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Explorer's Society Ranks (And point costs)

Seven ranks exist in the Society, each designated by one of Théah’s seven seas. (In other words, they can easily be substituted with corresponding regions.) As Explorers rise in the organisation, they learn more about the Syrne and the Society itself. Higher-ranked members also have greater access to Syrneth artefacts. These ranks begin with the sea surrounding Avalon and continue counter-clockwise around Théah. In addition, higher ranks grant access to the Society’s store of artefacts. Not every item uncovered by the Explorers contains vital knowledge. Duplicate items or those whose purpose renders them unnecessary for further research often go to members for use in the field.

The Trade Sea (1 pt. Advantage) (7th Sea™)
Explorers at this rank are usually either new recruits or apprenticed to more experienced Explorers. As with most apprenticeships, their duties involve more drudgery than excitement. They are responsible not only for their own equipment but also for their room and board and income. Trade Sea members rarely if ever enter the excavations themselves, but rather work at cleaning and cataloguing items that more experienced Explorers extract. Trade Sea   Explorers usually know little more than the average Théan about Syrneth history although most have a university education or similar advantages. As part of their training, they attend courses at the various chapter houses or learn from a tutor in the field. Naturally, all of them learn the proper way to record and catalogue Explorer findings
Other members of this rank include wealthy patrons who wish to “buy” membership in the Explorer’s Society. While the Society rarely permits membership based on wealth alone, rich supporters can purchase a membership at the lowest rank if they possess a commensurate enthusiasm and a willingness to further the Society’s goals. These members are allowed to wear the insignia and call themselves “Explorers” but may only move up from the Trade Sea through participation.

[Headmaster's note: Those entering the Campaign should have at least this rank either as new recruits/apprentices to the Society or as rich patrons - Inheritance/Level 3, Noble/5-Point Advantage. Inheritance level drops by one in exchange for purchasing this level]

The Frothing Sea (2 pt. Advantage)(7th Sea™)
After successfully completing an apprenticeship, which includes participating in several digs, members achieve the rank of the Frothing Sea which allows them access to more secure areas. This is also the earliest rank at which Explorers are eligible to receive “unique” equipment, such as minor Syrneth artefacts and gadgets from friendly inventors. Frothing Sea members continue their education, learning more advanced field techniques.

[Headmaster's note: There are no prerequisites for this rank, and can be purchased a HP cost. Heroes with this rank are entitled to be called "Apprentice".]

La Boca (3 pt. Advantage) (7th Sea™)
At the third rank, Explorers become much like graduate students: schooled the Society’s techniques, and ready to learn more. If not aware already, the Society formally teaches them about the Syrne: races far older than human which existed on Théah aeons ago. As long as at least one Mirror Sea (5th rank) or higher member accompanies them, Explorers from La Boca may participate fully in excavations. Although still undergoing instruction, they may also publish works under their own name. Finally, they may conduct independent research at the chapter house to further their particular area of expertise.

[Headmaster's note: Although not required, this 'level' of purchased rank is suggested as a beginning rank for "Team Leader", or "Man/Woman Friday". Players seeking to want higher leadership in the group will have to purchase either the "Forbidden Sea" or "Mirror Sea" levels]

The Forbidden Sea (4 pt. Advantage) (7th Sea™)
At this rank, Explorers become full members and receive payment, room and board, and all of their basic equipment. They may organise their own expeditions, keep recovered duplicate artefacts for their own use (after they are examined and catalogued, of course) and conduct independent experiments. Nearly all Forbidden Sea members contribute to the Society full-time to compensate for these benefits, either through teaching or by providing other services such as captaining a ship. Forbidden Sea Explorers also learn about the Society’s secret agenda to prove the link between the older races and disprove the notion that the “Syrneth” were but a single race. Currently, the Vatacine Church actively suppresses evidence of such diversity and even the Objectionists are reluctant to spread such theories, preferring to debate its validity amongst themselves.

[Headmaster's note: This is the suggested rank for Team Lead and Expedition Lead. At this level, members may avail themselves of any Chapter House facilities and resources (within reason).]

The Mirror (5 pt. Advantage) (7th Sea™)
At this rank, most Explorers truly begin “adventuring.” Members from the Mirror have paid their dues, participated in many excavations and handled numerous Syrneth artefacts. Mirror Explorers are considered senior members who may propose expeditions in search of previously unknown sites, have a voice in determining Society issues, and even hold veto power on releasing or suppressing specific Syrneth Artefacts. They are also privy to the existence of the 7th Sea: that it can be visited and very well may hold the key to the origin and relationship of the ancient races. Mirror members may also requisition any artefact in the Society’s stores, although truly large, powerful or dangerous items require an explanation to the Head Council before being handed over. Members must be at least 5th rank to learn Syrneth Tinkering or more detailed information about the Domae. Even at this advanced level, some secrets still remain hidden; their knowledge takes on a darker face as they learn about the Society’s attempts to discern the final fates of the ancient races... and the terrible possibility that these races may not be extinct.

[Headmaster's note: This is the absolute highest rank that may be bought within the Campaign, and is largely reserved for the Expedition Leader. Player Characters purchasing this level who are not intending to lead the Expedition will need a *very* good reason as to why they are not, and it is left to the discretion of the Headmaster as to whether or not it is accepted.]

The Corridors of Flame (6 pt. Advantage) (7th Sea™)
Explorers who reach the 6th level are but one rank away from the Society’s “Inner sanctum.” They have access to all information and artefacts, save that which the Council has reserved for its eyes alone. Explorers from the Corridors of Flame are completely devoted to the Society and its goals, and may even advise the Council on various matters. Some are even tasked with constructing “fictional” logs and data from those who never returned from their expeditions.

The 7th Sea Council (7 pt. Advantage; special) (7th Sea™)
The ultimate rank in the Society belongs strictly to the Council of the Explorer’s Society — the Heads of each respective branch and the Headmaster himself. The Council holds its secrets close but may, if the occasion warrants, take members of the 6th and even 5th ranks into its confidence.

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