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Syrneth Tinkering & Shield Man Schools
Syrneth Tinkering School  (7th Sea™)

Extensive study of various unearth sites revealed that the major Syrneth societies were able to create fantastic machines by combining artefacts from different Syrneth races. Recent advances in Syrneth language translation, as well as amazing developments in artefact research, have led the Explorers to what may be their greatest leap to date in understanding the arcane practices of the Syrne races. Previously impossible tasks — repairing mechanical hands, removing Thalusian Gauntlets, modifying Aether Compasses and even “refuelling” one-shot devices — have become more viable options, thanks to the knowledge now known as “Syrneth Tinkering.”

Even with extraordinary advances of the Society’s Artifact Research department, meddling with devices beyond human understanding involves terrible risks. Syrneth Tinkerers take their lives into their hands every time they touch an occult item. Thus far, there have only been a few deaths from their arcane investigations. Minor incidents occur regularly, ranging from the embarrassing (one Researcher spent three days wrapped from head to toe in a series of Tesseran bands she had been trying to modify) to the painful (Franco Vesefe himself broke his arm while trying to merge Setine clockwork limbs with Thalusian armour.)

In the classic 7th Sea system, Syrneth Tinkering functions like a Swordsman School, available only to Explorers. It costs 25 points during Hero creation or 50 XP for existing characters. Game Masters should strongly consider giving a discount to players who have already spent large amounts of XP on the Archaeology and Scholar Skills.

Basic Curriculum: Archaeology, Scholar

Tinkering Knacks: Domae, Drachen, Setine, Tesseran, Thalusai

Apprentice: Students of Syrneth Tinkering have learned to repair Syrneth equipment. The TN for most repair work is 30 if all the necessary parts and tools are available. Add one
Raise for each missing piece of equipment. The GM may declare that repairs are impossible if more than two items are missing. Apprentice Tinkerers have also learned that some artefacts, use a sort of invisible “fuel” to function, much like a lantern. The most common example is that certain Setine devices are not powered indefinitely by aether, but use it up. If a fuel source is available, the Tinkerer may refuel a “one shot" device by transferring the element. Apprentices have a TN of 40 to accomplish this, Journeymen have a TN of 30, and Masters have a TN of 25. Should a refuelling attempt succeed, the artefact is considered “refreshed,” and may be used the cited number of times before requiring refuelling. Should a refuelling attempt fail, however, that particular artefact may never be refuelled again. Syrneth Tinkerers do not receive membership in the Swordsman’s Guild; instead, they receive one free Rank in a Tinkering Knack.

Journeyman: Tinkerers may now attempt to modify devices, which includes the ability to merge artefacts from differing Syrneth races (such as using a Domae Stone as a power source for a Thalusian artefact). Select one artefact to use as the “base;” the rolls use the Knack for that particular type of artefact. The TN for cosmetic modifications is 30, which results in two artefacts being merged into one, complete with the effects and abilities of both. Add one Raise for each additional device being merged, as well as one for each additional type of Syrneth artefact (Domae, Setine, etc.) beyond the first being used in the process.

Master: Tinkerers may now attempt to create devices from non-functional Syrneth resources. This is otherwise identical to the Journeyman ability, except the starting TN is 40. If successful, the device works; the Tinkerer may select one ability and roll for one flaw from the appropriate Syrneth artefact chart in the Random Artifact Generators section. Adding additional abilities requires two Raises per additional ability beyond the first, plus one additional Raise for each type of Syrneth science involved (Domae Thalusai, etc.) beyond the first.

Shield Man School  (7th Sea™)

Country of Origin:  Avalon (Explorer's Society)

Description: Less of a school and more of a philosophy, the Shield Man School teaches its students the arts of improvisation and quick thinking.  No ruin monster is the same as the last, and the Shield Man/Maiden must use anything at their disposal - salt, sugar, sulfur and even spring water - to dispatch the threat.

Basic Curriculum: Dirty Fighting

Swordsman's Knacks:
 -  Bind (Improvised) 1
 -  Corps-a-corps 1
 -  Riposte (Improvised) 1
 -  Exploit Weakness (Shield Man) 1

   The Shield Man School is not sanctioned by the  Swordsman's Guild, and as such, members receive 1 additional Rank in lieu of Guild membership.

Apprentice: Shield Men learn to turn anything into a weapon. You may ignore the off-hand penalty when using an improvised weapon. In addition, if the weapon breaks during combat, roll a die. On an even number, you have managed to avoid the breakage.

Journeyman: Protectin the lives of others is the fundamental goal of all Shield Men. You may use your Active Defense in order to protect others at no penalty. In addition, when making Avoid Rolls to dodge the effects of a trap, a Shiel Man may push one other person out of the way with only one raise instead of the standard two.

Master: The very best Shield Men develop lightning reflexes. Whatever Trait you are using for an Active Defense or Avoid Roll (typically Wits), it is considered one higher for the attempt. In addition, you may spend Action dice for Active Defense as if they were two phases lower (with a minimum of 1)

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