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Introducing Ermer

Once you have remembered all the details about your past, please share them with everyone here as well as adding it to your journal.

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Introducing Ermer
In reply to Isobar (msg # 1):


A tall slender, built elvish woman, Ermer has lived a hard life.
She stands around 5'9" and has a body with the strength of many men but lean enough to make her agile.
Her body scarred with a tan complexion from years of life on the road, she never pays mind to those who stare especially at the massive scar that is found on her right cheek.
Her hair writhed with a tamed but wild finesse shows her ability to get her long hair under control no matter what environment and resources she has.
Her eyes are angry, hard, stern and forceful they rarely show the weakness inside that can be seen from joy or caring for other.


Ermer started her life in the humble elvish city of landilash.
She had a loving mother and father who spent weeks nourishing her curiosity.
Her parents names were never really known to her.
She can remember them being called sir and ma'am by the other members of her community.
She remembers the strongest men of the community would frequently stop by their home to speak with her mother.
She knew when she slept at night that her parents would always protect her.
However this wonderful life among her kind would soon end.

About the age of 11, Ermers city was attacked in the dark of night by a band of traveling warriors.
The warrior clan (Beaverpaw) writhed the magnificent city.
Among the attack one of the warriors (Lunar) broke in to Ermer's home.
He tore through the home with the ferocity of 10 men.
He was looking for something, something to this day Ermer is not sure of.
As she heard her house being torn apart by Lunar, Ermer hid under her bed in sheer terror.
Eventually Lunar made his way into her room turning over furniture and destroying everything in his path.
He lifted her bed and took pause at the sweet young child hiding in sheer terror.
He picked her up and decided that if he could not find this mysterious item he seeked that this small child would do instead.
Lunar and the Beaverpaw clan withdrew from the city that night, Ermer in tow and returned to the depths of the mountainous woods surrounding the city.

Upon returning to the camp of Beaverpaw for the night Lunar decided that Ermer would be adopted by the clan and she was given to a family who could not bare a child of their own.
She fought and cried begging to be returned to her family for a long year, but eventually accepted her new mother (Shibara) and father (Kabarith) as her own.

Shibara and Kabarith were great warriors in their own right.
They had fought in many battles with their clan and traveled many lands and seas.
Though the Beaverpaw clan preferred their life on land over sea.
Both Shibara and Kabarith wanted to make sure that Ermer would become a fine member of the clan one day and pushed hard for her to learn skills of battle and survival.
Her life on the road made her strong and nibble, she is intelligent in the ways of living by survival.
Her largest fault has always been her ability to observe the world around her.
Her father taught her how to be aware in battle and talk her way out of a fight (as best this clan knew how) but failed to teach her an investigative nature.

As Ermer got older her warrior parents knew she had something special about her. Something they could never teach her regarding her elvish heritage.
Shibara went against the ways of her people and be friended a colony of elves along their travels. She begged the elves to help train her young child that had been found abandoned.
The elvish clan aided for a fee. Ermer spent any time her mother could get her way among this strange group of elves training in methods of dexterity different from that of the warrior clan.
They also taught her a little bit in charisma. Mostly the elves spent time teaching her use of elvish swords while her warrior clan taught her ways of pure strength like bending bars and lift gates.

Ermer longed to get her own sword as she observed the other elves having. She love the feel of a elvish sword in her hands compared to that of the kinds the Beaverpaw's wielded.
One day Lunar (second in command of the beaverpaws) summon Ermer to his tent. Here he explained to her how proud he was that she had become a member of the clan and how strong she was as a warrior.
Here he explained to her that he had one item that remained from the battles of her home city. This angered her remembering the evil night she had experienced.
Lunar pulled out a beautiful sword. One like she had never seent. It was huge for her sizes. It was serrated and sinister. Its handle was adorned with a guard forged to resemble that of a dragon.
It was beautiful. It had a slight blueish sheen to the blade and appeared to having been around for many years. She fell in love with it immediately.
She asked him where it came from exactly? She scarcely remembered seeing it before.
He responded that it was taken from one of the homes around hers that night and that he had held on to it until she was old enough, hoping it would be better fitted than any sword they would produce.
She thanked him and continued on as a member of the village.

Years passed by, a now 25 year old Ermer was awoke in the night to a great ruckus. She jumped from her bed to find a heavy battle underway.
As she grabbed her weapon and emerged from her tent she immediately came across Shibara's body, writhed with holes. She mourned momentary and foraged forward into the battle.
As the long night of fighting pressed on, the number of her clan dwindled and she was captured.
Her captures held her for a few months. She is unsure to this day as to why the asked her to live among them after being a prisoner but she did, never truly feeling like a member.
After a few years with this new community, Ermer slipped out into the night in search of a home she could feel at peace with...
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Introducing Ermer
Who were these last captors who you finally escaped from?
Where did they take you?
Did Lunar ever tell you about the mysterious item he was hunting for?
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Re: Introducing Ermer
Who were these last captors who you finally escaped from?

Where did they take you?

Ermer's captors seemed far different than her previous families. She found her self among a rather unusual group of dwarfs. Small in stature though they may be, the dwarf colony of Mouldrove was actually a peaceful people. Their attack on the Beaverpaw clan was in retribution for a attack on their humble town. The dwarf villagers had take Ermer as a way to "rescue" her. She was so different from her adopted family that Hildisar (the dwarf who captured her) took her believing he was freeing her from her captures.

Upon the return to his village Hildisar had Ermer placed in the care of a local doctor and care facility. Ermer fought with them about returning to the Beaverpaw clan, however the villagers warned her that the Beaverpaw clan was no more.

