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Making a Character
For most characters, the process is pretty much the same.  Your character sheet will show you what you need to do and explain the overall concept.  You have 6 stats, and get to set one number to each stat.  The numbers are 16,15,13,12,9 and 8.  16 is +2 modifier, 15 and 13 are +1, 12 and 9 are +0 and 8 is -1.  These modifiers are what you use anytime a move says to add/subtract a stat.  So when you roll for a melee attack, it's going to be 2d6+ str mod.  Ranged is 2d6+dex, Parlay is 2d6+cha, discern reality is 2d6+wis, spout lore is 2d6+int.

Defy Danger is a wide basis for what you roll.  For example if you're trying to cross a narrow bridge, it might be dex.  If you're trying to jump a wide gap, STR. If you're trying to resist a charm spell, int.   Those kinds of things, I'll pretty much make a judgment and tell you which stat you're rolling on.

Each character has a damage roll, no matter what your weapon is, you do this roll.  Fighters for example are D10, where I think a mage is D4.  This is only for melee/volley.  Spells would be different.  Weapons have their own special tags, some let you ignore armor, some let you add different modifers, or some let you add damage, but those are all extra.  Your character damage determines the base weapon damage.

Mages/Clerics can only prepare spells after meditating/camping.  So if you use your spells all up in a fight, you either need to rest for an hour or press forward without your spells that you had to exhaust.

Your base life is what your character sheet says, some are 10+Con stat, some go as low as 4+con stat.  Same with your load, some are 10+str, others are 6+str.  Make sure you pay attention to that when picking your stats so you can carry more than just a piece of armor and a sammich.

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