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(INFO) Aria Mundi
Useful Information
  • The game will begin before the supernova incident. As such, certain information will be withheld from players until the time comes to update this thread.
  • AM will straddle various genres within the JRPG spectrum itself. While it may start off as sci-fi, it won't remain that way. Player actions will also influence what genres are more frequently utilized.
  • Key Events are not absolute certainties we are shackled to. Instead they are more like goalposts that players will be aware are coming up ahead. Each Key Event will be outlined to a certain degree before it happens but remain vague in details to preserve a bit of mystery for everyone involved. Key Events will also be shaped by player-driven decisions so while the mods may be placing these as focus points in the story, players still have an impact in how the game develops.
  • Players will rarely be informed of more than one Key Event at a time. There will also be times where there will not be any KEs in the horizon.

Merrick Academy / 25th Century Earth
  • Futuristic Earth has all the fun stuff we like to imagine it has; holograms, virtual reality, AI, robot servants, teleporters, etc. Granted this is a school trip and most students will not exactly be hauling around all their cool gadgets.
  • The moon, Mars and parts of Jupiter and Saturn have been successfully colonized by now, though they are primarily research, mining and development facilities rather than suburban.
  • While space travel is now common, it is still costly and exploration outside of the solar system has been cautiously slow. No aliens found yet. Most are pretty sure they would have found some by now if there were any.
  • Merrick Academy is the equivalent of an 'advanced high school'. In the future this means grades 9-to-13 as Senior Years 1-4 [yes, they added an extra year.] However only Years 2-to-4 are allowed on this trip, meaning ages 16-19.
  • Merrick Academy is a wealthy international school. The students generally come from well-off families and are expected to have good grades, along with some special skill that sets them apart.
  • Merrick's official language is English. Still, students can come from anywhere in the world.
  • As such, Merrick teaches some unusual curriculum that include everything from ballet to sword fighting to botany.
  • Merrick Academy itself is a massive building complex with specialized courses and thousands of students at any given moment. Some students, even if they have attended Merrick together since day one, might never meet if their course loads don't match.
  • There are dorms at Merrick but plenty of students attend from home as well.
  • The hundred-odd students signed up for the fieldtrip were chosen either randomly or selected for their high scores in the sciences. As a result, it's a mixed grab-bag of people.

The Supernova / The Majestic
  • The Supernova in question is a Type II., aka the 'death of a star'. The star in question is known as RD-93F or 'Cobalt' for its peculiar dark blue glow.
  • The Majestic is the name of the ship the students are on. It has a basic onboard AI. Students have access to basic commands such as time of day and requesting navigation information.
  • Students do not share rooms on the ship although their quarters are cramped and hardly much bigger than a locker with a bed stuffed inside.
  • Access to the Network [Internet] and NetMail is still available on The Majestic but it takes hours to go back and forth.

The World
  • ??

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