Ermer took the loss of her second family very hard for a while. Once she calmed her self, the villagers of Mouldrove offered her a home among their people. They gave her a house to live in and food to live by. They even began teaching her the trades of their people. She learned tasks from each of the different groups within the society. She had become a villager of Mouldrove...sort of.

Did Lunar ever tell you about the mysterious item he was hunting for?

Lunar had spoke with the elders of the Beaverpaw clan about an object they longed to find. Ermer occasionally over heard them whispering of it as they entered the sacred tent of the elders. Though Lunar and the elders never spoke openly of the object, Ermer had managed to determine it was an object of great power. Something that the Beaverpaw clan wanted so they could claim a land of their own and no longer be wanders of this great world. She knew that Lunar believed an elvish colony possessed the item but it was unclear which one and where they would hide something with such power. Until the time of her departure from the Beaverpaw clan, they had never managed to obtain this precious object.
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Re: Introducing Ermer
Ermer spent the years following her exit from Mouldrove seeking out answers about what this mysterious artifact is.  She wanted to understand why an item could have been so important it caused people to destroy her hometown and uproot her from her original family.  Ermer never found out what happened to her parents that night.  Lunar had mentioned there was no one in the house when Ermer was taken.  He said that a lot of the villagers fled into the woods and he did not know if the party of men sent to hunt down any survivors killed them all.

One day while wandering the wilderness in search of any Elvish ruins, cities or other possible clues, Ermer stumbled upon a small group of children being wrangled up by a pack of Orc Slavers.  Not seeing where their parents might have ran off to, Ermer did what most fighters would do in that case, and pulled out her sword and charged in. The orcs were no match for Ermer's Elvish skills with a blade and she quickly dispatched of them.  Once the orcs were dead, she walked over and cut the ropes being used to tie up the children.  As she got close enough to cut the rope, she realized that these kids were some form of elvish ethnicity.  Though they didn't quite have the look of a pure breed elf, she knew that they were at least half-elf.

Ermer found herself trying to remember her native elvish tongue in which she hadn't spoken in over a decade.  She was a bit rusty with it, but the children were able to understand and respond in tow.  Ermer asked the children where they were from and why they were out there alone.  It turns out that these kids were from a nearby human city and were playing in the woods win a group of Orcs found them. So she agreed to walk them back to their home city in return of a bed to sleep in for the night and some food to feed her.

Once she got back to the children's home, Ermer was greeted by the parents of the kids.  One of them was a human male named Edwin, the other an Elvish female named Alyia. They cooked her a gourmet meal and set her up with a cozy bed.  They spent the night talking about how Ermer came across the children and why she was wandering the woods alone.  Ermer explained her journey and after some more conversation, they all went to sleep.

As Ermer woke up and readied herself to leave, the mother pulled her aside and gave her a backpack.  "This is my thanks to you for saving my children.  May it aid you on your journey my friend. Someone in one of these places may have the answers to the questions you seek"

Roll 2d6+dex

You find a map showing several elvish colonies, towns and cities nearby. There is a star next to Port Layzi.  (Tell us about one other city that is on the map that you remember from your childhood)
She also included some Elvish Waybread. (10 use ration, 0 weight)

7-9 pick 1
Alyia gives you her old Elvish chainmail armor.  (2 Def 1 Stone, +1 reduction to dmg from arrows and throwing daggers)
Alyia gives you her old Elvish Shield (1 Def, 1 Stone, glows in the dark providing light when it senses evil)

Aliya tells you about the Elvish Master Blacksmith hermit living near Layzi who forged these items for her.
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Sun 26 Feb 2017
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Re: Introducing Ermer
In reply to Isobar (msg # 5):

10:00, Today: Ermer rolled 7 using 2d6+2 with rolls of 4,1.

You find a map showing several elvish colonies, towns and cities nearby. There is a star next to Port Layzi.  (Tell us about one other city that is on the map that you remember from your childhood)
She also included some Elvish Waybread. (10 use ration, 0 weight)
Alyia gives you her old Elvish chainmail armor.  (2 Def 1 Stone, +1 reduction to dmg from arrows and throwing daggers)

Ermer graciously accepts the chainmail from Alyia. She carefully removed her heavy scale armor and asked Alyia to please keep this for the children as they get older. She explained that if one of them shows interest in battle, that this armor's weight will aid in strength training. Alyia asked where Ermer had receive such heavy armor.
Ermer responded that it was a long story but one of her families had made it for her. Alyia thanked her for her kindness once more.

Ermer dismissed herself from the home and headed off down the road again. She thought to herself about the map found among the items of the backpack as she traveled. How had she not known about all those colonies? Hours passed and Ermer decided it was time for a break. She found a nice tree along the path to rest under and took out the map to read in more detail.

Ermer noted that the map had a star next to the Port Layzi. Looking carefully she noticed it was in the direction she was headed. Intrigued she decided that maybe the star was an indication from Alyia on where to start her search. She noted this would be her next destination. She returned to reading the map and notice a region of towns that sounded familiar. It appeared to be a mountainous region on the map in the far east continent. She looked closer at this area and noticed a colony called Elmbyolle. This name sounded so familiar. Like a faint memory. As she proceeded to sit there an think deeply about it, she could hear the words of her biological parents mentioning weekend trips to Elmbyolle. She began to remember visiting cousins in this region. On the map this town was grayed out along with her childhood home, Landilash. She wondered to herself what this could mean. She pondered a while longer under the calming shade of the willow that protected form the scorching sun. After a bit she decided it was time to get moving again a proceeded down the path to this mysterious Port Layzi.

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