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Sun 16 Apr 2017
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Destiny Spreads - a Simplified look
   A couple of people have mentioned that they'd be willing to undergo a Destiny Spread reading to flesh out their characters a bit more. Rather than not using it, I present a (slightly) more simplified use, using a  D6, and a D10 for determining the cards drawn:

Card Suit (D6):

1 - 3:  1st mentioned Suit
4 - 6:  2nd mentioned Suit

Note: Since Destiny Spreads only use 2 Suits, if you roll something that isn't either, chose the Suit that's closest to the roll (i.e., If you roll a "4", and you use Staves or Coins, the roll is closer to Staves and will use the Staves Column)

Suit Number (D10):

1:        Ace
2 - 10: As Numbered

  (Thanks to Lady Kavanaugh for the change to make the Destiny Spread a little more workable...feel free once you've been added to the group to make those Destiny rolls.)

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