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Introducing Blackthorn

Once you have remembered all the details about your past, please share them with everyone here as well as adding it to your journal.
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Introducing Blackthorn
In reply to Isobar (msg # 1):


The hazel eyes of Blackthorn were constantly shifting around as he walked through towns. He was on the look out for people, objects, things that were out of place, just soaking up all that this new land had for him. He had a hooded cloak that draped over his common looking clothing that consealed a majority of his three foot tall frame. He had a very lithe body even for a Halfling, but that did not stop him from getting to and from where he wanted to go. When you pulled back his hood you would see a shaggy mess of brownish red hair and slightly pale skin as it was usually covered.


Blackthorn was born an unknown name to unknown parents. The farthest back he could remember was around six years old, but that was 14 some years ago. During that time he had already been lumped in with other war orphaned kids that were being pushed from one orphanage to another. That was until Daimyo Xiu-Xing's forces came through wiping the floor of the area taking up their orphanage as a remote school and look out for their groups. By the end of that year he was sent to the main academy of Razizq.

For the next eleven years the young halfling would work his way through the basic courses and get to the placements where he tested into the Order of the Hawk. Up until this point most people called him thorn, because of an instance when he was a kid where he hid from the headmaster of the orphanage in a thorny rose bush. That name stuck until the Order of the Hawk gave him the name Blackthorn for his exceptional work with the deadly poison known as Serpent's Tears. He had become so proficient with the poison that he could now put it on his weapons, usually just his throwing knives.

While many others within the Xiu-Xing army would continue to push the final years of the war, Blackthorn was sent to other locations for scouting purposes. He spent time in the Isles of Kaida before going to Bahrooz. At both locations he was able to meet many different people and test out his thief skills, often times stealing one thing to put it in another person's pocket.

Now that the war was done a few short years later, Blackthorn had been recalled to Raziq and told that he was going to be sent a mission. This was a scouting mission into a new continent, but also a curiosity mission personally. One of the Order of the Hawk's main leader's Xarius, was heading to the same location for a while. He was not sure what was going on exactly, but his mission was kept secret from his senior. In fact, he was required to sneak onto the boat after the battle worn samurai had gone on.

Stowing away on the boat Blackthorn was able to get to the new continent with ease, unfortunately he was not quite as lucky in regards to keeping tracking of his second target Xarius, the samurai had disappeared some how without him seeing. That meant he was going to have to blend in and look around to figure out what was going on in this new land and why they were sent here from Xannon.

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Thu 9 Feb 2017
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Introducing Blackthorn
Who sent you on your mission to follow Xarius?
Where are you going to start your search for him at?
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Thu 9 Feb 2017
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Introducing Blackthorn
In reply to Isobar (msg # 3):

Who sent you on your mission to follow Xarius?

Masahiro the General of the Order of the Hawk. He is skeptical of Xarius' mission to this continent for Xiu-Xing, because he feels that the samurai is trying to take his place by doing this for the Shogun. So he sent Blackthorn one of his stealthier thieves in order to gather information and keep tabs on the samurai.

Where are you going to start your search for him at?

At the port town of Layzi where the boats from Raziq docked. This is where he lost the samurai, so he spends some time there trying to find Xarius but comes up empty handed. While blending in with the crowds of townspeople he heard of a nearby town (presumably where you will have us start? lol) where all sorts of people go to find others that are willing to travel these lands for various different reasons. He sets out towards the east to reach this town.
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Sat 25 Feb 2017
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Introducing Blackthorn
While Blackthorn stowed away on the boat he would spend his days sneaking around the crewmate’s private cabins while they were all above deck working on the ship. He was a thief at heart, but he still tried to focus his pilfering onto those he deemed to be bad people in general.  Blackthorn noticed one particular crewmate was always cheating the other crewmates out of things.  So he decided to snoop around his private cabin and see what kind of trouble he could get into.

Blackthorn waited until he saw the crew head to the mess hall for breakfast.  After everyone had left, he went to work picking the lock to the door.

Once inside, Blackthorn started checking around for anything that might look interesting. The first thing that caught his eye was the scuff marks on the ground of the armoire in the corner.  Thinking this might be a good place to start; he went over and investigated the area.  He didn’t see anything major inside the armoire, so he decided to pull it away from the wall.   After struggling a few minutes to move it, and a few very loud noises, he was able to move it enough to see a hollowed out cavity on the wall behind it.  Blackthorn reached in and pulled out a medium sized bag.

Roll 2d6+dex
1-6 you find a small cache of coins. Roll 2d20.

7-9 pick 1
you find a bag of rare herbs used to make a new poison
you find an unidentifiable potion

10+ pick 1
you also find a magical artifact
you find a mysterious weapon
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Sat 4 Mar 2017
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Introducing Blackthorn
In reply to Isobar (msg # 5):

Blackthorn rolled 11 using 2d6+2 with rolls of 3,6.  Introducing Blackthorn msg #5.
Blackthorn rolled 26 using 2d20 with rolls of 18,8.

- you find a small cache of coins. Roll 2d20.
- you find a bag of rare herbs used to make a new poison.
- You find a mysterious weapon.


Before the break in:

During the boat ride over to Layzi Blackthorn spent a lot of his time in the shadows trying to keep away from the other members of the ship. There was one crewmate Skenzler that continuously cheated the other crewmates out of coin, rations, and other items that could be sold for a good value. This usually was through sleight of hand using cards, getting the other crew members drunk enough to let their guard down and bet ridiculously as they won early he would then clean up in the end.

Hugging closely to one of the barrels nearby the card table on this night, with his low stature and balance he was able to just listen in on the conversation. Skenzler let slip that he was running out of space from taking all their stuff. This promoted the Halfling to get the idea to investigate the private cabin. he would wait until breakfast time seeing each of the crew venture there for food.

After finding the bag:

Blackthorn had definitely found something of value if Skenzler had went through all this trouble to hide the bag in this spot behind the armoire. Pulling out a medium sized bag from the hiding spot he would not open the bag until later as he did not have much time. Placing the bag to the side he would struggle to get the armoire back into place again so at least it would not appear like someone had been there.

After the struggle of moving that back into place Blackthorn grabbed the bag and exited the room, locking the door behind him again. He knew that something this well hidden would no doubt cause a stir with Skenzler, this would be something he would look forward to seeing from afar.

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Wed 8 Mar 2017
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Introducing Blackthorn
In reply to Blackthorn (msg # 6):

Blackthorn finds himself 26 coins and adds them to his coin purse.  He also recognizes the herbs that Skenzler had stashed away in the bag.  He waits until he gets back to his room to mix them together and create 3 doses of Darkrot, which when it enters the bloodstream, will cause the victim to become blind for one hour.

Blackthorn also pulls out a black-metal serrated dagger with a red hilt that has a black stone embedded in the pommel of the hilt. Blackthorn doesn't recognize what this dagger is made of, but can sense something dangerous and dark with it.  He decided to just wrap it back in the bag he found it in and place it in his bag for now.

Add Black-Metal Dagger to your inventory, weight of 1 stone, it has the trait Messy.