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Tue 7 Feb 2017
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Posting Guidelines
-Typical post-
A typical post will be simple, most of it will be Fluff, with any mechanics set with a HardLine (hr) between the two, like this.  Be sure to highlight your mechanics section, and code it Orange.  In character posts will be in the appropriate threads, while Out Of Character (OOC) will be in its own thread.  Anytime you are posting in Character, be sure that you highlight your SPEECH in your post so its easier to read.  You can generally pick any color, but stick with one.
And then I said, "<Blue>Fluff goes up top buddy</Blue>."

So it looks like this:
And then I said, "Fluff goes up top buddy."


-Combat posting-
Just like with a normal text post, your Fluff will go at the top of a post describing your action, but it should describe it AFTER you have rolled out all the dice.  This way you can state whether or not you actually hit or miss an enemy in your narrative.  All mechanics will be in ORANGE.

So a typical combat post will look like this:
Grog raised his hammer high, the sun glinting off the metal, and with a mighty roar brought his weapon down upon the earth with a mighty crash.  But alas, Grog had misjudged his foe, for the bunny nimbly avoided his brutal attack with ease.  Fearing for his life against this agile foe, Grog jumped back to rethink his plan.

(Time) Today: Narrator, for the NPC Grog, rolled 5 using 1d20+4.  Attack vs Bunny.
(Time) Today: Narrator, for the NPC Grog, rolled 8 using 1d12+6.  Great Hammer Damage.
Shift away from Bunny

For initiative, we will use Block Initiative. Determine combat order in the usual way. All the players who act between groups of monsters can post in any order. Once they've all gone, then the DM runs the next block of monsters, followed by the next group of PCs, and so on. Example:

Initiative Order:
Player A
Player B
Player C

Monster Type X
Monster Type Y

Player D
Player E

Monster Type Z

Players A, B and C are free to post in any order. When they have completed their turns, the X monsters act, then the Ys, followed by D and E in some order, then the Zs.

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Tue 7 Feb 2017
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Posting Guidelines
Determined to start a business of his own, Grog turned to his older and much wiser brother, Stumps.  "Stumps, Grog has business venture idea.  Why we only got the one flavor of potions?  Why we not have more?  Grog wants start new business of flavor potions so we can make da money.  What say you Stumps?"  Grog looks to his brother with a gleam in his eye.

Today: Narrator, for the NPC Grog, rolled 5 using 1d20.  Persuasion.

Tue 7 Feb 2017
at 05:37
Posting Guidelines
In reply to Grog (msg # 2):
[A typical GM reply]

[Persuasion FAIL]
Stumps looked as his brother Grog and felt only pity.  Who let him into the cave again?  Getting up from his rock, Stumps placed a large hand on his brothers shoulder and leaned in close.  "Grog, brother o'mine, there are already lots a potion flavors in the world.  What you keep drinking is not potions, it just dirty water from puddles you keep finding."A heavy sigh, as he continues, "Now get out of the cave and guard the road, if we let any more travelers get past us then biggest brother will get angry."
Tue 7 Feb 2017
at 05:41
Posting Guidelines
In reply to Stumps (msg # 3):
Grog nodded enthusiastically, his big brothers knew everything, and he didn't really mind the taste of the potions actually.  Maybe he'd go into business anyway.  Just needs a good heavy rain to happen.  He lumbered outside and sat behind a tree, basking in the shade as the sun started to drop lower towards the horizon.  Putting his hands behind his head, he leaned against the tree and waited until he heard the sound of someone passing by the road a few yards from him.  When that happens, he can ask them about his idea too.  Maybe they'll invest in it.  Or maybe he'll just eat them and bring their shiny things to big brother, as well as the horses.  He likes to make them happy.  A full troll is a happy troll as they always told em.