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(INFO) RTJ | Rules
AM is a new game looking for a handful of players. Based strongly off famous JRPG franchises, AM seeks to bring the flavor and excitement of these games into a play-by-post format with your help. Gameplay will be guided freeform, with key events being outlined for players to work with and toward, though what path they take and how that affects the plot will be reliant on player decisions.

-={ᴀʀɪᴀ ᴍᴜɴᴅɪ}=-
Canst thou hear it?
Canst thou listen?
Or art thou deaf to my cries as well?

It was supposed to be a routine fieldtrip. The students would be observing a supernova from a safe vantage point, supervised by their teachers. That was the plan. To some it was exciting to see it live. To others it was simply another tedious educational trip that took away time better spent doing anything else. The students of the international Merrick Academy might be among the brightest talent earth had to offer but frankly, it's hard to argue the comfort of home versus traveling in a cramped spaceship with a hundred classmates for weeks just to see a star blow up.

It all was going perfectly well, if boring. Right until the supernova went off. And everything went white. When the students came to they were stranded on an unknown planet with no way to get home and even less of an idea of what had happened to them. Exploring the surroundings offered little help other than making it crystal clear that the world is nothing like they expect.

And that perhaps they weren't stranded on accident.

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(INFO) Rules
  1. Be courteous and considerate towards other players and game mods. If a problem arises or there's a delay, remember that generally everyone's trying their best.
  2. If a mod makes a decision, that's final. Arguing otherwise will simply be frustrating for everybody.
  3. Follow RP etiquette; don't abuse OOC/meta knowledge, godmod or take disagreements into gameplay. Use colored text for dialogue. Have entering/exiting a location tags.
  4. A couple posts a day is encouraged, if you can usually only do one every 2-3 days the pacing probably will not work for you. Inactivity repercussions will be decided on a case by case basis but in general if you're constantly MIA, you will be removed.
  5. Posts must be a good sized paragraph or more and be legibly structured. Good spelling, grammar, so on and so forth.
  6. This game is rated Mature so please follow RPOL guidelines about what's appropriate and what isn't. Keep swearing reasonable and violent/sexual content tasteful or implied rather than explicit. Aim for light PG-13 in general.
  7. Follow the lore of the world and any Key Events outlined, please. You may have your own plots but your character still has to be part of the game's story. Key Events affect your character and your character affects Key Events.
  8. Please use CGI/anime/drawn portraits for this game. Thank you.


  • You can have up to 3 characters. One at RTJ, the second after two weeks, the third after four weeks if you have maintained consistent activity on both of your characters. As the game is starting out, a second character won't be available until after the supernova Key Event is over, for reasons that will remain undisclosed until then.
  • Removed players will have either their characters die or become NPCs.

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Please read the thread called (INFO) Aria Mundi before filling out a character form. Feel free to ask about any confusing wording or anything else you may want to ask about. Looking at the cast list for examples of accepted characters might also help.

Age: [Students must be between 16-19.]
Year: [2-4]
Appearance: [Eye color, hair, any distinguishing marks, mannerisms, etc.]
Personality: [A paragraph minimum.]
History: [A paragraph minimum.]
Skills: [School training and other]

Writing Sample: [Sample must be about how they feel about the fieldtrip.]