"
Duchess Morwen
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Mon 30 Jan 2017
at 08:00
Mysterious Visitors
The Duchess rolled her eyes at the sound of the watch.   "Those baffoons!  I have tried that twice now. Each time the idiots come back singing the praises of the people." She said her foul mood darkening.
Daimon Kreig
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Mon 30 Jan 2017
at 08:17
Mysterious Visitors
For Daimon, he ate and remained quiet the entire meal. Never tried to make conversation and mostly kept to himself the entire time. That was until the Duchess gave her orders. Daimon listened closely to what the Duchess wanted and understood. To Daimon, it didn't matter if the other guards had failed, or if these 'brigands' terrorized the city or not, Daimon didn't even care if they were the benevolent saints that came from the sky. What mattered was the Duchess wanted them dealt with, and Daimon would comply. Though for clarity's sake, Daimon spoke up for the first time the entire meal, his voice (while young) was clear, professional, and cold hearted

"How would you like these targets dealt with my Duchess? Shall I kill these men quietly and away from public eye, or should I ensure that their corpses are seen by any 'would-be' troublemakers?"
Magnus Smithson
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Mon 30 Jan 2017
at 08:42
Mysterious Visitors
"Hmph! Outrageous." the dwarf gruffed, wiping droplets of mead from his black beard. It was not a sizeable one, compared to the other dwarves at least - a testament to his young age. However, it was taken care of properly and showed great promise.

"It's one thing to ask for help, another to demand it! Seems like they ought to be taught a lesson."

He did, however, wince when Daimon suggested outright murder.