Spark in FATE Core Brainstorming Session: Game.   Posted by GM.Group: 0
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Sun 5 Feb 2017
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Spark in FATE Core Brainstorming Session:  Game
This thread contains a summary of the results of the brainstorming session and game creation sparks.  I will put everything here, lock the thread, then open up a new thread for discussion of what was generated.

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Sun 5 Feb 2017
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Media Inspiration/Aspects
Firefly - Tramp steamer in space
Firefly - Non-homogeneous tech
Babylon 5 - Alien aliens
5th Element - Overbuilt Cities
Blade Runner - Film Noir/Mysterious/Slippery Slope
ST: TOS - Find new things

Science Fiction:  Decadent
Large Scale
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Sun 5 Feb 2017
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With the existence of Aliens, why is Society in Decline?
Integrated Society but Racist

What is the relationship between Religious, Corporate and Government institutions?
Government is in power because of tradition with heavy lifting being performed by Corporate and Religious institutions.

What is the form of the Government?
Strong Constitutional Monarchy

What large scale conflict exists?
New Religion centering around charismatic prophet challenging status quo

What is a basic tenet of the New Religion?
Forced inclusion of a Hive Mind

How do alien and human technologies integrate?
Poorly, if at all

How old is the current government?
Hereditary Dynasty lasting thousands of years

What are some major family/houses of the galactic power structure?
GeneCorp, ExCorp, Fa'dah, NNV

Does the Military use Large SOL's or small craft?

What is holding the Empire together?
The threat of an expansionist extra-Imperial xenophobic race

How possible/prevalent is interspecies breeding?

How much influence do the Corporations have over Tramp Steamer captains?
Only as much as they can enforce

What one action or activity is considered transgressive everywhere?
Cold blooded murder

What benefit is there to integrating alien technologies?
A huge, dangerous, synergistic leap

What is the potential to own your own ship?
Yes, multiple channels

How is the criminal underworld working to undermine the Establishment?
They are not - it is a handy framework for 'business as normal'

What was the last major military action/war?
Multi-species Corporate War

How cumbersome is environmental protection?

How prevalent are Esper abilities among the races?
Rare but documented in most
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Sun 5 Feb 2017
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1  Transition of the Monarchy
2  Ship Weaponry force multiplier
3  Asphodel Incursion
4  Inquisitorial crackdown by The Church of The Celestial Order of interspecies habitats on the frontier
5  Zubiak have reverted to ancient practice of eating other sentient races
6  Frontier Zealots accidentally free avatar of forgotten god from ancient ruins
7  Development of dangerous interstellar drive
8  Multiple rogue terra-forming opportunists
9  GeneCorp-Hive War
A  The Qual Massacre
B  Data Archive planet disappears without a trace
C  Slavers decimate new colonies

Legacy:  The Qual Massacre
  Aspect:  The Qual Massacre
    Faces:  P)  The Hive Messiah - Provoke
               C)  "The Survivor" - Rapport

Current:  Inquisitorial Crackdown by The Church of The Celestial Order of Interspecies habitats on the frontier
  Aspect:  Separate but 'Equal'
    Faces:  P)  Paladin Cross of the Celestial Order (Human) - Will
               C)  Sheriff Tonk (Alien) - Investigate

Impending:  Frontier Zealots accidentally free avatar of forgotten god from ancient ruins
  Aspect:  The God Rises
    Faces:  P)  D'nys - Deceive
               C)  Mother Superior - Notice