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Sat 4 Mar 2017
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Character Updates
This is a location for updates to characters during game
Robert Sharpey
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Sat 4 Mar 2017
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Update to Robert "Red" Sharpey
Name: Robert "Red" Sharpey
Age: 29

High Concept: Wheeling and Dealing Quartermaster
Trouble: Qual Devotee
"I know a guy.", "Let's revisit the terms of the contract.", Help comes from unexpected sources.

Skills: Contacts (+4); Empathy (+3); Rapport (+3); Deceive (+2); Notice (+2); Will (+2); Burglary (+1); Investigate (+1); Lore (+1); Resources (+1)

Stunts: Ear to the Ground, Indomitable, Gambler (reskinned Lie Whisperer)

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Robert Sharpey
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Sat 4 Mar 2017
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Group background skeleton timeline
Red met T'reel when rescuing kidnapped Qual refugees on Asteroid 249 (Jamasteeha system).  Red was working with Pomelo and Jal on this job, but had more escapees than his ship could hold.  Arranged with T'reel to carry the extra on the ship she was in the process of stealing from the pirates.

More Recent Past:
Pomelo and Ki-Lee were separately arrested on Gardupar in the Covirmotem system on unrelated BOLOs.  They were housed in the same facility and when Ki-Lee staged a general escape for all the prisoners, he followed Pomelo out.  They stowed away on T'reel's ship.  When T'reel finds them, she offers to hire them instead of spacing them. (She needed muscle for the next job and having an actual engineer was a big bonus.)

T'reel's ship needed repairs that cost more than she had.  She learned Red was on Crenthrarynx in the Sigma Cavika system.  She flew her ship there and he said he could get her a really good deal, but he'd have to leave the planet with her afterwards to avoid the consequences. While "playing the pachinko machine", Jal showed up on planet and found Ki-Lee, who still had a bounty on his head.  A deal was made wherein Jal's gear would be upgraded in return for which he would not turn in Ki-Lee.  He left with the ship as his business on-planet was done.

Hauling a cargo of spare parts for hydrogen anvil to a small colony on Culter in the Etsi system.