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Montaigne - L'Empire du Soleil

  In Septimus of 1668, a Private in the Montaigne Army is being led to execution in chains. When the peasants begin to rise against the injustice they've suffered under the King's rule, a rock is thrown that begins a riot. When the peasants overpower the Musketeers and march on the Chateaux du Soliel, L'Empereur Leon has taken steps to deal with this uprising and deploys the entire Lightning Guard (stiffened with members of former disbanded Musketeers who believe in the Regime) to deal with the approaching mob. When the peasants arrive with pitchforks, muskets and improvised weapons, the Lightning Guard brutally and mercilessly gun them down. After the riot is stopped, members of the Guard and the Imperial Musketeers hunt down and wipe out the leaders - first in the Capitol, then spreading out across the countryside. Anyone who sympathised with the rebels is arrested (initially) and imprisoned. Months later, people are routinely removed off the street and out of their homes (occasionally in broad daylight!) and dragged off to who-knows-where.

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Montaigne - L'Empire du Soleil

   In 1669, Montaigne has risen to become "L'Empire du Soleil" (Imperial Montaigne), under the direction of Leon Alexandre du Montaigne XIV. The Empire has thrown chest after chest of Ducats into the military and has grown almost exponentially in the last two years. The Navy underwent a complete rebuild and now ranks among the largest seagoing navy on Theah. The Army also experienced a rebirth, and under Montague's efficiency, has quickly subdued almost half of Castille since they were forced from the gates of Charouse. As the Imperial Capital was once under the guns of Castillian cannons, now Vatacine City quakes under the Montaigne assault. Several Montaigne officials from the Ministry of War report that the City will fall by the end of summer.

   But with all of this conflict going on, there are other things that are bubbling under the surface that may soon threaten the Imperial presence on the world stage:

   Poverty and famine are becoming more and more of a problem inside Montaigne, and it has fostered an increase in crime as a result. The Imperial Musketeers do what they can, but their resources are constrained by most of the Ducats going to the military, and a pittance left to hire and train more Musketeers. Charouse, Paix, and Arisent are reasonably safe, but there are some places best not visited after dark. On some of the smaller towns, crime has become a problem, and it has led to some Magistrates and Tax Collectors either asking for more security or outright hiring mercenaries to deal with the rising tide of banditry in the countryside.

   Food stocks, once a staple and comfort for Noble and Peasant alike, has also fallen by the wayside. Although most of the more powerful members of the Nobility have not noticed any shortages, some lesser Houses and most of the rest of Imperial Society have suffered. Reports of grain silos being attacked and pillaged by hungry people are kept out of the news, as are any other reports of dissent or lawlessness. Anyone caught in the Musketeer's sweeps now are drafted directly into the Army or Navy, where rations and the quality of food are markedly better.

   Dissent, driven underground in the wake of the Septimus Massacre, has been bubbling over the winter of 1668 and threatens to explode (both figuratively and literally) in the coming months. If the current siege of Vatacine City is not solved before too much longer, the Empire may tear itself apart.  Several groups of Rilasciare cells have banded together to help their fellows, and graffiti calling for the removal of both L'Empereur and his closest Nobles is growing louder and harder to silence.

   "Morte L'Empereur!" has been found hastily painted on walls all over Montaigne, and whispers are being heard that direct action may soon happen. (Needless to say, there are concerned members of the Nobility as well as in the Musketeers and the newly expanded Lightning Guard).

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