Spark in Fate Core Brainstorming Session: Characters.   Posted by GM.Group: 0
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Sun 5 Feb 2017
at 16:58
Spark in Fate Core Brainstorming Session:  Characters
This thread contains a summary of the results of the brainstorming session and character creation process.  I will put everything here, lock the thread, then open up a new thread for discussion of what was generated.

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Sun 5 Feb 2017
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Camden Kyle
Name:  Camden Kyle
HC:  Cocky Hot shot pilot
Trouble:  I think I can fly anything in space

Phase 1:  Made a daring escape after being kidnapped by slavers
  Aspect:  Here, hold my beer

Phase 2:  Ki-Lee needed someone to get a group of them out of the area
  Aspect:  Trustworthy

Phase 3:  Helped coordinate a crazy slave escape with a Thanicon
  Aspect:  Soft spot for the oppressed
 GM, 9 posts
Sun 5 Feb 2017
at 19:30
Name:  Ki-Lee
HC:  Synergistic Integration Science/Engineering
Trouble:  Hunted by FYNCorp for appropriation of IP

Phase 1:  Trapped on a Tramp Alien Freighter while fleeing FYNCorp Security
  Aspect:  Fascinated by Alien Science

Phase 2:  Picked up by bounty hunters an locked up in neighboring cells to Sha'uri Pomelo who had been picked up for illegal prize frighting and also discovered to carry a bounty.  Ki-Lee snags the guards keys and we break out - I fight past some guards to get us stowed away on another ship.
  Aspect:  Opportunistic

Phase 3:  Though they found a ship to stowaway on the pilot was also in a hurry to leave - flying the ship through the rapidly closing space port doors they were sure it would not fit through.
  Aspect:  Pessimistic
 GM, 10 posts
Sun 5 Feb 2017
at 19:32
Robert Sharpey
Name:  Robert "Green" Sharpey
HC:  Wheeling and Dealing Quartermaster
Trouble:  Qual Devotee

Phase 1:  I work ships, periodically switching to a new ship heading Spinward.  I play poker with other quartermasters and planetside  fixers
  Aspect:  I Know a guy

Phase 2:  When persecuted clients needed "discreet" transport out of a hostile system, a Thanicon smuggler turned out to be a  valuable ally.
  Aspect:  Help comes from unexpected sources

Phase 3:  After working a job with the Bounty Hunter, the employer decided to short change us.  We convinced them to reconsider and actually got more
  Aspect:  Let's revisit the terms of the contract
 GM, 11 posts
Sun 5 Feb 2017
at 19:34
Sha'uri Pomelo
Name:  Sha'uri Pomelo
HC:  Secretive and distinguished Fighter
Trouble:  Powerful noble family disapproved of lifestyle

Phase 1:  After a short stint in the Legionaires, ran away from family and responsibility to find adventure
  Aspect:  Adventurous

Phase 2:  Was looking for work and signed aboard a ship as 'muscle'.  Stayed to be amused by adventure
  Aspect:  Right Place, Right Time

Phase 3:  Sharpey worked a complicated job with Pomelo that was dangerous and nearly got them all killed, but paid large in the end.
  Aspect:  Mercenary
 GM, 12 posts
Sun 5 Feb 2017
at 19:38
TBA Bounty Hunter
Name:  TBA
HC:  Sardonic Bounty Hunter
Trouble:  Too many irons in the fire

Phase 1:  Retrieved highly psionic bounty, but was exposed to the horrors of the mind
  Aspect:  Veteran of the Psychic Wars

Phase 2:  Sharpey's ship transported the bounty hunter back with the bounty and hooked him up with a guy for mind-meds
  Aspect:  Chem Addicted

Phase 3:  Needing an arsenal upgrade can bend the rules to 'get what he wants'
  Aspect:  Opportunist
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Sun 5 Feb 2017
at 19:39
Name:  T'reel (+too many sounds to remember)
HC:  Alien - Thanicon
Trouble:  Legal System is rigged so why play by the rules?

Phase 1:  Kidnapped by slaves, learned smuggling then escaped
  Aspect:  Eccentric Smuggler with a heart of gold

Phase 2:  Bounty Hunter the slaver's bounty, set the slaves free
  Aspect:  You're not on my list

Phase 3:  Sha'uri and Ki-Lee, running from station guards, FYNCorp, and some bounty hunters stow away on your ship.  After you take off you discover us and convince us to join your crew
  Aspect:  Persuasive